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United States National Debt – A National Disgrace

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 18, 2009

I watched this video the other day and shook my head in disbelief.  How is it possible that the best leaders in our country, that are elected to maintain our national freedoms, are allowing us to sink into the bondage of debt?  This is not a little issue, it is the difference between a free & prosperous America or police state.  When a country cannot pay its bills, it is no longer free and must do the bidding of its masters.  It takes personal discipline to live debt free and it takes national discipline to be debt free as a country.  The Founders of this great nation knew the evils of debt and eliminated our national debt.  Ernest Hemingway had a line in one of his books that asked how someone went broke.  The answer was, “Slowly at first and real fast at the end.”  This is America right now.  We have slowly been going into debt and now we are speeding towards bankruptcy. 

Recently, a two trillion dollar loan was given by the Federal Reserve.  Two trillion!  That loan is guaranteed by our tax dollars!  I am disgraced by the lack of discipline of our “leaders” in Washington.  If we do not do battle quickly with the bondage of debt, our children and grandchildren will do battle with the bondage of their masters.  This is not a joke and history has never shown a bankrupt nation that did not go through a revolution.  The sad state of our education leaves most people blind to the realities of our current situation.  Educate yourself through books like The 5000 Year Leap, The Creature from Jekyll Island, and The Coming Economic Earthquake.  There are many more, but that is a good start.  Debt matters and if anyone tells you that it doesn’t, then tell them to read the history of nations.  We can and must make a difference through education and leadership.  Watch the video and start studying!  God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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