Orrin Woodward LIFE Leadership Team

Winner of the 2011 Independent Association of Business Top Leader Award; Orrin Woodward shares his leadership secrets.

The Front Fell Off – Confronting the Facts

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 3, 2009

The Team teaches leaders to rotate a process known as PDCA – Plan, Do, Check, and Adjust.  Nearly every activity in life can be broken down into this patter to improve.  When you make a plan, do the work, and check the results – the next step is to adjust your plan to improve the results the next time.  Some people will follow this process through the first three steps, but at the last step, will not adjust.  They stick to their plan and blame others for not getting the desired results.  This is the PDCB – Plan, Do, Check, and Blame process and is highly detrimental to results!  Leaders can spend years blaming others, but at the end of the day must adjust their plan to produce the desired results.  Blaming or excuse making is the quickest way to lose influence and fail to accomplish your goals.  Do not fall into this trap!  Here is a funny video that displays someone discombulating on the facts and shifting the responsibility ot anyone but himself.  This is a skit and not a true story, but the principles are very funny and very true!  Enjoy the video.  God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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