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LIFE TEAM – Five Principles

Posted by Orrin Woodward on August 18, 2011

In the past few months, since the announcement of LIFE, the TEAM, and more specifically me, have been under increasing online attacks. Why the sudden surge of negativity? Simple, LIFE is a game-changer that will change the rules of the profession. Since the LIFE business cannot be attacked, the next best thing is to attack the owners. Not being intellectually honest, they  follow the principle if one cannot attack the message, then attack the messenger. I know I am not perfect but these critics must believe they are.

When I was younger and naive, I was befriended by several “legends” in my old network marketing company. Since my business was the fastest growing in North America, I was exposed to the society of “Haters” early. People who didn’t know me, but with an axe to grind against Network Marketing, shot at me. In my inexperience, I took it personally, not professionally, wanting to fight back. However, the company’s rules, at the time, forbid any online discussions from distributors, so my hands were tied. When a person on my team started an anonymous blog, I realized this was the only way to get our side of the facts out. I didn’t start the blog, but I did contribute content. In fact, many of the board members, of which I was not a part of at the time, provided facts, figures, and later gossip that I passed on. For this, I am sorry. This was not helping my cause, but only hurting my attitude. Later, I requested for the blog shut to be down. It stopped posting, but for whatever reason the blogger refused to take down the content. In late 2005, I made a commitment not to fight back against critics, but instead, let the truth be my first, last, and only defense. I heard a beautiful quote that exemplifies this principle, “Don’t criticize the old, but just create the new.” LIFE is not about criticizing the old, merely focused on creating the new.

Although I am more than happy to entertain any genuine questions or concerns about the LIFE business model, I will not stoop into mud-slinging. In truth, LIFE shouldn’t even be perceived as a business threat because it will not accept applications from distributors under contract with other companies. We simply are not interested in building a business by raiding others networks. If any company has a leader under contratual obligations attempting to move over, all that it has to do is contact LIFE when it’s launched, we will remove his number immediately. Our goal is to build a business and help people, not hurt any current companies. Of course, anyone in networking can enjoy the benefits of the leadership as a customer only, helping him to become a better leader. The goal then, is to grow an organic community that reaches one million people.

With that said, let me share why I believe LIFE will reach one million people. Scott Larsen, probably Network Marketing’s most logical critic, was an engineer as I was. He pointedly reasoned why Network Marketing doesn’t work for most people, identifying the cost of of buying premium products as excessive. In fact, his price comparisons made the products offered look ridiculously overpriced compared to what a person could purchase similar merchandise at Walmart or Target. Larsen also identified that the compensation plans did not reward distributors appropriately for the level of work involved, leading to top networkers using system money fill the gap instead. Although I have no issue with someone making money from quality training, Larsen pointed out that the system became the main business and the products were just along for the ride. After reviewing his concerns, I had to admit Larsen was onto something.

After 3 years of attempting to drive change within my former company and 3 years of legal proceedings, I am finally free to pursue the vision. My partnership with Dallin Larsen has been a God-send to me. He believes in the dream to reach millions of people and has provided a green light to build LIFE. For a new person, if money isn’t an issue, then MonaVie products can be purchased in the fitness category immediately; however, if money is a constraint, then instead of having nothing to offer him, we can bring him into LIFE until we turn his finances around, eventually making the fitness category affordable for him. This is a true win-win partnership for both companies and why I respect Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year Dallin Larsen so much.

Maybe, I am mistaken. Perhaps LIFE isn’t the answer for this profession, but I do believe as an American, I have a right to discover this for myself. For anyone to assume that I launched Life to pad my bank account, he must either be living in a hole somewhere or have an agenda. It would have been much easier for me to surrender my dream and keep my money, but the vision refused to die. The TEAM leaders dreamed of an opportunity to change this industry, and we have paid dearly for the opportunity do so. This is not the actions of a money-hungry mob, but instead, a vision-oriented leadership group on its way to one million people.

Here are the five fixes proposed to change the rules of Networking forever:

First, Chris Brady and I wrote the Wall Street Journal and New York Times best seller Launching a Leadership Revolution. The book is used extensively by top corporate leaders. (I would gladly list their names and companies, however to protect them from being internet flamed, I won’t) I receive emails monthly from leaders who are teaching the book’s materials into corporate America. We realized that our leadership materials were world-class, not surprising, since we had to to build communities, despite the anchor of high-priced products. Since this book, both Chris and I have received numerous awards for our leadership blogs, twitter accounts, and online presence, recently commended as two of the Top 30 leadership gurus in the world. Indeed, LIFE is the only company with two Top 30 Leadership Gurus. For the first time in our Networking careers, we had products already in demand in the marketplace, since our leadership materials were selling briskly to customers already.

