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Nick Vujicic – Life Without Limbs or Life Without Limits?

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 15, 2009

Nick Vujicic and his attitude is another example of the celebration of life over limitations.  If we could all learn that God puts us in situations to build our character not destroy us.  If we could learn that tensions in our life are there to strengthen our convictions not bowl us over.  Nick shares that if he fails, he tries again and again.  If you fail, are you going to try again?  The human spirit can handle much more than we realize.  When we know why we are doing what we do, rejection is just fodder for future growth.  Do you know why you do what you do?  Nick does and that is why his life is such an inspiration to others.  Nick is thankful for what he has and not bitter for what he doesn’t have.  I have never met a bitter person who was thankful and I have never met a thankful person who was bitter.  In life you have a choice – Bitter or Better?  As for me and my family, we choose bettter – just like Nick Vujicic!  God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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