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RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions For LIFE Reviews

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 22, 2011

With the release of my new book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions For LIFE, I have been eagerly anticipating the reaction of leaders around the globe. Writing a book is an arduous task, requiring many thankless hours of time alone to think and write a labor of love. However, when it’s released and respected leaders from around the globe share how the book inspired them, it makes all the effort worthwhile. Here are a several examples of the comments I have been hearing from top leaders.

Dana Collins is one of the top leaders in the networking profession. She is a student of leadership and is constantly learning. In fact, she was one of the keynote speakers at Art Jonak’s last MasterMind Event. Tens of thousands of people around the world are part of her community. She sent the Networking Times editorial staff the following email when asked what books she was reading:

Great idea, Josephine. I am reading “Resolved” by Orrin.
This book, I believe, will be a classic.
I bought a copy for each of my key leaders. Each week we have a call to discuss a chapter. It is a playbook for building a foundation in yourself that can build a tremendous culture in your family, team, and community.
Incredible book!
And btw, this is not a paid endorsement!


Oliver DeMille is one of the most respected educators in the country, having written the classic book, Thomas Jefferson Education. This book initiated a revolution in the home schooling movement. His talk at the LIFE major impacted thousands of people, being one of the highlights of the entire weekend! I have met few people who read more books than Oliver so when I received his thoughts on my new book, I was honored. When a principle-centered man and friend of his caliber is impacted that lets me know my labor wasn’t in vain.


Sorry I’ve been out of it all week. I got a really bad flu. Anyway, I’m
back. I love your new book. It is fantastic! A true home run! I love the
cover. Wow, that painting is so perfect with your title and message:
Resolved. You nailed it.

I loved each of the 13 resolutions. Perfect. In the perfect order. And it
builds on Benjamin Franklin’s and George Washington’s personal resolutions.
I loved that you included these in the appendices. This book is so
excellent. I really like the way each chapter emphasizes a resolution, a
character trait of leadership, and highlights of a leader who followed it.
It hits the reader on so many levels. This is your best work yet! It’s a
magnum opus. Wow!

I like that you used Lou Holtz. I’m a real fan of his stuff. And I once
again felt so connected to your work when I read the Will Smith chapter.
Will is a really great leader. He and his wife Jada use TJEd with some of
their kids and Rachel and I have been in their home and had dinner and
social events with them. Will had me speak to a group of his friends in his
home, and during the Q&A he talked as much or more than I did. Someone would
ask a question about TJEd and before I could answer it Will would say, “The
answer to that is on page XXX,” and he’d turn to that page in TJEd and read
the answer. He had the whole book underlined, highlighted and marked up in
multiple colors. He knew the page-by-page details of my book better than I
did. Anyway, Rachel and I had a similar experience with Will and Jada as
with you and Laurie—you both read my book and contacted us and eventually we
ended up at your home and speaking to your friends and discussing important
principles of freedom and education. I thought it was really cool that you
had him as your example of programming the elephant.

I really loved that you gave Sam Walton 2 chapters. What a great leader. I
think Steve Jobs bears a similar study—maybe a future writing project for
us. Also, the section on New England fiat money is brilliant! The 5 laws of
decline are wow! This book is just outstanding. As I said, another home run!

Well done!

I’ve only read this once through, so I’ll more to say when I read it
backwards and really try to milk out more detail. But I just had to gush to
you about how good this is! It’s fantastic. I just wish I had read it before
the Ohio speech so I could have it on my top 6 (7) book list. Oh well, next

This book is just plain transformational! Thank for sending it! I’m so
excited to read it again.


Have you read RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions For LIFE yet? My goal in sharing the 13 Resolutions was to have a guide for character based living where one could refer back to the section that needs improvement. If you have already read the book, please comment on what chapters had the biggest impact on you. I would love to hear how the book affected your thinking and actions. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

25 Responses to “RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions For LIFE Reviews”

  1. Wendy Amos said

    My prayer is that this book makes it into our schools!! This could very well be what starts the Revolution you’ve hoped for all along!!

