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Enter to Worship; Exit to Serve

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 18, 2012

Since it’s Sunday morning, I felt this message would be perfect for the many people gathering to worship around the world. The following video is a powerful reminder to serve those around you, rather than expecting to be served. Imagine if every church community focused on serving others with the same mercy that they freely received from Jesus Christ? This simple, although certainly not easy, step would change the world. I could go on, but the video is speaks louder than words. Enjoy your Sunday and don’t forget those around you in need. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

26 Responses to “Enter to Worship; Exit to Serve”

  1. Wow – saw alot of myself in the guy in the video…..Love what Life tells us, and what I have learned. What a powerful, impactful video. I’ll remember this one for a LONG time!

  2. Great video Orrin! Short and sweet, yet so deep and full of meaning. Thanks for your continued pursuit of excellence. Your contributions to society are truly heroic.

  3. Pierre Lampron said

    I must agree what a powerful video this is.

  4. Made me think “Caterpillar no more….time to leave the cocoon and find out how the butterfly lives again…spread your wings, it is time to go out and serve others.

  5. Ken Hendon said

    Ain’t it the truth!

  6. Mike Kolp said

    Wow Orrin,
    I see my self in that fellows thoughts. Real eye opener to the world around us. Thanks buddy.


    P.S. Are those glasses available in the shopping cart?

  7. Roy and Brenda Hatcher said

    Amazing that many of the LIFE products are like those glasses……..they open our eyes to see whats in our LIFE, good bad and ugly………and hurting, and depressed, and lonely, etc………..We LOVE LIFE! Thanks for sharing that powerful message! People need people….but why are we so afraid to approach them? LIFE definitely instills the courage in us to reach out…….WOW!

  8. Roger Miller said


    Thanks for an amazing message.
    It speaks volumes to the mission that we are on.
    That 1st we get it and 2nd the tremendous mission we
    are on to touch others lives with the materials of LIFE.
    Knowing that everyone we come in contact with has a tag
    just like that & we can make a difference!


  9. Michael James said

    Wow! What more can be said! What a video!

  10. Tonya S. said

    It clearly shows how we need to take our eyes off our self and put them on someone else who needs our help. Very powerful video.

  11. Reblogged this on eachonematters.

  12. Steve Meixner said

    If you can’t say WOW to that, all I can say is “you must be kidding yourself” I am personnaly moved by this video, a real eye opener! Thanks Orrin, and thanks for letting me become a part of this learning Community, I am forever grateful! Steve

  13. Bill Eder said

    We can I exspect use a set of new lens to see differently at times.
    Jesus came to show us the way. We all have the means to be like Jesus,
    what we need is the courage to responed to His called and become servants
    to others. Follow Christ the one who came to serve not be served.
    Our LIFE community offers tools and principles to help us become better
    versions of ourselves. Thanks Orrin for the reminder to become true Servant leaders.

  14. Wendy Crockett said

    Dear Orrin, what a GREAT way to gain a new perspective on the way we look at others. I’m going to do my personal best to remember to put those reveailing “glasses” on every day, even when I may not feel like it. I can’t expect others to do the same if I don’t model it with my behavior first. Thanks for the humbling and true reminder of what we are here on this earth to do. God’s blessings to you.

  15. Michelle Hamilton said

    WOW….. Thank you so much Orrin! I will definently share this one! I wish we all had those glasses!

  16. Orrin, this is so true. Oh Lord Jesus if everyone could see how much people in this world need you? We must spread the word. For me it is not fast enough.

  17. Kevin Hamm said

    Very convicting Orrin,

    Good find!

    Kevin Hamm

  18. Chris schill said

    Isn’t that the truth!!! It goes back to the old saying that if we knew other people’s problems, we’d be happy with ours…. That’s why I love LIFE. We get to be the light for so many people. As soon as we take the focus off ourselves and put others first, there’s no telling the difference that we’re going to make in this world. That’s why Kris and I are right behind you big guy!!! Thanks for all you do! To a million and beyond!

    Chris S

  19. davewclark said

    And I thought it was me! Deal with it Dave. How can I serve YOU!

  20. Great video!! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Kirk Birtles said

    Great video! Reminds me of the other day while in Indianapolis. I was waiting at a busy intersection looking to turn left. There were 10+ cars in front of me and a homeless man with a sign asking for money and/or food. 2 things struck me: first, what kind of pain did this man go through to get to this point in his life, second, how did all the people in front of me and behind me at the intersection get so desensitized that they didn’t even seem to notice this dirty, grizzled, and sad-looking man asking for help within 2 feet of their car. I would say we all need those glasses! God bless

  22. John Graff said

    Awesome Orrin,
    Funny… each person had one “heading”, yet there could have been 4 or 5, I’m sure. Man, combine that video with your “Lens effect” CD after a Sunday morning sermon, and you have a recipe for a great servant leader! Now if only I could just keep my eyes off myself long enough….

  23. jessica suddeth said

    “What I need” and “What I want” are the terms that many of us think in on a daily basis. We are so selfish and forget that others have struggles, wants and desires just as we do. This is a great video Mr. Woodward, thank you for sharing! The message throughout the video was amazing, but let us also look at what happened at the end…the man reached out to the little boy, and he seemed to be happy in doing so. If we serve others, and follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, the rewards we will receive are priceless! ~ Jessica Suddeth

  24. This makes me realize how self centered we have become as people and a nation. It made me reailze that i need to have a more caring attitude towards other people than i do. God only knows how many peoples days we could brighten up with just a few kind words or a smile or an simple act of kindness! Thanks Orrin for this great reminder to us all!

  25. Rosa Abad said

    guau gracias orrin yo opino que todos deberiamos tener un par de esos anteojos gracias por ser un servidor y buen ejemplo para seguir DIOS los bendiga.;-)

  26. Juleen Ray said

    Orrin, thank you for sharing this amazing video.


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