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Winner of the 2011 Independent Association of Business Top Leader Award; Orrin Woodward shares his leadership secrets.

LIFE TEAM Leadership Major

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 24, 2011

The LIFE TEAM Leadership Conference wrapped up on Sunday. With over 18 new RT’s, Triples, and Quads, along with a new PC – Chris and Danae Mattis, the TEAM has experienced its best three months in its history.

Not too mention Tim and Amy Marks and Chris and Terri Brady going Quad PC. Wow! Our special guest – Dallin Larsen, Oliver DeMille, and Pastor Stephen Davy knocked it out of the park as well. Has the TEAM ever had a better major? DeMille’s talk on freedom received numerous standing ovations and Davy’s gospel message should be spread to the entire world. I never knew fleas could have such relevance to the gospel before.

People are ready for change and LIFE TEAM is leading with life changing information in the 8F’s.  Stay tuned for thousand of LIFE testimonials on how the LIFE products have made a difference in their lives. Anyone can have an opinion, but those who have learned, applied, and grew from the LIFE materials have facts. The LIFE TEAM is going to change the world one person at a time.

Are you ready to make some changes in your life? Which of the 8F’s would you like to improve? See for yourself the LIFE TEAM difference! Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

8 Responses to “LIFE TEAM Leadership Major”

  1. Orrin,
    We had a great time this weekend. We learned so much. I can’t wait to see the explosion. The next major will be even better than this one. Congrats to Chris & Dinae!! It will be so awesome to see all the new leaders in January. There will be so many.

  2. Jim Dulzo said

    The major weekend was a blast! Fired up and ready to change the world. I will have so many memories of this past weekend..the two biggest have to be Olver DeMille which was a real eye opener. Also, Chris and Danae Mattis being recognized as PC was AWESOME. TEAM really is going to be the key factor which shifts the freedom or our kids, grandkids, and beyond into a postive direction. I want to personally thank you Orrin for all you do and for the many leaders of TEAM, keep fighting the good fight and lets keep moving forward.
    God Bless!
    Jim Dulzo
    Team: Sons of Liberty!! UNITED WE STAND!! 🙂

  3. Something snapped in me last major. This time something completely shattered. I’m pretty sure it was my disbelief in myself.

    Thank you and all of the PC again for such a fantastic weekend.

    (On a side note, I got another sign from God when I got home, and my wife and I have made some great decisions, but I’ll share with you when we earn our way out for a visit!)

  4. Valerie Roach said

    I’m so glad to say that I saved up to get myself to my FIRST major and having it be THE Launch of LIFE, couldn’t be any better! 🙂
    Goosebumps all over again by just reading the blog.
    Your heart and passion in this business will definitely change my LIFE. and the lives of so so so many more. Thank you, Orrin!

  5. Thank you Orrin for your vision, courage and character! We are with you all the way to 1 million and beyond!

  6. Will Johanning said

    Oh my gosh, Orrin, this has been my favorite major ever! I was so impacted by the messages and personally, I was crying at the end of the major. Chris & Terri’s talks just touched my soul at the core. I’ve begun to see that this business is really just a way to share the gospel with people, and to help them change their lives (and our own lives in the process!) This was an incredible time for me and my sister, and it has inspired me to keep going in life, no matter how hard it can get sometimes. Thank you for your leadership. (I’m in the middle of reading “Launching a Leadership Revolution,” right now, by the way!)

  7. Rob Berg said

    Major was AWESOME!!! Oliver DeMille had me so fired up I was ready to leave after his talk and go home and go PC!!!! I read only a handful of books before Team 19 months ago when I joined! I’m proud to say I am finishing my 62nd book in 19 months and can truly say I am a Veracious reader and an Independent thinker!!!! Thank you for your inspiration Orrin, you have literally changed my life, and I will be a PC member!!

    Orrin, thank you for your WHY! One thing about you is your not just a man who has his WHY, you know HOW as well!! If my memory serves me correctly Henry Ford said “the guy that knows how will always work for the guy that knows why”. You and Chris and the PC and all the lovely PC ladies of course have created something so unique in that your teaching everyone to have a WHY and also to know HOW and WHAT to do with the WHY! If that’s not the whole enchilada I don’t know WHAT is!!!!

    I LOVE TEAM AND I LOVE LIFE and we are going to a million and beyond, thank you for casting your vision into a country who so needed it!!! By Gods grace and will we will produce a FREEDOM SHIFT in this country that will trickle to the rest of the world!!!! God Bless TEAM and LIFE!!!

    Rob Berg (Warriors Love All…..Serve All!!)

  8. Shante' Robinson said

    I was recently introduced to TEAM & LIFE, all i can say is wow!!! The majors was an eye-opening experience. I will looking forward to changing my community with the philosophies learned and taught by this awesome opportunity. Just wanted to thank you Orrin for making this possible for anyone receptable to recieve it. Im firin up, goin in, and landin on this thing with 2 feet!!!

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