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Winner of the 2011 Independent Association of Business Top Leader Award; Orrin Woodward shares his leadership secrets.

TEAM History & LIFE Future

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 8, 2011

Today, I would like to share a little of the TEAM’s history as background for our future in LIFE. The TEAM, a leadership community, formed in early 1999 as a group committed to building teams offline and driving traffic online for volume discounts. At a time when the rest of our partnered company’s North American English speaking businesses was dropping backwards at close to 50%, the TEAM grew from 200 people attending events to over 10,000 in just over five years. How did this happen? Through leadership development, systematic thinking, and plenty of hard work of the TEAM leaders.

However, all was not well within the business partnership. By 2004, it became clear that the business model was (in my opinion) destined to mediocrity thanks to the higher priced products and low compensation rewards for the effort extended. Even so, being a leader and not a habitual quitter, I joined the distributor board hoping to drive change from within the company through sharing my ideas to improve. With a three year term on the board, I felt confident that this would be accomplished for the benefit of all parties. I believe in win-win and know that when distributors win, the company will win.

In the fall of 2007, after numerous attempts at change with little to no results, the TEAM associated board leaders felt it fruitless to continue in what they perceived was a broken business model. Sadly, the company had written new rules into their contract that forbid people the right to freely leave the company if not satisfied. In other words, you were free to build a business, but not free to leave it with your personal friends for two years! Regretfully for all parties, the final meeting did not resolve the issues, resulting in multiple legal disputes in an effort to prove their respective positions.

Even after several years of legal harangues, both sides remained immovable on their principles and positions. The TEAM refusing to believe people could be called business owners without the freedom to choose what company to work with and the company refusing to surrender their contractual concerns even after the TEAM leaders fulfilled their six months of inactivity. With tens of millions of dollars and nearly three years wastefully spent on both sides, ultimately a confidential settlement was reached ending the madness for all involved. The financial pain hurt everyone, but especially the TEAM leaders who had just reached financial independence. Their sacrifice was above and beyond the normal call of duty, with many leaders losing 2/3 of their monthly incomes, some even more.  Only people who truly believed in the mission of TEAM would subject themselves to this level of stress and sacrifice.

In the meantime, after sitting out the required (and disputed) non-compete period, the leaders of TEAM joined MonaVie. Thanks to the encouragement and support of Dallin Larsen, we had found a home to restore our communities. The PC leaders never gave up the dream to build our own business, but were thankful and grateful beyond words for the help and business acumen offered by the 2010 Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year – Dallin Larsen. The TEAM quickly became one of the top organizations within MonaVie breaking multiple Black Diamonds and above within the first year. I personally reached Presidential Black Diamond and have re-qualified at that level every year since.  In fact, today, the TEAM leaders, those who stayed the course, are making more money and reaching more people than at anytime previous time in our decade plus history. Like I have said repeatedly, those who stay will be champions.

Through brainstorming with Dallin Larsen and Henry Marsh, wanting to find a way to build our destined business and still have a win-win business relationship, LIFE was conceptualized and founded. This allows TEAM to reach its million people while still rewarding MonaVie for their support during the trying times. The  8F’s – Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, Friends, Freedom, Fun, and Following allow the TEAM community to reach people with truth in the eight areas and provide exclusive world-class MonaVie products when truth is needed in the Fitness category.  Like I have said many times: I love win-win.

The launch of life on November 1st, 2011 is fast approaching. I have no bitterness or resentment towards the people or events in the past. I wish everyone well regardless of whether they stayed with TEAM or not. I don’t claim to understand God’s plans for others’ lives, but I am responsible for my choices and actions before God.  I personally am thankful for the invaluable lessons I was taught about missionaries (purpose-driven living) and mercenaries (profit-driven living). I believe that without this insight, the TEAM would not be in a position to reach 1 million people. Following the principles of servant-based leadership, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, and myself (along with many other TEAM leaders) do not regret the tens of millions of dollars personally spent to keep the vision of TEAM alive. Rather, we look at it as an investment in the future that we resolved to build together, dedicating our futures, finances, and sacred honor in order to fulfill the vision.

