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Tim Marks – The Voyage of a Viking

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 8, 2011

Tim Mark’s new book The Voyage of a Viking, is to be released early next year. I had the honor to read a galley copy and write the foreword. Although expecting excellence, since Tim accepts nothing less from himself, this book surpassed my highest standards. I found myself laughing then crying, inspired emotionally, and finally, thankful that I know such a man and leader. Chris Brady and I routinely remark at Tim’s ability to constantly improve himself and he has done it again! Here is the foreword that I wrote for his upcoming book. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

In today’s age, many people blame others for their non-productive lives, proclaiming themselves victims of society’s mistreatment. Tim Mark’s early life had all the signs of qualifying for victimhood, with one extremely important difference, he refused to go along with society’s labels. Tim’s near legendary success today – tens of thousands of people within his leadership community; keynote speaker in front of tens of thousands of people, loving husband to his beautiful wife Amy and father of four wonderful children – can easily overshadow his humble beginnings; which is why Tim’s new book, The Voyage of a Viking, is part autobiography, personal development, and leadership, all married into one.

In the book, Tim first shared his life story. I found myself pulling for young Tim as he explained some of his struggles with schooling, parent’s divorce, and latch-key childhood. Tim’s inspiring stories of dreams, struggles and victories will move millions of others to action who started out on the “wrong-side of the tracks.”  It’s so easy to see the finished product, but not realize the arduous journey taken in order to achieve it. Few people have overcome as many obstacles in so short a time. So many lessons are taught through his stories that I found myself in awe of Tim’s overcoming spirit and God’s redeeming grace.

Second, Tim shares the key principles of personal development which helped him in his journey from viking to victory. I have had the honor of mentoring hundreds of leaders over the last eighteen years, working with Tim for the last twelve years. No one that I personally mentored moves from problem identified to problem solved as quickly as Tim Marks! In fact, Tim’s ability to confront issues and change is directly related to his humility. Instead of defending his ego and sacrificing excellence, Tim chooses to defend excellence through sacrificing his ego. The lessons he teaches on his viking journey will enhance everyone’s life.

Lastly, Tim captures the essence of leadership – example. Tim lives the 13 principles that I share in my book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE. Remember, example is everything in leadership, it’s the only thing. Tim leads by example in everything that he does, whether it’s through encouraging the downhearted, loving the unloveable, courageously confronting, or celebrating others victories. Tim started out as a student of  leadership but has now graduated as one of the best teachers and examples of leadership in America today. Moreover, I find I learn just as much from Tim as I teach because of the man of grace he has become. Not to mention that he has become one of my best friends and a person whom I trust unconditionally.

Tim and Amy Marks story should be shared around the world. At a time when heroes are nearly an extinct species, their story displays that with courage and the right principles, heroic lives are still possible. Don’t just read this book. Devour it. Choose to live and lead with the principles in this book, becoming another example of what God’s grace can do in a person’s life. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to start you start your learning voyage through the Viking’s life and leadership?

25 Responses to “Tim Marks – The Voyage of a Viking”

  1. April said

    A book by Tim Marks! This is a humble man with a heart of a leader, ecstatic for the release.

  2. Catherine said

    Most great leaders started of with the odds stacked against them. In fact, you don’t reach the status men like Tim Marks have reached without surmounting the apparently insurmountable. Orrin, you truly are the leader of leaders. I look forward to reading the story Tim has to tell!

  3. I can not wait to read Tim’s book! What’s possible, through humbly submission to God, is redefined by Tim and Amy in so many ways. I am humbled and honored to be an outsider looking in on their life journey. I pray the book sells 1 million copies as quickly as he moved from nothing to significance while on his journey with theTeam and LIFE.
    God Bless

    Matt Mielke

  4. We are very excited to read Tim’s new book. The Tim Marks we know today is referred to as Superman,its hard to think of Tim as a viking. Orrin, yourself and Chris Brady have done an exceptional job mentoring Mr.Marks. Thank you Tim for being a willing student and a great example of a passionate protege.
    God Bless

    Wayne Mac Namara

  5. Amazing post Orrin yet again, I am extremely excited to learn through Tims full story and dig in to the principals in his success journey. The material in which this organization get to learn from is incredible. I’m deeply indebted to you Orrin and all the Policy Council for standing up and becoming modern day heroes in a society were it is easier to criticize and become a statistic. I appreciate everything you do in ensuring a better future for my kids to grow up in.

    Thanks Again,

    Alex Nickerson

  6. Jim Martin said

    Wow Orrin I can’t wait to get that book! I know Tim has been working on that book and putting his heart and soul in it to help millions of people that read it. I know I will be promoting it every where I go with enthusiasm to help reach those millions of people that will read that book and take the princibles and apply them to their own lives.

