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MasterMind #7 – Leadership Session

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 30, 2011

MasterMind #7 is wrapping up and I am back home in Florida reminiscing about the great talks and great times had. The event was SOLD OUT and on FIRE! Networking is going mainstream as people realize the power of tribes to improve their lives. What tribes do you belong to?

Art Jonak hosted the best MasterMind event to date, having the best speakers sharing their best material on the topics chosen. No where in the profession is there a better group of students and leaders gathered together to take the profession to the next level.

Randy Gage, Jordan Adler, Donna Johnson, Orjan and Hilde Saele, Chris Brady, Richard Brooke, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, and many more were on hand to share their wisdom!  These people are legends in Network Marketing, and I am blessed to call them my friends. If you attended the event, what nuggets and magic moments did you take away from the event? Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

7 Responses to “MasterMind #7 – Leadership Session”

  1. Randy Gage said

    It was an amazing event and Orrin, your sessions were a big part of that. You totally crushed, as usual.


  2. Sylvia Malfait said

    Just back from a very interested, learning and teachable weekend. Thx to all the speakers!
    My ticket for next year is already bought!
    Sylvia Malfait-Belgium

  3. Orrin Woodward Leadership Fan said

    Orrin Woodward’s blog is THE place I turn to for leadership skills, training and insights.

    I’m now a huge fan of the Orrin Woodward leadership blog. As I noticed the demise of true leadership in our world today, I Google’d the term ‘leadership gurus’ and the name Orrin Woodward kept coming up.

    The leadership concepts, topics, strategies and leadership insights you discuss are both timely and timeless. Leadership in our world is quickly becoming an expensive commodity as we’re in dire need for real leaders to guide us through these perilous times.

    Thanks Orrin for a tremendous resource of leadership insights.

  4. altops said

    The enemy has monetized the dumbing down of our civilization, now its our turn to monetize the rebirth of a nation and we are the Generals with Orrin as our inspiring motivation and Christ as our King and guide.

  5. Thanks for the inspiration

  6. Orrin, it was my 3rd MME and I have to agree that this one was the best. Thank you for your teachings, I’m very inspired and happy to be part of the networking tribe!



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