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Networking Times – Launching a Leadership Revolution

Posted by Orrin Woodward on December 2, 2008

Here is an article from the Networking Times called Launching a Leadership Revolution on the Brady’s and Woodward’s community building principles.  Josephine Gross Phd. wrote the article and did a fantastic job capturing the facts.  I love the community building field and was very impressed by all the great people over at Networking Times.  They have the same goal as Chris and I do – to take Networking/Community Building mainstream.  Copies of the Networking Times with the LLR article inside are available on the Team shopping cart.  I also made a new friend in Art Jonak, an industry expert in the Networking field. 

By building numbers, moving product, and serving people using the principles discussed yesterday in the Go-Giver, we can accomplish the task.   The MonaVie Team is exploding in several markets and will be going worldwide.  The MonaVie Team is aligning with leaders across the world to do what has never been done in the Networking field before – go to 1 million people in the seats on a Saturday training session.  Are you part of that million that is Having Fun, Making Money and Making a Difference?  Enjoy the article by a super writer about a world class leadership community in the Networking field.  God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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