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Winner of the 2011 Independent Association of Business Top Leader Award; Orrin Woodward shares his leadership secrets.

Business Entrepreneurs Choose LIFE

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 3, 2011

Here is another fantastic testimonial from Bob Quillen, owner of Quillen Brothers, a three-time National Award winning home improvement business. Bob changed his business by changing his culture through the Leadership and Life materials. How many other businesses would benefit from the LIFE Business Team materials? Congratulation to the Quillen Bros for all of their success! Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

7 Responses to “Business Entrepreneurs Choose LIFE”

  1. Arturo tex Martinez said

    Love this video!
    Shows great perspective on application and benefits of the the TEAM system in real life / conventional business!

  2. jasondames said

    This is a great testimony for all business owner’s!!!!!

  3. Bill Lewis said

    This video shows why our system of leadership is going to be so powerful. It will be great for growing leaders in the LIfe business but it will also help people in there everyday business’s. Keep sending in the great videos guys.

  4. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    Testimonials are so powerful! How can someone refute another’s EXPERIENCE? This is yet ANOTHER reason why LIFE is going to be such a powerful change agent in the lives of individuals and our culture…

    It is TRUTH from people who have results. The ONLY kind of information we should be listening to- the only advice we should heed!

    Thank you for ALL that you are sharing! And these testimonies of how LIFE is WORKING in people’s lives.

  5. Rick Falco said

    This is a powerful testimonial. This is a true to LIFE manifestation that the TEAM LIFE leadership system works. The Quillen brothers embraced and applied the principles and implemented the systems in their business and in their lives including their employees. What a great improvement in their business and for only $50.00 a month the received priceless return on intellectual investments.
    Win-Win principles . . .

  6. Greg Johnson said

    I have personally witnessed the change of Bob Quillen as an individual. He changed not only himself from a business perspective, but spirtually as well. In addition he saved his life by changing his health; the Fitness F by dropping his weight 100 lbs. His family has a Husband and Father because Bob had the courage to face his need to change.

    Bob then turned to help those around him who wanted to better themselves. He became a Servant Leader as opposed to the positional leader he was accustomed to in the Marines, and which many business owners take.

    I so respect Bob for the impact he has made in himself, his family, friends and employees. I am even more impressed that his interest has not stopped there, but that his desire to affect our country by sharing the LIFE Leadership system is stronger than ever. I look foreward to the impact on the lives he will touch.

    Greg Johnson

    • Bob Quillen said

      WOW Greg!!!! I am so Humble and Speechless, I respect you and what you stand for so much!!!!! Thanks for the kind words. I will strive and grow and do whatever it takes to associate with winners like you all the time. Love You SIR!!

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