Second, by thoroughly reviewing the leadership field, we identified the pricing strategies of every major leadership supplier. Competitors Leadership CD’s ranged from a low of $12 to over $50 per CD on the high end. Because the TEAM is building and serving communities everyday, we are constantly learning and growing in the field of leadership, ensuring our information never becomes dated or out of touch. Simply stated, LIFE will be the lowest cost provider of the highest quality leadership material in the marketplace, period. No ifs, ands, or buts, about it. New members of LIFE can get started own their own business for under $150 which includes the first leadership materials. Through purchasing as little as $50 per month for personal development, he is fully qualified for bonuses. Instead of the $200, $300, sometimes as high as $600 a month in purchases, we are bringing Network Marketing to the people, at a price that they can afford. On top of this, if a member or even a customer, refers three other people as customers, his personal leadership subscription will be FREE! After LIFE launches, Network Marketing will be affordable for everyone. Where in the history of networking has a company launched with the proven top quality products, from recognized leaders in the field, all at the lowest price? Has this ever happened before? It will on November 1, 2011.

Third, by taking the best quality, lowest price, and adding the most lucrative compensation plan in the history of network marketing, one can quickly see why LIFE will be world-changing. With the benchmark compensation plans currently running around 50% of revenues, what would happen if a company, which was less concerned about it’s bottom line, and more concerned about helping people get financially free, were to release a marketing plan that started at 70% of every revenue dollar paid back to field leaders in bonuses. How is this possible? Simply put, each of the owners of LIFE has committed to make his money through leading communities, not by riding on his ownership shares. This is revolutionary because it brings field leadership to networking ownership with the goal to change people lives, not become billionaires. We studied leadership, because we experienced first hand the effects that leadership delivers into a person’s life, we intend to pay this blessing forward. In fact, a 70% payout is over twice as much money flowing to the community leaders as many of the top compensation plans in networking today. Don’t forget this is on top of MonaVie’s top notch compensation plan. As the LIFE business grows, I intend to go even higher. Can you imagine, receiving an un-promised and unexpected LIFE profit-sharing check for tens of thousand of dollars, all because LIFE is thriving financially? I can, and intend to make this vision a reality.

Fourth, the TEAM, with nearly 15,000 plus people attending seminars monthly, either live or through streaming video, is expanding its reach and scope monthly. LIFE Founders and leaders of the caliber of Chris Brady, Tim Marks, Claude Hamilton, George Guzzardo, Bill Lewis, and Dan Hawkins, each personally lead communities of thousands of people. If someone desires to learn leadership, I do not believe there is a better community to learn from anywhere in North America. Since 1999, we have been perfecting our craft, building numbers and building leaders. Because the Team is a performance-based culture, 100% of the profits remaining after expenses are flowed back to the field leaders who qualify as directors. Unlike most training companies, where a few keep all profits, we designed a fair system to reward the leadership team that builds the TEAM. No special deals period, everything is based upon numerical performance. What other training company can say that? Indeed, to my knowledge, TEAM is the only zero profit training company in the marketplace. Anyone who builds a community through serving others can become a Director, helping to train new leaders and be rewarded for doing so. In addition, thanks to the lucrative compensation plan associated with LIFE, the majority of a person’s income will come from the MLM, not the training system. The bigger the community the bigger the leader must be. Building large numbers requires grace, to love people where they are at, long enough for them to want to get better. However, no community is perfect. When issues arise, we have a culture that teaches conflict resolution, gaining “teachable moments,” from every issue, making each leader grow and improve. This is a TEAM difference.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone in Network Marketing. I have met some of my best friends in network marketing, as they are some of the hardest working, best attitude people on the planet.  In the West’s current leadership crisis, who knows but that some of the top networking leaders will stand up and do something about this mess. Many Americans and Canadians citizens are are wary of more Big Governments solutions to the problems facing us. Maybe it’s time for communities to grow large enough to solve these issues through social power, not State power. LIFE is a plan for citizens to join together, improving ourselves so we can improve our communities, ultimately improving the world. By combining world-class credibility, compensation, and community together, all at the lowest cost/price, we have designed the 4C’s for your success. If a person chooses to believe rumor, hearsay, and popular opinion, then all I can say is good luck and God bless you. But if a person is truly looking for an opportunity, an opportunity that the LIFE leaders invested millions to gain the freedom to offer, then your journey has ended. Welcome to the LIFE TEAM, and your destiny. It’s time to move on to 1 million people, what part will you play? Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

40 Responses to “LIFE TEAM – Five Principles”

  1. Wendy Eaton said

    With you all the way, Orrin. Praying for you, and the TEAM leaders. God bless you!!

