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Winner of the 2011 Independent Association of Business Top Leader Award; Orrin Woodward shares his leadership secrets.

Leaders are LIFE-Time Learners

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 20, 2012

Every leader must be a learner. Why? Because no leader has all the answers. Therefore, a leader must constantly be learning to improve and grow. In fact, if a person refuses to learn, he has effectively limited his ability to lead. This is the reason hunger is so essential for leadership because only a hungry person will keep striving to learn more.

Are you a hungry leader? Are you humble enough to know that you don’t know everything? Are you willing to read, listen, and associate with other leaders in a community in order to improve yourself? The LIFE community is what makes LIFE’s leadership better than any other leadership company. LIFE’s leadership materials supply people with topnotch leadership teachings, but even more importantly, it’s the LIFE community that provides the environment in which to apply the leadership principles daily.

LIFE, by having a compensated community, has a competitive advantage on the rest of the leadership companies. Here is a short video describing the importance of learning for leaders. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

7 Responses to “Leaders are LIFE-Time Learners”

  1. Ken Hendon said

    A compensated community…YES!

  2. Titi said

    Of all the communities out there – the LIFE community is the most unique and best equipped to reach millions at a rapid speed! By rewarding community building, more of us will do it! This is fantastic – Thank you Orrin and the PC for a great vision!

  3. Kari said

    I completely agree. I strive to better myself daily. I read and listen to cds to grow myself and hopfully be able to help individuals when needed or even better point them in the right direction to get the information they need to help better themselves.
    Thank You for this post

  4. Michael James said

    One of the things that helps the reading process is the books that the TEAM/LIFE recommends. These books are thought provoking, and thought challenging. Your words are so true, how can you make a difference if you don’t have information especially those that come from top leaders throughout history?

    Great job in what we are seeing in TEAM/LIFE!

  5. Nicole Allen said

    Without information to impover your LIFE and Making the changes necessary to grow. Leadership is hard to do. I am trying to make the changes in MY LIFE so I can be the leader I want to be. With the help of Orrin and Chris (and many others) I am making the change I need.

    I love being part of Team/Life
    Thank you!!

  6. John Graff said

    Orrin, watching the video where you talk about the highlights a very successful life well-lived in that of one John Wooden, I couldn’t help but think: “now I have ‘Resolved’ from this very successful guy!”
    Thank you so much. Now if only I apply…..

  7. Maribel Damphousse said

    We are truly blessed to be learning from the best leadership teacher, someone who shows us the way, someone worth following. May we be faithful in our own paths as you are in leading LIFE TEAM. Thank you, Orrin for opening doors for us. God bless!


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