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Bill & Jackie Lewis – LIFE Founders

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 16, 2012

How does an inner-city kid and a single-mom team up and break out of the mold to become a millionaire couple? More impressively, how do they do this while developing into some of the top speakers and leaders in one of the fastest growing leadership companies? The short answer is through reading, listening, and associating with those who had the results they desired.

Bill and Jackie Lewis are two of the Founders of LIFE. Their amazing story is shared on several CDs that are best-sellers in the TEAM system. Indeed, both Bill and Jackie had to change the way they viewed themselves and this only occurs through improved information and association.

Recollecting back to Bill’s first time ever speaking on a TEAM stage, he was so nervous, that he made me dizzy watching him pace back and forth.  Be that as it may, he did it anyway, displaying courage and resolve to electrify the crowd with his speaking. In fact, it’s only through the small repeated victories that people change how they view themselves. Jackie went through a similar journey, going from a tentative speaker on stage to one of the most impactful of lady leaders.

What separates the winners from the rest in life? It’s Adversity Quotient – the ability to endure the pain inherent in the change process. The Lewis’s win because they have a near limitless AQ. By combining AQ and unimpeachable loyalty, this couple bought into the goals and vision of the TEAM, exploding through the Team levels and achieving PC in 2006. Through numerous hardships, the Lewis’s never wavered, maintaining the dream of reaching a million people.

I can remember Bill writing a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to cover legal expenses and keep the TEAM together. Heroes are heroes because they sacrifice for what they believe in. It is modern day heroes like Bill and Jackie that make Laurie and my leadership journey so worthwhile. When so much of the world is giving up on their dreams, there are still a few willing to sacrifice for their dreams. Bill and Jackie are part of that select few.

For example, if you have ever played competitive sports with Bill – the TEAM’s basketball wars are legendary – you quickly discover that Bill hates losing at anything. He will push himself to his limit in order to achieve victory. It’s this characteristic that has led Bill to achieve massive results, despite his humble beginnings. For example, I am not shocked that Bill is a single digit handicap golfer because his quest for excellence accepts nothing less. I love competing against Bill in sports, for I know that whoever wins will have earned it.

Today the Lewis’s live in an impressive Tuscan mansion, raising their four children and enjoying the fruits of their labors. The Lewis’s team is one of the biggest and most dynamic in the LIFE business, providing a dream lifestyle for the young couple. Dreams come true to those who are true to their dreams. Bill and Jackie were true to their dreams, becoming top leaders in the TEAM and Founders of LIFE. Laurie and I congratulate our friends and Co-Founders, Bill and Jackie Lewis, for their impressive leadership accomplishments. We look forward to a blessed future together. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

21 Responses to “Bill & Jackie Lewis – LIFE Founders”

  1. Shaun & Deserae' DeWitt said

    We couldn’t agree more, simply amazing people and mentors. They have changed our lives tremendously and we owe them our success.

  2. I never realized he made that kind of financial committment to help keep the Team together. Proud to be associated and in business with amazing servant leaders.

  3. Maribel Damphousse said

    I love the members of the Policy Council because of the different spectrum of backgrounds they come from. Bill and Jackie are indeed one couple that reflects the results of their high AQ and from whom I can learn their unwavering desire to change and succeed inspite of their past. Thanks to Bill and Jackie for their faithfulness to their dreams.

  4. So true! Stoked to have such awesome leaders. The quality of the leaders on their team speak to the quality and skill of Bill and Jackie’s leadership.


  5. Bill has been a great inspiration to me personally. His story as LIFE grows into a household name will be shared, a model for overcoming and the obedience he has shown to his savior is truly a modern day hero. Thanks Bill for staying steadfast and providing an example for all of us.

  6. Daniel & Gina Hale said

    That was amazing Orrin. A true leader. Bill & Jackie have made a huge impact in our life. I can not wait till that moment in life when Bill becomes my mentor.

  7. Breaking the cycle and re-writing their story, Bill and Jackie exemplify the true definition of hero. Thank you both for your courage, commitment and conviction!
    Kristen Seidl

  8. Tim Dwyer said

    Orrin hearing Bill & Jackie’s story through the TEAM system has always inspired me that to hold onto your dream and will come to fruition through struggles pain and work. Thanks to your inspiring Leadership it is always great hearing speakers as yourself along with Bill & Jackie and the rest of the PC.
    God Bless

  9. Orrin, I’ve grown up with Bill over the last eleven years and will testify to his character as a leader. He has also become one of the best teachers in the business. We can all learn from Bill and Jackie’s model. I look at Bill as a brother and couldn’t ask for a better partner in the LIFE business. George

  10. David Bjork said

    Totaly agree! Bill & Jackie have produced massive results, yet remain grounded in so many ways. Its probably rooted in the fact that they clearly understand (and continue to battle) the struggle necessary to produce success. I remember clearly describing to Bill a struggle I was experiencing several years ago. Bill just said “you just gotta push through”. I thought, that’s it? Yes, that IS it! Bill & Jackie have pushed through a bunch over the years, developing the AQ you described. Thanks Bill & Jackie for carrying the torch and lighting the path for many, many people!

  11. Bob and Jeanette Pike said

    Orrin, Thank you so much for sharing the PC’s testimonies. They are so encouraging and it makes them more relateable:). God Bless! ~Jeanette

  12. brian powers said

    I can not honestly say where we would be had this young man not come into our life. Bill and Jackie represent truth, character, integrety, committment, and live a life of true servantship to others! I have witnessed them make major differences is others lives in many ways. It is refreshing to say the least, to know that our grandchildren may have a fighting chance to live some sort of freedom. Simply because they epresent those ideals this great nation was founded on.
    We are proud to be a part of their growing Leadership Team!!!
    bp n sherry
    “All 4 One”

  13. Sherri Elenbaum said

    Thank you for sharing each of the PC’s bits that you have. We are so blessed to be associated with all of you! Thank you also for obeying God’s calling for your life. Lord willing, we will continue learning with you to one million & beyond!
    Tom & Sherri Elenbaum

  14. Kevin Hamm said


    Another great testimony! Bill and Jackie are always inspiring. Great teachers. Our kids have come to most majors with us and they all love it when Bill and Jackie come to the stage. They are making a difference in a way the is very relateable.

    Kevin Hamm

  15. Our lives will never be the same due to the leadership and mentoring of this couple! We have been truly blessed by their guidance and friendship and thank God everyday for them! Their story gives hope to so many as we share it with others we come in contact with thru this business…thanks to PC for developing a system that can make everyone’s LIFE story become a dream come true…just as it did for Bill n Jackie!

  16. Beth Metz said

    It truly is a blessing to be a part of this couples leadership. A couple I strive to follow and become the best I can thanks to their amazing leadership. Thank you Bill and Jackie!

  17. pappabiggs said

    Reblogged this on pappabiggs.

  18. Hershall said

    Bill is my favorite PC! He goes out over and over and helps at the bottom. He’s lots of fun! His story is inspiring. The guys on his team are all great guys thanks to his leadership. Who can deny so many great leaders from one organization? Speiwalks, Birdles, Radossa, Morgans on and on and on…. And thank goodness for Team that Bill’s story included Tim Marks huh?
    Bill seems to really speak from the heart. It’s great when he gets going and his filter kicks in and he stops for a second. He might be the most sincere and genuine and hard working leader I’ll ever have met.

  19. Bill and Jackie Lewis have demonstrated resilience and excellence, true characteristics of leadership.

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