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Conservatives, Liberals, & Liberty

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 6, 2010

I had this cartoon sent to me and wanted to make a quick post to go along with it.  I believe, that today, the old terms of “Left” and “Right” or “Conservative” and “Liberal” do not accurately identify the reality of the American political scene.  The terms closer to the truth are identified as Statist Power vs. Social Power.  Statist Power believes that every answer for America involves more government interventions, increased taxes and inflation, while controlling the citizens for the alleged benefit to all.  Social Power, on the other hand, believes that nearly all answers should come through the ingenuity of American citizens through volunteer social organization, not politicians with government programs.  Higher taxes and inflation, isn’t an answer to, but is the cause of, America’s problems.  America was founded by the freedom found in Social Power as people escaped from tyranny abroad to the vast forests of America.  Not by government programs, but from American ingenuity through free Social Power were the forest cleared, farms built, trade secured, and freedom maintained.  The Big Banks today, have teamed with the American Statist Power, to squelch the freedoms of the citizens; all the while, the citizens fight between themselves, divided arbitrarily into Democrats and Republicans, ensuring that citizens will not solve the problem by uniting against the tyranny.  

Social Power was the American way through the Colonial period through 1913.  Yes, there was State Power, but it was small during most of this time (Civil War excepted), as compared to Social Power. In 1913, a major change in America was quietly instituted with the founding by government of the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve.  It isn’t a coincidence that these two foundational changes came together.  The Federal Reserve, designed for Big Bankers to loan our government money, and the Income Tax, designed to service the debt created by the loans.  That’s right, Big Government gets the loan, giving them money to intervene further, Big Banks get the interest, allowing them to siphon off America’s freedom, and the American producer citizens get to service the debt through the seizure of their production by the income tax.  All the while, Big Government gets the added privilege, to inflate our money, thanks to the Federal Reserve, making it worth pennies on the dollar, destroying the American Dream while padding the Banking elites pockets.  The current state of affairs is unsustainable and must be addressed by voting into Congress and the Presidency, men and women, who will cut the fat, leaving only the essential services like justice and defense, for government’s roles.  State Power has ruled the roost since 1913, creating massive debts, massive inflation, while destroying American liberty.  If one were to study America before and after 1913, it will seem like one is analyzing two separate countries; even though politicians attempted to use the same words to confuse the electorate, they have conveniently changed the meanings.  I recommend reading the books from the informative Mises Institute and Foundation for Economic Education, both will give a quality education to citizens desiring to learn about our current freedom crisis.   Study the cartoon closely, pondering the consequences for American freedoms, if, like Nero of Rome, we stand by idly while American freedom burns.  God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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