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Leadership Edge

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 17, 2012

Below is Chris Brady’s article on the release of the Edge youth series. I am blown away by the response of communities across America and Canada. Thousands of families have signed up for this youth series CD. I knew it would be a good launch, but the need and demand is clearly bigger than I anticipated.

In fact, Kristen Seidel (a former teacher who now is a full-time compensated community builder in her 20’s) has recently been approved to launch a summer school class in one of the school districts, teaching leadership principles and the Edge series CDs. LIFE continues to expand its positive influence across the globe! If you have children, you might want to check out the Edge series. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

Every once in a  while an idea comes along that is so good it makes you wonder why it wasn’t done before. Think of wheels on luggage (which, by the way, didn’t come about until years after we put a man on the moon!) or email on cell phones, for instance. But this time the LIFE gang has really done it!

Introducing the EDGE CD series, which will be available for the March subscription shipments! 

The EDGE CD series is specially designed for those on the front side of life, the younger set, those who have more life stretched out ahead of them than behind.

So often we at the Policy Council have said things such as, “Oh, if we only knew back then what we know right now!” The value of the information we’ve all been exposed to these many years is priceless in terms of what it has done in our finances, relationships, attitudes, and spiritual walks, and so much more. Obviously, right? I mean, we’ve built a whole company around this powerful information! And how many of us, after becoming exposed to the CDs and books and events, haven’t come away thinking, “Oh, if I’d only known sooner!”

Well, that’s exactly what the EDGE series is designed to do! It will impart the timeless success principles to the youth who are interested in not only living a successful life, but a significant one as well!  The EDGE series is designed to give the younger folks an EDGE in life by delivering to them the truths that we all wish “we’d have known back then!” You see? They get to learn it right now! (or at least, starting in March).

What all is included? Merely 1 CD per month, enough to digest again and again, and also, at only $10 and 10PV, cheap enough for even the younger ones to afford and therefore appreciate themselves.

What is the format? Mostly the same style of teaching and training you’ve come to love, in a slightly higher energy and more illustrative (meaning more stories and examples) format. There will also be a series of interviews with successful people from the top of their fields. Stay tuned for some surprises here!

So how do you and your younger ones sign up for it? Stay tuned to the LIFE website for details to come soon.  There will be ample time to subscribe to this exciting new series before your March shipment comes!

So spread the word that help is on the way to those who probably need it the most! And get ready for an EDGE on the rest of the world!

9 Responses to “Leadership Edge”

  1. Reblogged this on Dave Ober Life Leadership Team.

  2. Jeanette said

    We are super excited about this series and for the future of America’s youth whom grab ahold of this wisdom! Way to go PC!

  3. Katie Pitre said

    I’m a 15 year old girl from Canada, and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  4. Juleen Ray said

    the first Cd arrived and it is FABULOUS!!! thanks Life founders for hitting the ball out of the park AGAIN.

  5. T said

    I cant wait for mine to arrive! The best information being poured into the lives of the Americas youth!
    This is heaven sent – God bless out PC
    Phil 1:3

  6. Gary Severson said

    2 Thessalonians 3:13 ~ “And as for you brothers, never tire of doing what is right” Orrin, that’s what LIFE is about! Thanks for making so many things possible that seemed so impossible…

  7. Bob and Jeanette said

    Just received and listened to the first Edge cd. Chris that was an excellent exhortation to our youth! Thank you PC for all you do to make a differance! God Bless! Bob and Jeanette

  8. So excited to be able to get the word out with this! Its amazing to have something to reach out to that age group! Thanks once again to the amazing work of the PC 🙂

  9. Bill Eder said

    Can’t wait to see the results of the Edge series information. The youth need the kind of education they are not getting in most of the schools these days.
    Absolutely true if only I knew then what we are learning with the LIFE/TEAM education information we may have avoided the mess our country and O yes the world is in. Thanks be we can and will make a difference.

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