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LIFE TEAM – Return on Investment

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 11, 2011

Empty Your Purse To Fill Your Mind, and Your Mind Will Fill Your Purse. – Ben Franklin

The greatest return on investment financially is personal development/leadership. Why? Because the results last a lifetime by gaining wisdom, applying the right principles at the right time.

Sadly, most people neglect the greatest gift that God gave them (their mind), choosing instead to pour money into areas with little or no return on investment.

Your brain is a learning wonder. It picks up subtle differences in meaning, can adjust quickly to changing conditions, and through the formation of habits, can routinely learn to do right.

Why wouldn’t a person invest in his mind, when it is his reasoning that separates him from the animals? Isn’t that unreasonable? 🙂

The founders of LIFE launched the business with this premise. If a person can reason, then the only thing stopping him or her from success is learning to apply the right principles at the right time for the right reason.

We have invested decades of our lives reading, listening, learning, and leading to provide world-class content in the 8F’s – Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Freedom, Fun, Following, and Faith. Which area would you like to improve in? Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

10 Responses to “LIFE TEAM – Return on Investment”

  1. Excellent post as usual brother! Many people are constantly trying to figure out how to invest in the 3 P’s (paper, property, and precious metals) without ever thinking of the 4th and most important P (personal development).

  2. The dumbing down of America is a deliberate process. To stop and then reverse the process requires deliberate effort starting with self. Plugging into the LIFE self directed education program is a great start to changing self so that then we can change our family and eventually our world. The investment of the time and effort necessary is not only valuable but is our only key to survival and to thriving.

  3. lorie lawson said

    I need to improve in the family. I can always strive to be a better wife and mother. For me personally I know I need to improve on my self belief and task. I’m good at starting things but to finish is a struggle. That’s why I love Life so much, because I can learn to improve on anything I struggle with. Thank you!

  4. John Dickinson said


    The mass of people focus on the Finance F, not financial management, but how do I make more money. They fail to realize, as I did before LIFE, that making more money is only a part of the Finance F and is an even smaller part of all of the Fs!

    John Dickinson

  5. Tracie said

    What a great article and point. I personally have choosen to work on the family, finances and fitness area of the 8 F’s. It is so refreshing to know that by plugging into the life subscriptions I am receiving information that has been applied and not just theorized. In college I was always taught to focus on the 3p’s of wealth. We never even discussed the 4th P (personal development). Kind of ironic since I was at a college. Thanks for reminding us all were the best investment is.

  6. Catherine said

    Great article, Orrin. I used to get frustrated with people who decided personal development wasn’t for them, but I didn’t think about it beyond that (stinks for them, right?). Now I’ve come to the conclusion that the world needs the LIFE business. With all of the darkness that surrounds us, LIFE is the shining beacon that can lead us to a better tomorrow. For a few extra bucks a month, we can impact millions.

  7. Rob Crichlow said

    This article hits home with me. I also, like Ben Franklin was, not aware of how I was effecting others and return how it was effecting me. Through the LIFE materials, I have been able to improve by my willingness to change and improve. Thanks Orrin for posting this to keep in the front of our minds that leadership requires continuous improvement and focus on the right information.

  8. Angie ballah said

    I love this article! My husband Scott and I have certainly been affected in all of the areas of the 8 Fs over the last handful of years by being inspired to grow personally through the leaders in Team and LIFE. The effects of a self directed education is a caught not taught habit of love of learning that we see in our children from ages 11-4. The Bradys talk about how to inspire our children to be readers in the parenting pack and it is exciting to see that fruit in our family and many others we know who plug into LIFE info! We feed our family a steady diet of books and CDs throughout each day and the disagreements are usually whose turn it is to choose the next cd! Parents it is worth it to set the example to see the fruit in our children! As our 4 year old daughter encouraged her older brother “it’s ok to take the hard road because if you do life will get easier!”

  9. Orrin,

    It only makes sense to learn from an authors years of experience. I never bought a book but have invested in the wisdom I can learn from others far more knowledgeable and experienced.

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