    Many Blessings to you and your family on this holiday of gratitude and reflection…
    Wendy Amos
    A Rascal

  2. Orrin, since being in TEAM my hunger for learning and reading has gone through the roof. In all categories I feel that the books that have come down in AGO, Leadership, etc systems have absolutely changed everything for me. But of all the books I have read from so many different authors, still my top two favorite books are the LLR book and now Resolved. And that’s not just me being biased. When I read Resolved, I found myself setting the book down and thinking, reflecting, writing things down and being inspired. The examples you gave helped me to fall in love with the leaders who have made an impact in their respected resolution. It is a book to be studied and re-read many times. In my opinion it should fall into the Top 5 books because it is perfect for a new leader starting the journey but also a veteran leader building large communities. As I was reading, all I could hear was your voice speaking. I totally recognized (starting with the introduction) your 18+ years of experience compiled with 1000’s of books you have read and 10,000+ hours of studying and mastering your craft all formatted into Resolved. It’s a beautiful masterpiece and you should be proud. I honestly can’t say just one chapter that made an impact. Not to be cliche, but they all did and I started making a 13 resolutions wheels just like the LIFE wheel and I resolve to turn my resolutions blob into a nice round circle (along with my 8 F’s) as I continue on the journey (they fall very much in line with each other too). Thank you Orrin, this book will definitely be a Christmas gift I can’t wait to give people.
    God Bless, Kristen

  3. Orrin Thank you for taking time to share Resolved! I believe many of us in life are called to do special things in life and I truly believe you were made for the “JOB”. I know this will impact millions of lives be printed for the schools and Leaders across the country so that we can have a better LIFE! Resolved … What a book! Great Leaders and History definately a mix that can create the hunger to grow and learn. We thank you … Job well done!! There is a great saying I heard Chris say and a few others …. “Our Life is a gift from God what we do with it is our gift to God”. I look forward to more incredible writings in the future! 🙂

  4. Lisa Mangold, LIFE Member said

    After reading yesterday’s blog, then today’s – I believe the question of LIFE being a scam will fade away as we all press forward to share this program with others. People who are destined to change the culture write books like Launching a Leadership Revolution and Resolved. People who are destined to make a difference in lives of millions have earned the respect of people like Oliver DeMille. As for the chapter in Resolved that had the most impact, it would have to be the one on keeping score. I’ve been really good at setting goals and keeping score when the numbers look good. When they are not looking good, it is much easier to not write that down and take a break from keeping score. I feel more inspired to face the pain of keeping score, for I know this is the pain that will lead to long term success in each area of life. Thanks for always putting out materials that helps each person move forward where they are at. Thanks for making Christmas shopping very easy – I don’t know anyone who would not benefit from a copy of Resolved & the CD “13 Resolutions for LIFE”!


  5. Orrin Woodward has been awarded outside recognition and rated as a Top 25 Leadership Guru. It was has been my privilege to have access to the CD’s and books which Orrin has authored as the guiding principles have certainly helped in areas of family, finances and faith. I believe the founders of LIFE have the vision and the courage to lead many out of the hopeless situations they are in. This will be accomplished through the audios, books, association and mentorship provided to those seeking to improve. I want my children to know that great things come at a price and not all will agree with you but you still do what is right. Orrin, you have been that example of unselfish commitment to help others.

  6. Terrence B. Cutler said

    Looking Forward to my copy coming in the mail tomorrow. 🙂

    Thank you Orrin,

  7. Reading the book as I write this. Great book, I hadn’t even got past the introduction before I was posting blogs about it. I can only imagine the amount of information you combed through to pull all the references and quotes together. Awesome job, a must read for anyone who considers themselves a leader, mentor, coach, or just serious about self improvement.
    God Bless,

  8. Orrin:

    I know I already said a lot about this book in the Foreword to it, but I can’t resist adding a little more commentary here. I just finished reading it again on the plane ride home this afternoon, and as I turned the last page I had a burning feeling that all people with any flicker of hope in their souls for a better life of significance and contribution should read this book. I can’t believe how much you packed into this work. This time around, I read no more than a chapter a day (until I got on that airplane today), and I thought this was a great way to absorb the depth of what you’re teaching. I tried to think about the resolution about which I’d read that day and apply it to my actions. The next day I would read another one and do the same. This really paid dividends in my attitude and self-control.

    Again, excellent job on this my friend. It will change lives, and (as you so clearly teach in its pages) through that, the world!

    Chris Brady

  9. Ryan Pflederer said

    Orrin, Resolved: 13 Resolutions for LIFE is by far one of the best books I’ve ever read! I received a signed copy by you from my future mother-in-law for my 19th birthday and it was such an awesome gift to receive! The chapters that really hit home with me were the Purpose, Character, Attitude…well let’s face it, the whole book hit home with me! It’s a fantastic piece of work and I’m so honored to be working with you and all of the other Policy Council members in TEAM LIFE!

