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Winner of the 2011 Independent Association of Business Top Leader Award; Orrin Woodward shares his leadership secrets.

Developing the Heroic World-View

Posted by Orrin Woodward on July 21, 2008

Several years ago, I wrote an article on the heroic vs. anti-heroic world-view.  I strongly believe that individuals must learn to accept personal responsibility if they are going to develop into leaders.  The minute a person allows themselves to become a victim, is the minute that they stop becoming responsible for creating change.  Are their many things wrong in the world?  I think we can all answer a emphatic yes to that.  But we must not pass the buck and make it our governments, employers, or leaders fault.  We must constantly ask, “What can I do to make things better?”  Have you thought about what you can do to make a difference?  Below is the article I wrote on the Heroic World-View.  Take note of the books that I reference and order a copy for yourself.  Understanding the thinking behind the culture war is a necessary first step in developing the mindset necessary to choose which side you are on.  I am proud of you for taking the time to read and improve yourself.  God Bless, Orrin Woodward

Heroic World-View

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