  2. Dave Brateng said

    Orrin Woodward your a true Leader!We in Minnesota Love you and the LIFE TEAM!God Bless Dave

  3. Bruce Oakes said

    You have really captured the essence of what has kept me in business with you. The allure of money drew my attention to the opportunity, but the life skills learned has kept me a part of the community. To be able to offer both upfront is truly an exceptional business model. I am excited to pursue this L.I.F.E. with you at the helm.

  4. Jim Dulzo said

    Count me in on LIFE TEAM. Thanks for being a Leader we as Americans can Trust. 🙂

  5. Matthew Mielke said

    Bravo! Well said Orrin. We believe so much in your vision for networking, business and our culture. We decided to join the TEAM a handful of years ago and play our part in building 1 million leaders in this country. You never promised easy, and it’s not, but you promised opportunity and that it would be worth it. It was a difficult decision to put our reputation as a well respected pharmacist and physician on the line. However, we couldn’t deny the leadership, integrity and purpose of what you and the founders stood for and created. Our climb up the ladder of Networking, leadership, LIFE and purpose has transformed our individual lives, our marriage, our finances, and our relationships into something I only dreamed of and never really thought I would achieve outside of TEAM, Life and MonaVie. You always taught to serve others first and then the business model will take care of those who lead and serve the best. That is extremely accurate and learning to invest in others has been rewarding, challenging and humbling. I don’t know of a more noble business model and I humbly thank you for your courage and leadership as we enter into the next phase of our LIFE. God Bless!

    Matt and Michelle Mielke

  6. llj69 said

    It is amazing that people would listen to critics of an superior system that you and the PC have put in so much time and effort and vision to create, all with the intent of improving the lives of the masses and all the while changing their thinking and leading them to truth so that our culture can return to the greatness that it once exemplified. We have been so brainwashed by our public education system(I know as I was a school board member for 18 years) and the constant media bombardment that it is no wonder that people don’t see a great idea when it is put before them. I was taught when I grew up some 50+ years ago that virtue is it’s own reward. You and the PC exemplify that perfectly. As Teddy Roosevelt so eloquently said, ” It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have
    done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly….”, Keep striving….. we have a community committed to reaching a million people and beyond and we will!

  7. This is absolutely fantastic. I am so excited for the LIFE launch. It is hard to imagine any company wouldn’t want their distributors involved with life, even from a customer perspective. The better leadership training they have, the more they grow in their character/task/relationships the more they will perform for themselves and thus the company benefits.

    Thank you Orrin & Laurie and the rest of the Policy Council and LIFE founders for bringing us this new opportunity. I personally have been performing at a level far beyond what I ever had in any previous network marketing business and I don’t even have the LIFE opportunity yet.

    God bless!

  8. Wow! What a post! Changing an industry! That’s fired up! Great post Orrin! Love your vision. Yeah, your not perfect. The world is not perfect. It’s all mash and gravy. I feel like I’m back on the forestry fire crew fighting fires, and Orrin is on the 1st saw team cutting a path for us to follow. Lead the way Orrin! Let’s change an industry!

  9. Marsh and Sue Lohr said

    Orrin – what a statesman you are. We who are in Team have no idea what you and the other leaders have been through, but we do know it has been a war. We are so grateful for the opportunity to lead people to a better LIFE starting 11-1-11. It would not have happened without the commitment and integrity of the PC of Team. Count us IN – we are growing our team, and especially ourselves, as we prepare to enter this new era. God bless.

  10. We can’t wait till 11.1.11!!! Its so great to know that we are able to help people out in all 8 F’s and its so exciting to see what the future holds with L.I.F.E.

    Thank you for doing what is right, no matter what the critics say. It’s like Winston Churchill said, “History will be very kind to me, for I intend to write it.” I know that is what you and the rest of the Founders are doing and we are following your example!

