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Presidential Election 2008 – Principles – American Patriotism

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 10, 2008

I have enjoyed the comments flowing to the posts on Presidential Principles for
Candidates.  The readers of this blog are clear, articulate, and logical thinkers. Here is the original list of the four
questions for review purposes.

1. Does the candidate believe in God and
understand the blessings this nation has enjoyed because of our faith in


2. Does the candidate have a proven track
record of personal and professional integrity and character? 

3. Does the candidate believe that a free people not a controlling government is responsible for our economic blessings?

4. Can the candidate lead people and supply a principle-based vision for America?

Let’s continue our analysis on question number one.  Patriotism for our country
flows from an understanding of the underlying principles our country was founded upon.   For a person to be qualified for the president’s position—certainly a love of country and understanding of the founding principles is required.  I get upset when I hear people making character attacks on our founding fathers.  The basic argument goes, “What hypocrites, saying they believe in freedom and yet enslaving the blacks and committing genocide on the Indian nations.”   It doesn’t take a genius to prove that human beings are fallen and do not live up to their ideals.  Hypocrisy is part of the human condition.  All of us judge others on the very same issues we ourselves are guilty of.  For example, how many readers have been upset at another’s pride and yet we have a wrongful pride ourselves at times.  Believe me, I am talking to me as much as you.  Although America is not perfect—America did fight a bloody war that freed the slaves and has brought many Indians into the free enterprise system.  We must constantly focus on our ideals and not allow self-centeredness to overcome our principles.  But this is much different than giving up on ideals, because we haven’t lived up to them!

America was founded on ideals.  Ideals like, all men are created equal before an Almighty God.  Ideals like, you will be paid based on your service to others.  Ideals like, representative government, innocent until proven guilty and freedom of the press.   Ideals like, justice, mercy, peace and
honor.  Being an American is more a way of thinking than a specific nationality.  Anyone can be an American, regardless of race, creed, color, etc.   America is a land of opportunity—an idea that people should not be judged on the color of their skin; the way they worship God; or their family lineage; but by the content of their character – to quote Martin Luther King Jr.  It makes no difference whether your ancestors were kings, queens, nobility, farmers, paupers, prisoners or slaves, because in America you have an opportunity to rise above your roots.  In a free enterprise society, you are rewarded based on your willingness to serve others.  People from all nationalities would come to America for the opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts.  Yes, many were poor immigrants and lived hand to mouth, but they sacrificed so their children could learn the American principles and prosper.   We owe a huge debt to our ancestors who came to America for the dream of a new start.  Some came as indentured servants, some as slaves, some as poor immigrants, some were here as Native Americans, but we are all joined together as Americans because of our founding ideals. 
In other untries, you are a citizen if you are that nationality.  You may live and even have citizenship in France, Germany, or Italy, but you will never truly be French, German, or Italian.  When you learn the ideals of America, you become part of the great melting pot known as Americans.   This is what we are losing in today’s love affair with multi-culturalism.  Don’t get me wrong, I am fascinated with all cultures and can learn something from all, but when people come to live in America they should learn the principles that made America great.  I have said all this to bring you to my point!  The American president must
respect and encourage people from all nationalities living in America, but lead in the assimilation of all cultures into the guiding principles that has made
America the freest, wealthiest and most generous nation on earth.  If our
own president is not proud of our heritage, how can the people following the
presidential leader be proud?

Research every candidate and ask, “Do they know our history
and love our country?”  Is their goal to
bring all cultures together to create a better America?  Or is their goal to have a divided
America, where people speak their
native tongue, do not buy into American principles and fight to change the very principles that made millions of immigrants come to America in the first place?  My ancestors came from England, Germany, Ireland and some were Native American, but I am an American!  If you buy into the ideals discussed earlier, when you too are an American also.  Why do we apologize for the principles that led millions to abandon their homelands to come to our American shores?   I want a president who will be proud of America and help us be proud of our
heritage.  No, we are not perfect, but no nation is or ever will be.  I will put
our founding principles against any other country in the world and not apologize for them.  I am proud to be an American and proud to enjoy the corresponding freedoms.  I am free to write this article without fear of reprisals from an over arching government.  You are free to disagree with me without fear of retaliation.  If I could choose a country to live in, I would do no better than the gift God blessed me with of being an American.  I hope you feel the same about your country.

We as a nation, have a responsibility to protect these principles and leave our country better than we found it.  This is why I feel so strongly about the media war.  The media war is designed to teach our citizens the principles that God has honored and blessed.  Will you help me and the rest of the great
leaders of Team educate our people on these guiding principles?  If you will, then we must find a candidate who supports and encourages theses principles also.  One of my biggest fears is to be  near death and having my great grandchildren around me and ask, “Grandpa, tell us again what it was like to live in a free America?”  We have much to do and we are the Team of
leaders to do it. Yes, it is time to Launch a Leadership Revolution!

God Bless, Orrin Woodward

Assignment:  What do you love about America?  What candidates believe in our founding
principles and remind us of what it means to be an American?  Please share.

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