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LIFE TEAM Faith Subscription

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 7, 2011

Here is a wonderful testimonial on the LIFE TEAM Faith subscriptions. Cody Newton is leading his family right by learning and teaching the Word to his family. The Cody and Tara Newton are a 30 year old couple who are job-optional and building their goals and dreams through the LIFE business. Are you excited about LIFE? Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

5 Responses to “LIFE TEAM Faith Subscription”

  1. worduplife said

    Awesome!!! What a great testimony.

  2. W. Eaton / Go Liberators!! said

    Right on “worduplife” !! That is so awesome!!! My family feels the same way about this. This is soooo much more than making money. It’s about making a difference… and it’s going to happen! It is already! (That second video below is obviously a stupid advertisement… disregard!!)

    GOD BLESS YOU ORRIN! And your family, and all team founders and their families as well!

  3. johnklewis said

    This is a great example of basing ones life on biblical principles and raising up the next generation to do the same. This is the type of legacy that truly matters. And Cody & Tara have seen Bill & Jan set this example for them. Great testimonial!

  4. Orrin,

    I listened to Cody’s comments regarding the impact the AGO series is having in his life and couldn’t agree more.

    What is also impressive is that Cody has followed in his parents footsteps, Bill & Jann Newton which is a testimony of their example.

    Please keep producing and sharing such quality material.

    Greg Johnson

  5. Kelly Roach said


    I can only hope that you receive this comment and can listen to the link provided in your busy schedule. TEAM and LIFE have truly begun to change my life. After resisting to join my brother on this amazing journey for nearly five years, I have now come to realize that I am among the most incredible group of people who are systematically chaging peoples lives for the better…how absolutely powerful! I attended service last night and the pastor spoke right to our mission….I hope you can find the time…Thank you and the PCs for all you do to teach the servant life. Kelly http://www.northcoastchurch.com/sermons/sermon_archive/2011_sermons/30_ad_the_jesus_story_cond/why_most_people_wont_be_great/

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