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George W. Bush – Abandoning Free Enterprise to Save it?

Posted by Orrin Woodward on December 23, 2008

Here is a question to all the thinkers on this blog.  What is wrong with the thinking on this video?  I will share my thoughts when I have a little free time.  God Bless, Orrin Woodward

Great job to all the commenters.  You have nailed the key points!  How can you abandon your principles to save your principles.  I respect George W. Bush and I believe that he is doing his personal best, but I cannot sit by and let this thinking go unquestioned.  The Republican party has lost its way.  Similar to the split in the part when Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller were fighting for party leadership.  Republicans are terrible me-too Democrats and must quit trying to play that role.  Republicans must go back and read the history of their party during the 1960’s if they wish to be relevant in the 21st century.  History is repeating itself again.  The Great Depression has been aptly explained by Murray Rothbard in his book with that title.  Government abandons Free enterprise is principles, socialism doesn’t work and government’s answer is to abandon free enterprise even further.  It is like taking a healthy patient; drugging them to “improve their life”, realizing the drug has bad side effects, and drugging them further to “save” the patient.   Here are some other future quotes if this thinking goes on unchecked.

1. We have abandoned chastity to save our purity.

2. We have abandoned faithfulness to save our faith.

3. We have abandoned our wealth creating principles to save our wealth.

4. We have abandoned our Christian principles to save Christianity.

5. We have abandoned defense of our country to save our country.

6. We have abandoned our our families to save our families.

7. We have abandoned thinking to save our thoughts.

8. We have abandoned convictions to save our character.

9. We have abandoned belief to save us from unbelief.

10. We have abandoned holiness principles to save holiness.

11. We have abandoned the principles of leadership to save our leadership.

12. We have abandoned our brains to save our butts.

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