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Columbus LIFE TEAM Major

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 1, 2011

Team Leadership and LIFE

The LIFE TEAM just had its best single-day performance ever.

Can you belive it? Our best, single-day performance ever with just under 400 people last night signing up for leadership training.

Calculating this rate of growth over one month and it equates to nearly 12,000 people joining per month!  Never has the TEAM experienced this type of growth and there will be over a dozen new Round Tables recognized at our major! Several of the RT’s are closing in on Policy Council and this growth is occurring before our official November launch date.

Like I have said all along, those who stay (and do the work) will be champions.

I thank God for the trials and tribulations from 2007 through 2010. If it weren’t for the struggles in these years, the TEAM would have never separated out the missionaries from the mercenaries.

Those who wanted to be part of the community only for money must have confused their personal convenience with the mission of reaching 1 million people with 8F’s truth.

Missionaries handle struggles and comeback stronger, while mercenaries become disgruntle at any sign of struggle. LIFE TEAM is gathering a group of missionaries to do something that others have publicly and privately stated to me is impossible – reach 1 million people with life leadership.

The major in Columbus (October 21-23) includes talks from Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year and MonaVie co-founder Dallin Larsen. He will be sharing on leadership and healthy living. Dallin is a close personal friend and one of the key men responsible for making LIFE possible.

Dallin’s rags to riches success story has been highlighted in Inc. magazine along with others. Anytime I spend time with Dallin, I am motivated to achieve bigger and better things because he sees opportunity not scarcity in every situation. The major is our chance to thank Dallin and his company for providing world-class products in our Fitness category.

Another guests speaker for the Columbus major is Oliver DeMille. Oliver is one of the most prolific readers and authors that I know. His depth of knowledge on a wide range of subjects is an inspiration to me. I am excited to be able to share his wisdom with the fastest growing North American networking community! I spent a wonderful day with him recently and the day flew by as we discussed freedom, America, and government.

Here is a portion of his biography:

As an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University, DeMille undertook additional outside studies in search of greater rigor and depth to his education. He was personally mentored by and worked independently with W. Cleon Skousen and submitted this work to Coral Ridge Baptist University (CRBU), which awarded him a B.A. (Biblical Studies) and M.A. (Christian Political Science) in 1992, and then a Ph. D in 1994.

CRBU was a Bible college with a philosophy of close mentorship and intense studies, and the objective to train its graduates for service in military chaplaincy, education and ministry. DeMille’s doctoral project entailed helping found and establish the curriculum and instructional design of George Wythe College. In 1994, DeMille returned to BYU and completed his B.A. in International Relations.

DeMille is co-founder of The Center for Social Leadership, an action organization “dedicated to healing society, preserving freedom, and ensuring peace and prosperity for humanity,” with its motto, “Empowering Ordinary Citizens to Make an Extraordinary Difference.”

His recent writings in the genre of political commentary reflect a self-described independent political view, with frequent advocacy of entrepreneurship and education as solutions to various economic and societal ills. His non-political writings have recurring themes of leadership, family, education, freedom and prosperity.

Last, but not least, we have one of the top 10 pastors in America coming in as our surprise special guest for Sunday morning. The LIFE TEAM is bringing in the best of the best pastors for the best of the best community builders.

I have listened to numerous sermons from this gentleman and I believe he is not only one of the best pastors in America, but also one of the best communicators as well. His ability to describe Biblical doctrine through analogies and stories is second to none. The PC leadership is honored to have him share the LIFE stage. We will announce our special guest at the major.

The Fitness, Freedom, and Faith talks are covered for sure, but there’s still more. The recognition for RT, Triple 100, and Quad 100 coming into this major is going to blow people’s minds. Not to mention our fabulous PC LIFE TEAM Founders.

Never have so many leaders stepped up and led like they are today. Congratulations to the leaders on the LIFE TEAM, who overcame many personal struggles on their way to their LIFE victory. I will see everyone at the major. It promises to be LIFE changing.

Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

2 Responses to “Columbus LIFE TEAM Major”

  1. Easton Kelsey said

    God’s hand is in this! I can’t WAIT for Columbus! Thank you Orrin for staying the course! Our cause is just, our courage strong and onward to victory! Here we come world!

  2. kirsten leisses said

    i am SO excited for columbus I want to thank you for your amazing sermon in Wisconsin in April it was phenomenal it brought me a lot closer to God and my team! Thanks Orrin can’t wait for columbus!

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