To use an analogy, the TEAM has ran a marathon since 2007, toiling in the dark with little to encourage us to finish the race. However, against all odds and expectations, the TEAM leaders continued to place one foot in front of the other. It wasn’t even the dream that kept us going in the darkest of nights as much as the un-communicated belief that this was our destiny. Focusing on that still small voice inside of us, and thanks to God’s grace, we somehow eventually saw light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

Just as in the modern day Olympics, where marathoners run 25 plus miles outside of the stadium, but finish the last mile within it; the team ran its 25 miles in darkness to reach the stadium. No matter how thankless the first 25 miles were, running without much fan support or any financial reward, we reached the stadium and are beginning the four laps under the big lights and the crowd’s applause.

The TEAM, in other words, endured its 25 miles of pain for the opportunity to run its four victory laps inside the stadium. For those who suffered the pain over the last several years, I salute you. For those joining LIFE for its four victory laps, I welcome you.  All that I humbly ask of the new members is for you to thank the leaders who persistently put one foot in front of the other on the faith in things unseen. For without them, the TEAM would not have reached our date with destiny. LIFE TEAM launches on November 1, 2011, what part did you play in the TEAM’s history? Better yet, what part will you plan in LIFE’s future? Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

13 Responses to “TEAM History & LIFE Future”

  1. I thank you and the Leaders who have made this possible. While the Western civilization is in a steep decline culturally… some stand proud and fight for the right of choice the right to freedom that we oftentimes take for granted. Thank you guys for being families of Honor Courage and Integrity. I can not Imagine a better group of men and women to associate with than you guys! I thank you and my Family thanks you.


  2. Terry and Heidi said

    Thank you so much, Orrin and Laurie! We can’t help but follow the courage and principles exhibited by you and the other Team leaders. It has definitely been a rocky road, but there was never a doubt that we were following leaders of character with a destiny to change the world. Terry and Heidi. Team Results!

  3. Mark haas said

    Orrin thanks for this article. People need to understand our history. Often times they misunderstand our purpose. I myself know you and the leaders of team have no intention to idolize money life team or each other, you do the right thing because it is right, period! Helping others, discipling and leadin others to truth, is the most God honoring thing you can do. Some of the things we’ve had to endure have not been right (judgement – even in the christian sector, slander, exploitation, poor or greedy business partners just to name a few) I give honor as the Bible says to do, to all of the leaders who have stayed the course to make things right. God honors commitment and as long as we honor him in everything we do he will bless our LIFE. God bless, Mark & Rita Haas

  4. Wendy Eaton said

    Orrin & TEAM Leaders & families: I cannot express the feelings of pride and thankfulness to be associated with such an amazing group… destined to do GREAT things… way beyond 11/1/11! That’s the part that really excites me! To try to imagine what heights TEAM will experience!!… and I get to be part of it!! The upcoming Major will be our 2nd convention. The first one was awesome! What an eye opener!! Heck, I would be part of this association WITHOUT products!! We just can’t wait to attend and experience this historical event!! Any TEAM member reading this… if you do not have a ticket… GET ONE!! You will regret not going!! I’d sleep in my car if I had to! Seriously! Share a room with others, carpool, take the bus, whatever you gotta do… just be there!!

    On a different note, last night, after having a business launch at our TEAM leader’s home, many of us went to watch the movie, “Courageous”. (Awesome movie by the way… you gotta see it!) As my husband and I reflected on the movie afterward, we couldn’t help to relate it to being part of the TEAM and LIFE… surely LIFE can help all of us to become bold and COURAGEOUS… and make a difference in our families, our communities, and our world!

    GOD BLESS the Woodward’s, Brady’s, Mark’s, and ALL leaders who have sacrificed and made LIFE possible for the rest of us. I will keep the TEAM in my prayers always!

    Count us in, Orrin!! We are so blessed to have a part in this… and help reach a million families and beyond!!!

