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Charlie “Tremendous” Jones – A Masterpiece Life

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 9, 2009

Today’s post is on one of the best communicators in America’s history, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones.  I read Charlie’s book Life is Tremendous very early in my leadership journey and it made a significant impact.  Charlie’s style of speaking is focused on helping you to think through the issues for yourself.  After 14 years of knowing and learning from “Tremendous” Jones from afar, I was finally blessed with getting to know him personally.  No communicator can lift me up when I am down like Charlie Jones!  I bought a tape of his in 1998 and literally wore it out by listening to it nearly a hundred times.  When I felt that I couldn’t go on, I would pop in Charlie Jones and he would tell me to quit quitting!!  One of my favorite quotes was, “It is time to stop listening and memorizing and start thinking and realizing.” I listened to a greatest hits CD from Charlie Jones three times yesterday!  The last time, I had my children listen to it also because it was so impactful.  Charlie told all of us to stop having a hard heart and soft skin and learn to have a soft heart and hard skin.  Life is too short to be offended all the time.  Plus, offended people cannot serve others because they are too focused on themselves.


Charlie passed away a few months ago, but his message lives on in the hearts and minds of the millions of people that he affected in a positive way.   The world needs more men like Charlie Jones, men who will stand for truth and encourage others to learn truth for themselves.  Charlie was a true Christian and the lived his life by the principles of the Good Book.  He fought cancer for over a decade, but you would never hear him complain.  He thanked God everyday for another day to share his teaching with his fellow human beings.  Charlie’s spirit of empathy for others would never allow him to have sympathy for himself.  That is an attitude of gratitude and a spirit that all leaders must develop.  If possible, I am going to get the best of Charlie Jones and offer it as a CD selection in the Team.  It is too good not to share with the incredible leaders on the Team! 


I thank you Charlie, for leading a life worth emulating.  There will never be another Charlie Jones, but his example will inspire others to be an original in a world of copies.  God Bless, Orrin Woodward 


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