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Destiny Restored from Above

Posted by Orrin Woodward on September 3, 2010

The following is a poem that I wrote several months ago to describe the incredible lessons taught to me over the last couple of years.  I am not a poem guy, but the words literally planted themselves in my brain. God has been merciful to me and has blessed me with a super wife, super kids, super mentors like Dallin Larsen, and the most loyal community known as TEAM.  Every Christian must go though his or her dark days to see the vanity of worldly success before they see the Truth in God’s Son, Jesus Christ.  I decided to share this to help people who are walking through their own valley of the shadow of death to know that God remains faithful, even when we struggle with our own faith.  The last six months feel like I have been re-born all over again and I can clearly see my purpose, my calling and my mission.  Get ready TEAM, we are on our way to 1 million people! God Bless, Orrin Woodward

Shattered by broken decisions,
trusting in man no more,
people perish through lack of vision,
my heart is broken to the core.

Honor & character viciously assailed,
faith cast to the ground,
my courage & strength nearly failed,
I am lost, groping to be found.

I stared into the dark abyss,
searching for relief,
finding nothing but hopelessness,
in my doubting unbelief.

Perplexed without a clue,
burdened by my loss,
one answer rings tried and true,
the Son of Man, on the cross.

Lost & infected with sins disease,
satan mocking me blow after blow,
I surrender self upon my knees,
feel Jesus blood begin to flow.

Blinded by His light,
His glory powerfully revealed,
death conquered by His might,
God’s plan mercifully unsealed.

Good overcomes evil with a fight,
Nobodies to somebodies in His love,
Jesus Christ, what a precious sight,
My destiny restored from above.

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