    God Bless you,
    Ryan Pflederer

  10. Tim McNeil said

    Orrin, OK, I’ll read it already!! I’m currently reading LLR (and about 5 other books). However after reading your blog today and and especially, responses #8 and 9 to it, I think I’ll have to shelve one of the other books and get to reading your first solo work. Incidentally, comment #9 is by Ryan, our future son-in-law. My wife Tammy and I purchased copies at the Madison Seminar – She had you sign a copy for Ryan, and I had you sign ours next. Orrin, this business and you and the magnificent PC who lead it are truly an answer to prayer. I began praying in earnest in October of 2010 to open a door for me and Team/LIFE is it! Thank You!
    God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Tim & Tammy McNeil
    Team Action

  11. Orrin,
    After reading comments written before me I’m very much looking forward to reading “RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions For LIFE Reviews” your latest book. Oliver DeMille comments has inspired my hunger for more information.

    Well Done.
    God Bless
    Tim Dwyer
    Team Centurions Down Under

  12. Bill Newton said

    Jann and I developed a trust several years ago. It’s one that lasts for 365 years. It’s called a dynasty trust. We were thinking generational as we put it together. For recipiants to receive any compensation from the trust, there is a set of moral and ethical standards that have to be adhered to. Additionally there is a book list of required reading for all that receive compensation. Jann and I want the generations that follow us, but dont know us, to understand fully how we think, act ,and believe. Your book “Resolved” just made it’s rightful place in this 365 year trust document. This book shouts out how to live.
    Thank you Orrin,
    Bill Newton

  13. Kevin Hamm said


    Thanks so much for this book. i have written all the resolutions down and will be reading them regularly with some other purpose materials. Keeping score is probably going to have the biggest impact. Over the years in my S business, keeping score was my weak point that enabled me to amass a great deal of debt without noticing. My children all have a copy of this book and I look forward to working through it with them. Truly a great work.

    Kevin Hamm

  14. Mike Kolp said


    As expected, the book is phenomenal. From cover to cover it is action packed and full of nugget after nugget. I am sorry I cannot put down one area I enjoyed most. Every chapter is a check up from the neck up. It is an owners manual for ones purpose and life. This book can and should be referred to regularly in order to truly live life on purpose and with meaning. Your years and hours upon hours of personal growth and research has made this book an absolute winner for all who dare to improve them self and become who they were made to be. Thanks for your untiring efforts and dedication of service.

    God Bless,

    Mike Kolp

  15. Kirk Birtles said


    I got a copy of your amazing book, Resolved, 2 week ago. Everywhere I go, people are snatching them up and digging in. I had to finally resort to smooth-talking my Dad out of his copy until my order came in! My favorite chapter so far is chapter 4 on the power of ‘The ant & the elephant’. Absolutely loved how you tied together those true-life stories that displayed the power of the subconscious mind, with the experiences, opinions, and quotes of some of the brightest leaders in the world, including yourself. I just ordered a dozen more copies to give away as Christmas gifts! It is definitely going to be, as cousin Eddy says, ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ for those who are hungry and want a change in their life! Thanks for sharing and for being a leader worth following! #1 bestseller in the making!

    God Bless,

    Kirk Birtles

  16. Ron Wilson said

    This is not one of those books you can read through in one sitting. There is MUCH to provoke thought in very few words. I’m impressed with everything I’ve found in this book. I know I’ll have to study this and put things into action in order to facilitate meaningful change in my life.
    Thanks for the great tool for building a better me.


  17. Jason D Wilson said

    Orin, I can’t wait to complete this book. I just finished chapter 4 and there are so many nuggets in it!!! I love will Smith’s example of running on the treadmill and hitting a point of decision as tiredness, soreness and shortness of breath sets in…. does one give themself an out and hit the stop button or do they dig deep and keep running, even kicking it up a notch and increasing the speed (I am paraphrasing). It is that extra degree (212) which is fuelled by the charging elephant. The dream that is so vivid in your minds eye. The more I read this book especially when I was reading chapter four, the more my elephant charges. I can’t wait to share this book with everyone!!

    Jason D Wilson

  18. Terry Kaiser said

    Orrin, i have people that are reading and listening to CD,s but could not commit. Thru your book and a recent blog I started asking them, “What is your passion?”, What is your purpose in life?”. “What do you see as your potential?”. They are now committing and signing into the LIFE business. I am awed by this book. Thank you for all your work for us and for everyone.