    Jim Martin

  7. Tim and Amy’s story is one that has inspired me the most from from the beginning. Like you Orrin, the Mark’s are heroes not only in Team but in society. As Tim’s story gets launched to the public (in book form), I pray that more people will have the courage he had to overcome all his obstacles and labels. You must be very proud of them and their journey as your example helped mold them into the incredible leaders they have become! CAN’T WAIT TO GET THIS BOOK!!

  8. Bill Lewis said

    I know part of Tims story and you guys are truly going to be amazed at what Tim has overcome to get where he is. It will be great story for people to read and help them overcome the challenges they are facing. looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

  9. Tracie said

    I can not wait for Tim Marks book to be available. I have learned so much from his audio Information in the life system. I can not wait to read about his struggles and victories.

  10. Sharon Baldwin said

    I can’t wait to get the book Tim has written. I have listened to many of their cd’s and they have so many wonderful things to share to help us all move forward to walk in God’s path he has for us. Thank you Orinn for being there for Tim and Amy when they needed it.

  11. I can’t wait to read it! There has been so many things that Tim has said regarding his early days of learning leadership, that I have thought eww, “I’ve done that! “or “sadly I do that”. So I know Tim’s book will hit me right between the eyes. I so look forward to it-pain and all!

  12. Wow! We have been waiting a long time for this … “The Story” I cannot wait Tim and Amy are such an amazing couple … when you see how someone has changed their lives sooo drastically and at the same time lead by example for others to follow on how to change their lives. As you have said … LIFE is not a little thing … this is BIG and Tim and Amy realized this … gone out and done it impacting thousands of peoples lives through your mentorship!! Thank you!!!

  13. I was so excited when I was blessed to tour Tim and Amy’s Coach, and I saw on the bed, his manuscript. I am so excited to read this book! Tim really does have a wonderful story that will touch millions of lives. So truly humble, just like you say.

  14. Rob Crichlow said

    Fantastic news about a book coming out from a great leader like Tim Marks. It continues to show the high level of leadership given my Orrin Woodward to have helped two leaders become recognized as authors through mentoring with Orrin. LIFE is just beginning!

  15. Amandalynn herrera said

    So excited for this book. I can’t wait to see where Tim came from. I tend to get belief when I know someone can accomplish great things when they have overcome real life things. Thanks for sharing Orrin! :0)

  16. Bob said

    can’t wait to read the Viking’s story!

  17. Victor said

    Having listened to and spoken with Mr. Marks
    I can’t wait to read this book. Always willing
    To give perspective and advice using his life as an open book to teach those who want a better life

  18. Juleen Ray said

    I am so excited to hear of Tim’s book being released soon. He and Amy have been such an inspiration to myself and so many others. Thanks for the time and heart that went in to writing your story Tim and Amy and your children. May many lives be touched for greater significance. God Bless you!!!

  19. So anxious to read this book! Tim Marks is a fantastic example of someone who is unstoppable. His journey is one all of us can learn from.

  20. Orrin,

    My first meeting with both Tim Marks and his wife Amy are still etched in my mind.
    It was in the gift shop at Split Rock Resort in Pennsylvania. They were just so humble.
    I then had the opportunity to speak with them at length about their success in working with you and the TEAM business. It was without a doubt a life changing encounter.

    I look forward to reading their life story. I love autobiographies as there is so much you can learn by the personal insights of ones life journey.

    Best wishes to them and the success of Tim’s first book.

    Greg Johnson

  21. What a great intro to what promises to be a great book! What a great LIFE training to take a guy like Tim, who was broke, in debt, broken relationships, and had a very hard time reading into a guy who is about to be a national best selling author who is now known for having great relationships! Where else is this being done? I’ve not seen it anywhere but in LIFE

  22. Marcia Robinson said

    Wow! Your introduction creates such anticipation! We are truly grateful for your willingness, as well as Chris and Tim’s, to dedicate your time “penning” your personal leadership journeys. We have so much to learn from your collected years of experience. Thank you for continuing to exemplify a hunger for learning. It is contagious!

  23. Larry Wieberdink said

    Tim is the essence of Dream, Struggle, Victory. What an inspiration to all of us. I look forward with anticipation to reading your book Tim. Congratulations on another victory!!!

    Larry Wieberdink

    Stealth Red Eagles

  24. Sherry Fix said

    Can’t wait for this book. Just as anxious as I was for Resolved! Great leaders! Thank you Tim, Orrin and Chris!
    Sherry Fix

  25. Chris and Carolyn Serpe said

    My wife and I can’t wait to get our hands on this book. Ever since we were introduced to TEAM and LIFE, we have always had an immense amount of admiration for Tim and Amy. We have only heard part of his story through cd’s and association, but we feel truly blessed to be able to learn and grow from the examples he has shared with the TEAM. Thank you Orrin for being a man of integrity and courage in a time when those two characteristics are lacking in society. We are excited to dive into this book and share what we have learned with as many individuals as we can.

    Chris and Carolyn Serpe

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