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The Circle of LIFE

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 17, 2011

Chris Brady and I flew up to Atlanta for a 6 hour mastermind session on Tuesday. Here is one of many concepts that were generated from brainstorming together. Generating ideas with Chris Brady is like drinking water from a firehose – fast and furious! 🙂 I love our 17 year business partnership! LIFE is something special and I have never felt as good about community building as I do today. Laurie and I started a new leg 10 days ago and it is now over 10 levels in depth! The LIFE Business is good because it helps people become good in their Circle of LIFE. Here is Brady’s article explaining what our products do in a person’s life. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

I had a very engaging conversation with my friend and co-author Orrin Woodward today.  As usual, we kicked around a ton of stimulating ideas and pieced together something that, in our estimation, will immediately convey greater understanding as to the purpose of the LIFE business.  (See the inset diagram).


In each of the 8 F categories of Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun, one can imagine a certain grade based upon how one is doing in that category. In the diagram the center represents horrible, as in, you are totally “stinking up the joint” (as my kids say) in a certain category. Working your way out from the center to the outer ring in any of the categories represents a stronger grade.  So someone with a dot near the outer ring is doing well in that category.  By connecting the dots on your subjective personal estimation of your life at this moment in each of the categories you can come up with a shape that roughly represents your life right now in each of the 8Fs.

Quite simply, the LIFE business supplies life-changing information to help you increase your score in each of the 8Fs.  The goal is to take someone from the not-so-good black shape represented toward the center of the diagram to the much improved (and happier, we would think) life represented by the red outline toward the outer ring of the circle.

Who doesn’t have at least a category or two, or three, or eight, in which he or she would like to have a better score? Who wouldn’t want to transform his or her life from the tiny blob (and who among us hasn’t felt like a tiny blob from time to time?) in the center to the big wheel (and who hasn’t wanted to be a big wheel at least once in his or her life?) toward the outer ring?

That’s it.  From little blob to big wheel.

But all kidding aside.  This CIRCLE of LIFE is the snap-shot diagram to which people can easily relate when it comes to understand the goal of LIFE and the life-changing information we offer.  We will help people learn and apply truth in each category and thereby improve their shape.

LIFE: Because leadership is for everyone!

13 Responses to “The Circle of LIFE”

  1. edward fancon said

    as usual, Orrin. You guys take something that people can easily become bogged down with to understand and make it basic!!!! I love LIFE and everything you guys have worked for to make my life better!!!! Keep up the good work and I’ll do my best to emulate your efforts over time!!!! Thanks again and god bless!
    Edward Fancon
    Band of Brothers

  2. Wendy Amos said

    Great analogy! I see this a useful tool as we (LIFE members) inspire others to improve in all “8 F’s” of their lives!! Thank you, Orrin and Chris, for once again providing us with life-changing information as we choose to make a difference in the lives of others! May God continue to Bless you and your families!!

  3. Bob and Jeanette Pike said

    We love this diagram since we are visual learners and it leaves a lasting impression in the mind. It is easy to recall visuals, as you work to improve yourself. Thank you for all the hard work you and all the PC do to help serve others!

    Carpe Diem!

  4. I love it! The “circle of life” diagram is a very simple and clear visual to understand what the-life-business can do for someone. I used it at a house meeting last night and the response was unanimous – they loved it! I look forward to being a part of those “fast and furious” rendezvous someday – and contributing.

    God Bless

    Matt Mielke

  5. jimcolomas said

    “Laurie and I started a new leg 10 days ago and it is now over 10 levels in depth!” God help me, help others this way. In Jesus Name Amen.

  6. “From little blob to big wheel” …. Awesome new information leads to more progress from more excitement … the productive Loop … better and faster !!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and thank you for supplying information to my life about character integrity honor courage and LIFE! 🙂

  7. Rita Haas said

    What a great way to visualize a well rounded life. Thanks to Woodward’s and Brady’s for leading us with amazing information like this article!

  8. Levi Coblentz said

    When I have been showing the plan on 1 on 1s and on the board I have been showing the very same diagram. I felt it’s like the tri-lateral leadership ledger in the LLR book. I love it!

  9. Tim McNeil said

    Your Circle looks like a MILLION (People) ! Fired Up!

  10. Don Fallis said

    With a farming background, nothing pulls harder that something with a flat tire. If you don’t believe this, just let a little air out of just one of the tires on your car and try to push it. LIFE brings air into our lives.

  11. I like the science approach to mapping a person’s growth. A great visual! Similar to the Tri-Lateral Leadership Ledger.

  12. Maribel Damphousse said

    Looking at the Circle of Life reminded me of an exercise that we did during a retreat we use to give to young adults. We made a list of the priorities in our life (8Fs). We drew each priority as a spoke in a wheel and then rated each of them from 0 to 9 (0 as the least priority starting from the center of the wheel and 9 as the highest priority). We then ask them to connect the dots to see how balanced our life was in living our priorities. Most result was like the blob in this Circle of Life. This visual representation gave us a direction on what to work on in our Personal Plan of Formation for the year which we then share to a companion (mentor) with whom we are accountable in our growth journey… I’m happy to see this again to help me be on top of my growth journey. Thanks!

  13. davidbjork said

    I want a round wheel! Great perspective on personal improvement.

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