    -Adam & Teesa Rossman

  11. Martha Andrus said

    Orrin, You have again proven that leadership is forged in the trenches, and the trenches have been many. Thank you for the courage displayed through the years, you have taken the shots and continued toward a God given dream with unequaled focus. I am, and have for many years, been a grateful team member who has played only a small part, and I thank you for the opportunity to share in this dream. I will never abandon the team. Onward to LIFE and proud of it.
    Martha Andrus

  12. To various internet flamers, who cannot seem to remember to remember their name nor the guidelines for posting on this site. In a merciful act on my behalf, I will answer your 4 post nonetheless. 🙂

    The first claimed I was a coward. Answer: Gee, isn’t that ironic. 🙂 You post anonymously, doing nothing productive, spending all your time bashing people who are productive, and yet I am the coward? Very strange logic you have. 🙂

    The second claimed I was the anti-christ. Answer: Although I don’t know everything about the end days, let me set your fears to rest. 🙂 1. There is a God. 2. I am not Him. 3. I am not the anti-christ. Sorry to disappoint you. 🙂

    The third claimed I should have left my former company as soon as I identified a problem. Answer: That is exactly why you are probably an anonymous negative purveyor instead of a leader. 🙂 Leaders when they identify a problem, address with the person or company directly. In this case, I joined the board at my former company and spent 3 futile years attempting to do what I now realize was impossible. The next 3 years were spent in legal proceedings. I have no regrets and unless blessed with perfect foresight, I would attempt to fix the issue within the company again because it ensure the least amount of people are affected in the community.

    The fourth, and the only one that even attempted to attack the LIFE business model. Are you ready for this? Here is the big criticism that is allegedly, driving attacks on LIFE and me. I am a cheapskate because I make people get 3 customers to get 50% off their subscription. Answer: You must really have a tough time reading, I re-did the post just for you, placing in bold the statement that when you get 3 customers your product is FREE.

    I have given the internet flamers their opportunity to speak on any business model concerns to help the industry, rather than just smearing people with online with rumors, hearsay, and popular opinion, and the best that they came up with is a mis-reading of 3 for Free? If the flamers were intellectually honest, they would admit that LIFE has fixed the legitimate concerns in network marketing. In other words, if they cannot raise any legitimate concerns against the business model, why all the time and effort spent attacking LIFE? Could there be another agenda? I offer again, what legitimate concerns do you have with LIFE, cannot you see that it has fixed the cost, effort, reward, gap that has hindered networking for years? If you can see this, why the continued fuss? If you cannot see this, then you do not qualify mentally to be a critic of anything. The LIFE models remains unassailed and unassailable. LIFE will be the best in the marketplace, because the TEAM will back it up with massive effort, fulfilling our destiny. In fact, since pre-launching the Team’s numbers have grown over a thousand a month in attendance at events. I am having so much fun and its time to move on. Let the dogs bark, but the caravan is moving on! The TEAM has reached the tipping point, and on November 1, networking will be changed forever.
    Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

  13. Jimi Odom said

    I have been in this industry since 1987, and let me tell you this truly revolutionary. On to a Million People, let the dogs bark but the carvan moves on.

  14. @bruce oakes AMEN Brother! Lead on Orrin.

  15. Greg Johnson said


    With 33 years experience in the Networking Profession, I can only applaud your intent and efforts to improve this profession.

    Having an Ivy League education, and owning other successful multi-million dollar companies, my educational and business experiences have given me a glimpse of what it takes to effect significant change. Being in this industry but not associated with you, I spent several years where I examined and studied your efforts to educate not just yourself, but those associated with you to make systemic improvements. You have demonstrated to me your commitment to do the right thing. Making an informed decision I became a part of TEAM and the upcoming LIFE businesses. I can say without hesitation, it was one of the best decisions in my career.

    Constructive criticism I have never avoided, and actually welcomed because the intent was to improve, but over the years I have seen these nameless and faceless critics unfortunately steal hope from so many who look to this industry as an opportunity, using negative opinion as supposed information and instilling fear. It seems America has become the land of cynical critics who love to offer their opinions. As a business owner, I prefer to operate using facts and systems.

    This quote has helped me when I was young in my business career, not to fall prey to those who just wish to criticize;

    It’s not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better.

    The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause,

    who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat. Theodore Roosevelt

    May God Bless your efforts to build a better America

    With all the respect you deserve,
    Greg Johnson

  16. Orrin,

    You are an amazing leader with the foresight to bring a true answer to the people who are willing to see it and embrace it. I am behind you all the wTay and will move forward with my team to fulfill the goal of a million people. Thank you so much for all you have brought to Team and to America! The naysayers are just that…..they have nothing siginificant to offer. We WILL change the course of this country, one person at a time! B.O.B. Leadership Company….Three miles up, Three miles down!!!!!!!