  5. Martha Andrus said

    Our part in TEAM has been small, but having the faith that there was a plan by God to reach where we are now, we have stuck. I pray that the small part we played of having never quit system and of continuing to purchase through all the hard times in some way helped TEAM to reach this milestone. Our future with LIFE is going to be awesome, and we praise Gods timing.
    We are so grateful to all the leaders of TEAM for their vision, courage, and growth! God bless you all.

  6. Michelle Jaquette said

    Coming from a broken home, followed by a forced broken education, becoming a single mom of 4, to finding Team – healing began. Experiencing first hand the power of the Team and Team materials, then sharing CDs with several of the at risk youth who were inspired to dream achieving, how very much more I understand the huge importance of our new LIFE Business.

    God has His hands and arms wrapped around Team. Of that I am certain. No one will ever truly understand who was not there to fight for and with Team during those long years just how important the battle was for all of us that stayed through that time. To grow forward, stronger in purpose to reach many in need who are yet to come.

    God Knows.

    And that makes me cry tears of blessings and joy, belief and gratitude, faith, hope and Love… for what our mission is about to accomplish.

    Thank You TEAM!

    Love and Blessings,

  7. Gary Severson said

    Orrin, it takes courage to continually do the right thing. When leaders make those choices to simply do what’s right, it’s often not understood at the time. Trust is such an overlooked virtue in our culture. It’s been your courage to stay the course and earn the trust of so many that need your wisdom and vision that truly seperates you from the rest…. I’ve watched you practice incredible humility over the years. Thank you for blazing the trail for all of us to follow so that we can restore this crumbling foundation and put L.I.F.E. back to the forefront of society. As George Guzzardo stated in a recent Men’s Leadership message, “history is the torch of truth” Nobody’s flame burns brighter than the TEAM’S. Lead on!!!
    God’s blessings ~ Gary S. {Hebrews 12:11}

  8. Scott Ballah said

    Thank you Orrin Woodward for being a man of character and faith in a world that needs leaders!! The principle-based LIFE I haved learned to lead through the information the Team has provided over the passed eight years has saved our marriage and children, helped me detect my purpose and understand what it means to be a man of courage!!!
    God’s Blessings,
    Scott Ballah
    “The Will of God will never take you where the Grace of God cannot protect you.”

  9. Thank you Orrin, and all of the PC leaders. Thank you to everyone who played a part in bringing TEAM to this point!

  10. Joanne Brandtjen said

    Thanks Orrin for the great article on the history of TEAM! And thanks to you and Laurie and all the PC for holding the line on integrity. I appreciate your perseverance, courage and sacrifice to help someone like me realize their purpose through the TEAM. We are going to a million and beyond. We are going to fix this country, restore our freedoms and live our lives intentionally for excellence for the glory of God! See you on 11-1-11!!

  11. joe mazanowski said

    i am building team -life in indiana w\ o any opens and little events or investment from leaders i have led hundreds to team and am waitng for life which hopefully will created freedom that i have been working toward since being shown Team i feel that i care more about others than they care about themselves but still encourage others t pursue the team! never going to stop netorking, Joe from castleton!!

  12. Mike and Emily said

    wonderful message Orrin! My husband Mike and I were blessed with the TEAM message ……… oh around Oct of 2007!!! you do the math LOL!!! Faith, Hope, Trust is all we lived off of for a while and glad we did. Our skin is tough and our hearts are soft, through those twists and turns we learned so much about being a true leader. Thank you so much for always keeping your eyes forward. Your light always shown brightly for all of us to know where to go. LIFE is going to be amazing!!! See you in Ohio

    Mike and Emily Hebbe

  13. Thank you, Orrin and the other team leaders, for paving the path you’ve given us. I’ve only been with the community for two years but that’s enough to realize that I wouldn’t have been able or willing to do something like this without the Team system which you, Chris, and the rest of the PC put together. But now, especially with the launch of LIFE, I know I can get out of the rat race.

    Shandi Penrod

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