    • Terry, That’s great news! I am finding the best way to share what LIFE is about is to give them a CD or a book. I am amazed at how positively people respond to the information. The world is hungering for hope filled truth and LIFE CDs are filled with both! God Bless, Orrin

  19. Rita Haas said

    Orrin, I am LOVING your book! I am humbled by the quantity of your knowledge! This book has started something new in the Haas home. Following the idea of focusing on a resolution a week, or a virtue a month, or reading a resolution daily we are implementing “Breakfast with Washington”. Then perhaps “Breakfast with Franklin”….and of course, “Breakfast with Woodward”. We’ve been reading and talking about what these resolutions mean each morning. Such meaningful and purposeful conversation with my children. Thanks for leading us to the truth.

  20. scott tardy said

    Oh my goodness, what a fantastic read!! Orrin, you nailed it, wow hungry student here, running every day to hit those goals, so i too will have my dreams. Wow haven’t made enough in the business yet to order 12 copies, like mr. Birtles, great gift idea though.. Kirk, Orrin you guys have been on the journey a few more hours, I’ll get there. life has been so well received in the corporate world and individually, that no one absolutely no one should ever NOT walk with some awesome posture, and a welcoming smile to everyone they meet. We have the best by the best, for the world… God Bless Orrin.

  21. Rick Joseph said

    What a great book! The concepts promoted in this book are so applicable to so many situations in life; marriage, work, friendships, etc.
    It also provides some excellent insights into our business from the concept to the process. The examples for the different resolutions are excellent metaphors, and really help to make the the content clear and transferrable.
    I like this book so much that I gave a copy to several of the people I do business with outside of the LIFE business as Christmas presents.

  22. Mandi Miller said

    I love the book! My only issue is God has not revealed a purpose for me as of yet. I’ve been praying and seeking for several years and know I was drawn to the TEAM for a reason. I know it is part of my purpose. I have a lot of work to do on myself before I can become an appropriate leader and I know this book and the system will help me make those improvements. As a funny side note I remember a speaker talking about, ” what others are seeing you do. What do your children see you doing?” Well it’s obvious by the condition of my Resolved book what my autistic daughter is seeing me do! It is now VERY highlighted! There are worse things she could emulate. Thank you Orrin for helping me silent my negative voice and feed my elephant.

  23. I recently read Orrin Woodward’s authored book, Resolved: 13 Resolutions for LIFE with great interest. Orrin Woodward needs no introduction. He is a renowned leadership guru, and is ranked as one of the World’s Top 10 Leadership Gurus. He co-wrote the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Weekly, USA Today, and Money Magazine best seller, Launching a Leadership Revolution. The foreword for this was written by Chris Brady, who is recognized as one of the world’s Top 30 leadership Gurus. The book provides the essence of the proven leadership principles of Orrin Woodward. It is divided into 13 chapters. Here is the break up of each chapter:

    Chapter 1 deals with purpose; chapter 2 character; chapter 3 attitude; chapter 4 programming the elephant; chapter 5 game plan and do; chapter 6 keeping score; chapter 7 friendship; chapter 8 financial management; chapter 9 leadership resolution; chapter 10 conflict resolution; chapter 11 systems thinking; chapter 12 adversity quotient; and chapter 13 concludes with legacy. In addition, it has Appendix A deals with Washington’s Civility, Appendix B unveils Washington’s Maxims, Appendix C unfolds Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues and Appendix D reveals Edwards Resolution.

    It unveils 13 resolutions which are nothing but 13 habits for success and happiness. It covers from the core about success and leadership nuggets. It outlines diagrams to capture the key contents quickly, and provides boxes that contain key ideas and insights.

    The book helps you achieve success and happiness. It is written in simple and straight language so that anybody can read, understand and apply the principles for achieving all round success. Precisely, it is a book for all times! It is worth investing your time. You can gift it to your friends who would thank you forever.

    Professor M.S.Rao – Author of 13 leadership books including ‘Soft Leadership – Make Others Feel More Important’

    Blog: http://profmsr.blogspot.com Where Knowledge is Wealth
    Blog: http://professormsraoguru.blogspot.com Knowledge Grows When Shared
    Speaker Wiki: http://speakerwiki.org/speakers/Professor_MSRao
    LinkedIn: http://in.linkedin.com/pub/prof-m-s-rao/13/202/906

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