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The LIFE Business CD’s

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 12, 2011

I normally don’t do two testimonials from the same company, but this one is so over the top exciting that I had to share it. Bob Quillen is no stranger to success, having received three national awards in his home improvement business, but he is taking his game (and business) to a whole new level!  Bob rewards employees thousands of dollars and has a fantastic ROI when they listen to CDs. Imagine if every business owner in LIFE was as committed to his own personal development and leadership as Bob is for his employees personal growth! This video explains clearly why LIFE is taking America and Canada by storm.  The LIFE Business required 18 years of preparation, listening to tens of thousands of leadership CD’s, reading several thousand books personally to get our training and messaging right. Now, we are firing on all cylinders, launching the game changing business model called LIFE. Are you ready to change the world? Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

9 Responses to “The LIFE Business CD’s”

  1. Orrin,

    Bob called me the day after he implemented this program so excited, he said he just had to share with someone how this CD listening contest has created an excitement and motivation with his employees he has never seen. When was the last time you heard that?

    Not only did it produce excitement but, in one day a $15,000 sale that would not have occurred, a fired up employee as a result of the large commission on the sale, and it about paid for Bob’s whole promotion!

    This stuff works!!

    Greg Johnson

    • Greg, So true! Because the information delivers as promised the TEAM community is growing faster than ever before in its history and LIFE is going to be life-changing for so many!! thanks, Orrin

  2. Sonnet said

    Thank for sharing this video. This is a great tool for us to show business owners that are potential customers. I will be sure to show this to my husband so he can show the HR coordinator at his work.

  3. Awesome information that many business owners can implement NOW!! There are a few people that will see this today !!! 🙂

  4. Rob Crichlow said

    I am a business owner and have witnessed with my own results the power of these materials. Thanks Orrin for sharing this video.

  5. Jessica miller said

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. John Lewis said

    I am very excited to hear concrete dollars and cents examples of how the LIFE products are impacting the business world! I recall my previous employer spending thousands of dollars to fly people to conferences all over North America. These were often chosen based on location, rather than content or quality of information! The employees (myself included) were excited to spend 4 days in Vegas, but returned with little motivation to apply what we had heard during our time away.

    The LLR and LIFE information changes this. It will give the business owner an incredible competitive advantage in his market because the people who represent the business will reflect a higher willingness to serve and delight the customer.

    This truly is a game changer! Thank you to the Founders of the LIFE business model.

    John Lewis

  7. What an excellent idea!

  8. davidbjork said

    Very powerful video. I agree that the LIFE system changes people’s lives. I’m excited to share this with potential leadership customers.

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