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AQ: Pass the Mental Fitness Challenge

Posted by Orrin Woodward on February 28, 2012

Adversity Quotient is essential for success. A person will never rise to the mental fitness challenge until he develops it. The formula for AQ is: AQ = IQ (Intelligence) + EQ (Emotional) + WQ (Will).  When a person combines these three factors, he has an unbeatable AQ. Indeed, I have never met a champion in any field that hasn’t mastered the concept of AQ.

When I wrote RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, I attempted to place the concepts of AQ in another resolution. However, AQ refused to stay out! In fact, as I wrote the book, I realized that without AQ, all the other resolutions are not enough. For many times, a person will do many things right, but just won’t stick around long enough for the success recipe to gel. This is where AQ delivers the secret sauce for success. 🙂

Are you rising mentally to the challenge of AQ in your life? Here is a short video to help you on the journey. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

6 Responses to “AQ: Pass the Mental Fitness Challenge”

  1. Rob Crichlow said

    Powerful concept to help us improve our results when in conflict or challenges. Overcoming of obstacles has led to all of my successes. Interesting how mental fitness requires us to continually improve our AQ, just like working out physically. You can’t expect mental muscles while sitting on the couch or avoiding challenges. Great reminder.

  2. Kevin Hamm said


    I loved this chapter in Resolved. These principles have been part of the Team Culture certainly since I have been involved and have contributed greatly our situation. Thank you for making the struggle cool. It so often gets the bad rap when people complain, but it plays such a vital role in our development if we see it for the opportunity that it is. I’m it! Mind, Heart and Will.

    Kevin Hamm

  3. Jason and Chris Winkler said

    Orrin, thank you so much for reminding us all that it is going to take time and work to improve ourselves. AQ is a learning process and we need to enjoy the process.

  4. Brian Suddeth said

    Mr Woodward,

    We are reading through Resolved and this principle was really encouraging. We have faced much adversity since becoming TEAM members. It seems like our lives were fine until we chose to do something significant. It brings to mind a scene from the the movie “The Matrix” in which actor Laurence Fishburne asks Keanu Reeves, “If you could go back (to living a lie), would you want to?” This scene rings true for us. Now that we are starting to understand these principles we would rather live significant lives and deal with the challenges, than to enjoy being “blissfully ignorant.” We are praying for you and your family and thank you for being brave enough to share the truth in season and out.


    Brian and Jess Suddeth

  5. Friday, February 24, 2012
    Stronger Than Yesterday !
    Strength without adversity is only imagined power … Strength born of manipulation and coercion is not power, only veiled attempts to cover weakness and insecurity.
    Real power and strength is displayed as we overcome all manner of challenges, setbacks and disappointments … When someone asks, What makes you so strong? Tell them, I am FREE!!! I have overcome the ridicule and darkness of my oppressors. I have survived lovelessness, hopelessness and being misunderstood. I have looked death in the face, forgiven those who denied me, met challenges that attempted to break me and yet I stand! I stand strong having learned that power is tantamount to perseverance.

    I am a living example that an unshakable belief in the beauty of self outweighs instances when others have doubted! I stand strong because I refuse to give up! Yes – I keep coming back … I keep coming back and moreover … I teach others to do the same. That is why I am stronger than yesterday !!!

    Kingdom !

  6. Orrin,
    This is a great reminder for us all as life can certainly be a roller coaster! There are always going to be obstacles thrown our way and hard times to get through. Having this AQ formula along with the will to never give up will allow us to overcome any situation. Thanks again for your valuable insight!

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