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Winner of the 2011 Independent Association of Business Top Leader Award; Orrin Woodward shares his leadership secrets.

Grand Slam of Shark Fishing – Florida

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 1, 2010

On Memorial day, Captain Bill, my friend Bill, my two younger boys, and Bill’s two young boys, and I went out for a shark fishing adventure.  Catching some sun, listening to personal development CD’s, chumming the water, and look out!  In less than 3 hours time we caught and released 3 nurse sharks, 1 10′ Bull Shark, 1 9.5′ Hammerhead (A bigger Hammerhead ran out 400 yards of line and broke off!), and one 10′ Tiger Shark! The last 3 types of sharks are like catching a Grand Slam Triple Crown – all in less than 3 hours!  Fishing is like life, sometimes you can do all the right things and not receive the desired results, but with patience and consistency, you are bound to win.  It has been over four years of Plan, Do, Check and Adjust and finally the breakthrough!  Life is the same.  You must Plan, Do, Check and Adjust consistently with an attitude that knows success will eventually surrender.  Never give in, never give up, and never surrender your dream!  The world needs leadership and whatever you do, do it with all your might!  Here is a short video on a 45 minute fight for the Hammerhead. God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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