  17. Wendy Eaton said

    God WILL bless Orrin, his wife, his family, PC, and all families associated with LIFE. I read this today; “LIFE is not wreckage to be saved out of the world, but an investment to be used in the world.” …. repeat… “to be used IN the world.” The “barking dogs” just don’t get it. Sure there’s great money to be made, but it’s not about the money (not for us anyway). It’s about making a difference… bringing truth, hope and positive energy into our communities. Note to the dogs: You are wasting your time and energy. You really should use your energy in a positive way. You would be so amazed at how good it feels! I promise you, you will feel so much better!! That’s what the world really needs.

  18. Hans Widener said

    Anyone who has taken a Logic introductory course should remember the ad hominim fallacy in logic. A fallacy is a logical error that carries no credibility. This fallacy says that when one cannot refute a person’s ideas, they attack the person instead. Point: it’s a worthless argument.

    Secondly, even Jesus had critics. And the Bible says that the very thing which Satan did that he thought sealed his victory over God, was actually the thing that sealed his destruction. Point: those who spend their lives working to prevent something great from happening (critics) rather than doing something great will be ensnared by their own traps (according to Proverbs). Furthermore, the pharisies attacked Jesus because they believed him to be a blasphemer according to the law. But according to John MacArthur, the reality was that they had created their own religious traditions based up their greed (not the scriptures (Truth)) and did not have the humility to recognize the divinity of Christ. I pray for the sake of our critics and their families that they will be humbled to see the Truth.

    We’re behind you all the way, Orrin!

    God bless,


  19. I have been involved with TEAM since the TOD days, early 2004 I believe. We kinda went into a good amount of debt trying to be on full system and buying our products so we could get to all the 150pv parties, and try to be leaders. After a while things were just not happening for us in the business we kinda fell out for a while and later I came back without my wife fully on board. I believe this was around the transition between Quixtar and Monavie, when it was just leadership. Then later I jumped on Monavie, this time I tried not to go into debt buying product, but even though I love the Monavie product it’s hard to afford system and product on a low income. I eventually fell out again. Later on we were getting more financially stable so I figured I’d give it another go, my wife was also on board this time. We also were into a better financial position so we didn’t go further into debt, but we couldn’t pay extra on our debt either because we wanted to be on product and system. Well at the beginning of this year we moved and money was tight so we have been out of the business since. I’ve always had intentions of coming back just waiting to get the money right first. Then I ended up on Orrin’s blog and read about the launch of LIFE, I WAS PUMPED!!

    So why have I stuck around all these years with no results? By no results I mean we didn’t make any money in TEAM, Quixtar or Monavie. We had results elsewhere. First and most important, I am now a Christian, before the business I could not say that. I had no interest in how our government worked, no interest in learning about what makes us a free country or for the most part anything that really mattered in life. Through the TEAM business I’ve found all this and more. I feel I am now a better Christian, husband and dad because of the things that I have learned through the TEAM System. Why did I stick around? I was fully on board with the bigger purpose of what the leaders talked about from stage, changing the course of our country for the better. Educating Americans on things that really matter in life. When I saw what they were gonna do with LIFE I was excited. Sure I would love to make some money in this business some day, get my wife home from work, pay off all our debt and get myself home full time to be with our kids. But more importantly I know what this educational system can do for the ones I love and care about. And now I don’t have to go into debt buying products that I can’t afford and a lot of times are not essential, don’t get me wrong love the Monavie products but when it comes to paying debt off or buying extra health products I would rather pay off my debt. So when the system is the product and that’s it then we really have something I feel great about getting family and friends into. Imagine all the people out there that have been in Network Marketing and loved the education and association but went into debt buying products they could not afford, now they have a home with LIFE. I am so ready for this!!!

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  25. johnklewis said

    Thank you so much for everything you do Orrin! Your persistence and commitment to the clearly stated vision is inspiring. i am assuming that those who criticize are not expecting to thwart your own efforts but, perhaps, disillusion someone who has not yet developed the uniform of leadership. Namely thick skin and a soft heart. Since many people today entrust their lives to Google, having correct information is becoming even more valuable than ever.

    I appreciate what you and the Policy Council have created with the LIFE model. Onward to 1 million and beyond!

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