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Winner of the 2011 Independent Association of Business Top Leader Award; Orrin Woodward shares his leadership secrets.


Posted by Orrin Woodward on September 21, 2011

The LIFE TEAM just capped it best week in its history of community building.  We have had massive growth over the years to reach tens of thousands, but this week was number one in total numbers growth!  So many people are taking the leadership challenge themselves, listening and applying the principles being taught on our LIFE CD’s and changing their lives. LIFE teaches virtuous wisdom – applying the right principle at the right time in the right area for the right reason. What makes the LIFE opportunity so exciting to so many is the five points discussed below. This is the first time that a leadership company is focused on bringing the best in leadership at a price that is affordable to everyone. Currently, the LIFE TEAM is working on a site for customers and members to share testimonies of how the LIFE materials helped them improve in the 8F’s – Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, Friends, Freedom, Fun, and Following. Don’t just exist in life, instead, thrive in LIFE. Here are the Five principles from an earlier post. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

First, Chris Brady and I wrote the Wall Street Journal and New York Times best seller Launching a Leadership Revolution. The book is used extensively by top corporate leaders. (I would gladly list their names and companies, however to protect them from being internet flamed, I won’t) I receive emails monthly from leaders who are teaching the book’s materials into corporate America. We realized that our leadership materials were world-class, not surprising, since we had to to build communities, despite the anchor of high-priced products. Since this book, both Chris and I have received numerous awards for our leadership blogs, twitter accounts, and online presence, recently commended as two of the Top 30 leadership gurus in the world. Indeed, LIFE is the only company with two Top 30 Leadership Gurus. For the first time in our Networking careers, we had products already in demand in the marketplace, since our leadership materials were selling briskly to customers already.

Second, by thoroughly reviewing the leadership field, we identified the pricing strategies of every major leadership supplier. Leadership CD’s ranged from a low of $12 to over $50 per CD on the high end. Because the TEAM is building and serving communities everyday, we are constantly learning and growing in the field of leadership, ensuring our information never becomes dated or out of touch. Simply stated, LIFE will be the lowest cost provider of the highest quality leadership material in the marketplace, period. No ifs, ands, or buts, about it. New members of LIFE can get started own their own business for under $150 which includes the first leadership materials. Through purchasing as little as $50 per month for personal development, he is fully qualified for bonuses. Instead of the $200, $300, sometimes as high as $600 a month in purchases, we are bringing Network Marketing to the people, at a price that they can afford. On top of this, if a member or even a customer, refers three other people as customers, his personal leadership subscription will be FREE! After LIFE launches, Network Marketing will be affordable for everyone. Where in the history of networking has a company launched with the proven top quality products, from recognized leaders in the field, all at the lowest price? Has this ever happened before? It will on November 1, 2011.

Third, by taking the best quality, lowest price, and adding the most lucrative compensation plan in the history of network marketing, one can quickly see why LIFE will be world-changing. With the benchmark compensation plans currently running around 50% of revenues, what would happen if a company, which was less concerned about it’s bottom line, and more concerned about helping people get financially free, were to release a marketing plan that started at 70% of every revenue dollar paid back to field leaders in bonuses. How is this possible? Simply put, each of the owners of LIFE has committed to make his money through leading communities, not by riding on his ownership shares. This is revolutionary because it brings field leadership to networking ownership with the goal to change people lives, not become billionaires. We studied leadership, because we experienced first hand the effects that leadership delivers into a person’s life, we intend to pay this blessing forward. In fact, a 70% payout is over twice as much money flowing to the community leaders as many of the top compensation plans in networking today. Don’t forget this is on top of MonaVie’s top notch compensation plan. As the LIFE business grows, I intend to go even higher. Can you imagine, receiving an un-promised and unexpected LIFE profit-sharing check for tens of thousand of dollars, all because LIFE is thriving financially? I can, and intend to make this vision a reality.

