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Dan & Lisa Hawkins – LIFE Founders

Posted by Orrin Woodward on December 9, 2011

Today’s blog will spotlight LIFE Founders, Dan and Lisa Hawkins. Their story of overcoming ought to be shouted from the rooftops of every village, town, and city across the world. Typically, mechanics and daycare providers are pigeonholed into non-advancing careers, not speaking on stages of ten thousand plus people. However, Dan and Lisa are not your typical mechanic or daycare provider.

What’s the difference?

It isn’t talent, as everyone has the talent to develop into a leader. It isn’t connections, as Dan and Lisa didn’t have any. In fact, Dan may be the shyest person I have ever personally witnessed build the business to the PC level. (He attended four phone calling sessions without calling anyone!)

Then how did they do it?

Simply put, courage. Dan and Lisa had the courage of their convictions to go against the grain, refusing to listen to the naysayers of life; instead, they chose to pursue their dreams. They disciplined themselves to read, listen, and apply the leadership training, falling in love with the learning process. Because of their courage, because they confronted every goliath in their path, the Hawkins are now TEAM PC members and LIFE Founders.

However, their life certainly didn’t start out as a fairy tale. The Hawkins family struggled to pay their bills for years. In truth, Dan was the last person looking to get started in a people business. His quiet, shy, reserved nature was not a natural fit for community building, but his desire to win helped overcome all obstacles in his path.

Lisa, although not as shy, had to learn to complete her husband, not compete with him. Instead of criticizing her husband’s fears, she fed his faith, encouraging him on what life could look like on the other side of his fears. Isn’t that what a great marriage is about? Two people who bring different strengths to the table, learning how to complete one another? I know this is true for Laurie and me.

It took years for the Hawkins’ working chemistry to gel properly in the home and business.  Indeed, this quality is what makes them so special to the other Founders – the willingness to invest the time, effort, and love to finish what they started.

The Hawkins PC run became the Bannister effect for the entire TEAM, permitting many other couples to let go of the past and seize their victory. Congratulations to Dan and Lisa Hawkins for a job well done. You have taken two lives of “quiet desperation” and changed them forever, lighting a flame on the success path for others. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

17 Responses to “Dan & Lisa Hawkins – LIFE Founders”

  1. Chris and Carolyn Serpe said

    Your brief insight into the accomplishments of Dan and Lisa are spot on. When I was first introduced to the TEAM, Dan and LIsa were just getting started on their journey in leadership. I remember meeting Dan and Lisa for the first time in Milwaukee, WI at an open meeting. I was introduced to them and was told that they were going to be the first PC out of Wisconsin. Being the humble people they are, they just smiled and encouraged me to go out and chase my dreams. Actually, Lisa said that because Dan was still pretty shy and I don’t think he said anything. Throughout the years of developing myself in preperation of becoming a leader, Dan and Lisa have continued to encourage my wife and I to keep going regardless of the obstacles that we may face. Thank you Dan and Lisa for being a wonderful example for thousands of people, and thank you to the rest of the PC for paving the way for those to come.

  2. Rob Crichlow said

    Dan and Lisa decided to do something ahead of the pack, which has opened the gates for others, to follow. It took real courage and belief to do it, which is not common in today’s world. One of my son’s has a lot of phlegmatic in his personality. When Dan Hawkins went PC and Marc Militello went triple 100, he stated, “It is the age of the phlegmatics!” Dan and Lisa have given hope and belief to a lot of people. Thanks for recognizing them Orrin.

  3. Justin Stevens said

    I wish everyone I talked to about LIFE knew this story, it would be so much easier lol. Im pretty knew but have been listening to cds non stop and reading the books(which is kinda new to me). With uplines like Chuck and Pat Reeves and Mark and Jenn Paul I have the best help I could ask for. I love where this business is taking me.

  4. Guzzardo said

    Orrin, thank you for creating a system where we can take people like Dan & List and reveal the gifts that God has given all of us. God Bless, George

  5. Maribel Damphousse said

    I know that my husband relates so much with Dan and we love listening to them both as speakers. They exemplify “hard work makes the dream work” principle. We are growing in our leadership journey and Dan and Lisa are examples that inspire us in the growth process. Thank you Dan and Lisa!

  6. Jen Ulrich said

    We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of Team Stealth with Dan and Lisa. Their story is endlessly empowering to us, and in the few instances where we were blessed enough to get some time with them, their gentle encouragement has made our belief skyrocket! They did it. We are doing it. Anyone can do it!

  7. Les Johnson said

    I have been blessed to spend time around
    Dan and Lisa and their secret is that they put
    serving others above all else. As a basically shy person myself, I have learned from observing Dan that shyness is a form of selfishness where we are more concerned with how we appear to others than what we can do for others. Dan overcame his shyness by by learning and exemplifying what it means to put service to others as a number one priority. Thanks Dan and thanks Lisa for your servants hearts!

  8. Angelina Rempel said

    Dan & Lisa have inspired so many people to finish the race no matter what personality you have, no matter what obstacles may come and to let go of all excuses and just follow the pattern that is laid out for all of us. Thank you!

  9. Tim Dwyer said

    I remember attending one of my very first TEAM monthly seminars here in Australia when through the technology we have today, I was able to watch listen and learn from hearing Dan & Lisa speak. You could have heard a pin drop with the attention they had from us all present this event. Their message so inspirational, powerful and touching in the destination they are heading for not without struggle Dan & Lisa were able to show confidence to all of us in what they had achieved we to can achieve in LIFE.

  10. Kevin Hamm said


    They are our heroes here in Wisconsin. I happen to need a lot of what Dan has, relate-ability! And he demonstrates following like no one I’ve ever seen. Anything you suggest to him gets implemented in our groups. He is a great example to us all.

    Kevin Hamm

  11. Thank you for sharing their story! Dan and Lisa give those of us with struggles on our journeys hope that if they can make it, so can we.

  12. We are blessed to have Dan and Lisa as our hometown heroes here in Wisconsin! Their ‘light’ brightens every venue they appear in. Their story and example has given me so much hope! Keep leading Dan and Lisa, your legacy is being created through all the lives you are changing!

  13. Claude hamilton said

    Orrin, what a great post about the Hawkins. They are great leaders and amazing contributors to the TEAM.

  14. Lou Lawson said

    an outstanding testimony to the cause. anybodies can become somebodies! it comes down to your “why”. thanks for the post

  15. John Graff said

    Thank you Orrin for putting in the spotlight, a couple that has continually led the way for so many for so long. Penny and I have had a front row seat (minus a couple years) watching their leadership development. Through their journey, they inspire all of us to become the leaders we were meant to be. Thank you, again, Dan and Lisa! You are a shining example of just what is possible.

  16. The Militellos said

    Watching the Hawkins go PC was amazing! Can’t say thanks enough to them for leading the way when it was needed most.

  17. bcpowers33 said

    Dan and Lisa are outstanding examples of not listening to their critiques! They are truly doing their part to restore the foundational principles that our nation was founded on. We are certain many in their team are moments away from becoming the next PC Leaders themselves.
    bp n sherry

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