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10 Foot HammerHead Shark

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 9, 2009

After an extremely busy week away from home, I decided to surprise Laurie and the kids by flying back home for the weekend.  It is Mother’s day weekend and I didn’t want Laurie to celebrate her special day without me.  I totally surprised her and it was a special night.  In the morning, I decided to sneak away for several hours of fishing.  Captain Bill Howard and I are learning the best fishing spots in the Atlantic Ocean.  We have found several wrecks that have monster sharks around them.  Today, we hooked into 6 sharks and brought 4 up to the boat.  The biggest was a 10 foot HammerHead Shark!  What an incredible fight!  I recently bought two new 8 foot poles and new reels to handle these bad boys.  We caught and released everything to save them for you.  Have a great Mother’s Day and be sure to thank all the moms who gave us life and a chance to make our dreams come true!  God Bless, Orrin Woodward


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