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An Elephant Charge or Ant Nest?

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 23, 2010

All across the Network Marketing, people are waking up to the truth that success in Networking is more about the size of your dream than any other factor.  Some people work hard, but working hard without a dream is just another definition for a job.  Some people serve others, but serving others without a dream only band-aids an issue.  Some people are extremely loyal, but loyalty without a dream only creates a group of followers. Some people wait for others to dream, but waiting for others puts others in control of your destiny.  But a few, just a few, even though it is available to all, will dream a big dream and do what it takes to make that dream come true.  These are the elite few who dare to unleash their Elephant Charge upon the world stage!  Are you one of the few, the elite, the courageous, the audacious, who are willing to step onto the platform and proclaim, visualize, and accomplish in life what few others can even imagine?  A herd of Elephants is gathering inside of the Network Marketing profession and creating a charge of immense proportions, dreaming of a Miracle Million, imagining the feeling of accomplishments, doing the work to make it all a reality, as if the whole project depended upon their courage to dream.  

Why don’t more people dream?  I believe that a big dream requires the courage to be a non-conformist, being willing to go against the grain, fighting against the labels others desire to assign to us, like a Tarpon fighting to be free from a fisherman’s hook.  Are you conforming to the world’s vision for you or are you creating your own?  Network Marketing is a group of Rascal’s who are sick and tired of conforming to what the world states is acceptable, telling us that big dreams are over, whispering to us our inadequacies and faults, selling us mediocrity dressed up as respectability.   But I say BULL!  YOU can be more, YOU can accomplish more, and YOU are in control of your destiny!  Will it take guts? Yes, but you have the guts.  Will it take work ethic? Yes, but anyone who works 8-10 hours a day for someone else’s dream certainly has enough work ethic for his or her own dream.  Will it take all you have inside of you? Yes, but what are you saving yourself for anyway?  The time is now to visualize what others say is impossible and accomplish what you have always wanted, but were afraid to manifest in your imagination let alone do.

Action conquers fear, and acting our your dreams in your imagination is the beginning of a new future for you and your family.  What would you dream if you knew you couldn’t fail?  What would you start if you knew your would finish?  What good are you doing in the world if your dream dies inside of you?   As for me and my family we will dream!  I will not allow the negative, thumb-sucking, irresponsible cry babies of the world to limit the size of my dream.  If you feel the same way then dream it, visualize it, experience it in your mind, do it, do it and do it again until it is real.  STP, STP, STP – Share the Products, Show the Plan, Start the Process!  What are you waiting for?  I will close with the powerful words of Art Williams wrapping up his Just Do It speech:

Winners just do it. But what do they do?  They do whatever it takes to get the job done.  They do it – and do it – and do it – until the job gets done.  And then they talk about how great it is to be somebody they’re proud of.  They talk about how great it is to finally have achieved something unique – how glad they are that they didn’t quit like everybody else – how wonderful it is to finally make a difference with their life.  We need leaders in America who can “Do It!”

God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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