Fourth, the TEAM, with nearly 15,000 plus people attending seminars monthly, either live or through streaming video, is expanding its reach and scope monthly. LIFE Founders and leaders of the caliber of Chris Brady, Tim Marks, Claude Hamilton, George Guzzardo, Bill Lewis, and Dan Hawkins, each personally lead communities of thousands of people. If someone desires to learn leadership, I do not believe there is a better community to learn from anywhere in North America. Since 1999, we have been perfecting our craft, building numbers and building leaders. Because the Team is a performance-based culture, 100% of the profits remaining after expenses are flowed back to the field leaders who qualify as directors. Unlike most training companies, where a few keep all profits, we designed a fair system to reward the leadership team that builds the TEAM. No special deals period, everything is based upon numerical performance. What other training company can say that? Indeed, to my knowledge, TEAM is the only zero profit training company in the marketplace. Anyone who builds a community through serving others can become a Director, helping to train new leaders and be rewarded for doing so. In addition, thanks to the lucrative compensation plan associated with LIFE, the majority of a person’s income will come from the MLM, not the training system. The bigger the community the bigger the leader must be. Building large numbers requires grace, to love people where they are at, long enough for them to want to get better. However, no community is perfect. When issues arise, we have a culture that teaches conflict resolution, gaining “teachable moments,” from every issue, making each leader grow and improve. This is a TEAM difference.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone in Network Marketing. I have met some of my best friends in network marketing, as they are some of the hardest working, best attitude people on the planet.  In the West’s current leadership crisis, who knows but that some of the top networking leaders will stand up and do something about this mess. Many Americans and Canadians citizens are are wary of more Big Governments solutions to the problems facing us. Maybe it’s time for communities to grow large enough to solve these issues through social power, not State power. LIFE is a plan for citizens to join together, improving ourselves so we can improve our communities, ultimately improving the world. By combining world-class credibility, compensation, and community together, all at the lowest cost/price, we have designed the 4C’s for your success. If a person chooses to believe rumor, hearsay, and popular opinion, then all I can say is good luck and God bless you. But if a person is truly looking for an opportunity, an opportunity that the LIFE leaders invested millions to gain the freedom to offer, then your journey has ended. Welcome to the LIFE TEAM, and your destiny. It’s time to move on to 1 million people, what part will you play?

12 Responses to “LIFE TEAM Growth”

  1. Great article and we cannot wait to run into LIFE TEAM with faith in our leaderhsip, faith in our business, and faith in the people of this great nation! Anyone that dares criticize such fair business models surely must be either a competitor or mis-informed. I plan on sharing this idea with enough passion and belief to beat the competitors and inform the masses all the way to one million baby!


  2. Jackie Frey said

    You are the most inspiring person I know. I am confident that you and the TEAM will make history. It’s the most amazing group of rascals, ready to take on the challenges to truly make the world a better place. God bless you Orrin for all you have done for so many people. I am forever appreciative for the skills I’ve learned from TEAM.
    Jackie Frey

  3. Greatt article! Please attach this link to branded emails! Thanks to you and the rest of the PC for creating such an amazing system that is now just months away from turning the economic and spiritual tide in North America! God bless you all!

    My girlfriend and I were split up and living separately about a year ago, and thanks to the training system materials AS WELL as the training events and mentors linked to the internal of LIFE, when we met for the final split we decided that if we forced one more year, your system could fix us. I’m very proud to say that it did and we got engaged Sunday!

    Thanks again! As far as L.I.F.E. goes, let’s bring it!

  4. Robby Palmer said

    The plan unfolds brilliantly! Anxious to see the next revolutions and roads that we’ll cross. What an amazing writer you are. I long for the people that don’t have their hands on this yet, and take the reaponsibility to show others with honor!

  5. Wendy Eaton said

    We are so excited to be part of this… and can see a bigger purpose behind it all. God bless you Orrin, your family, and all TEAM / LIFE leaders, PC, etc. Praying for God’s blessing upon us all.

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  7. Cindy Redburn said

    Absolutely amazed and astounded by the impact LIFE will have on the world in which we live. So, thankful to be a part of a leadership revolution that has the potential to change the course of a nation!

  8. Sean Stites said

    Tremendous power starts in the hearts and minds of an individual that spread to a small group of real leaders fhat make needed sacrifices, serve selflessly first and end up changing our world! Not since Christ and the infancy of our great nation have such times looked so challenging and yet the mission be so just and the visionairy leadership been so true, right and hopeful in what is exactly suited for the time!!!! LIFE!!!! Thank you Orrin, Chris and all the TEAM!!!!

  9. I am FIRED up, FIRED up, FIRED up… And am excited to see what LIFE can bring into our home so that we can help others that are in need. What a wonderful start to our journey on LIFE TEAM. My husband, Mark and I can’t wait to meet new members. Thanks, Felicia

  10. […] to find a way to build our destined business and still have a win-win business relationship, LIFE was conceptualized and founded. This allows TEAM to reach its million people while still rewarding […]

  11. […] the secret and yet somehow kept it a secret for nearly 60 days! You all are the best. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInStumbleUponRedditDiggEmailPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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