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Leadership, Life, & Liberty

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 20, 2012

When I was 26 years old, I joined community building for one of the strangest of reasons – to get my baseball cards back. Although inexplicable to me, since I typically didn’t join anything, I realize now that God was opening up the door to my destiny. Through community building, my leadership inabilities were quickly revealed, forcing me to undergo nearly 12 years of intensive hands-on experience before finally mastering the fundamentals of leadership. The culmination of this leadership journey occurred on a private-island retreat when Chris Brady and I began a long conversation on the principles of leadership that led to our #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller Launching a Leadership Revolution.

With this initial success, my perspective changed from leadership success to life success. I started studying the principles of holistic success in a purpose-filled life, rather than just effective professional leadership. Eventually, this led me to write RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, which shares my personal philosophies on living a life that matters. In truth, without the leadership principles learned and applied that led to my personal freedom from a 9-to-5 job, I would never have found the time to invest in the reading of thousands of books needed to write RESOLVED. Professional leadership success, in other words, allowed me the free time to learn, apply, and share the 13 resolutions.  God’s blessings in one area ought to be used as blessings to others when possible. In this case, my leadership blessing led to the free time needed to capture and share the resolutions for enhancing people’s lives.

While writing RESOLVED, however, I realized that without liberty, a resolved leadership life is nearly impossible. For what good is a road map to success if a person isn’t free to drive? This led me to my third great quest for knowledge and understanding, seeking the principles underlying spiritual, economic, and political liberty. Many questions have been asked and answered during this quest. Who were the greatest “apostles of liberty” in the history of mankind? What did they teach and why? What can we learn from these men and women today? Why is liberty so important? If any of these questions are of concern to you, then stay tuned to this blog as we discuss the story of liberty and its importance in today’s society.

Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

5 Responses to “Leadership, Life, & Liberty”

  1. Orrin,
    Thanks again personally from me to you; and the miles of appreciation which have built up over the years.
    You have inspired me tremendously in the areas of Leadership and Life Success.
    I am addicted, passionate, purposeful, and have no desire to embrace mediocrity.
    The vision which you have cast in the lives of millions; I believe; is just beginning; and bringing into an awareness
    that which is needed by the multitudes…

    I use these road maps daily in my successful life’s journey!

    God Bless, Harold

  2. Michael L Dunavant '67 said

    Thank you for your wonderful insight and writings. I cannot get enough. I am currently in the middle of the “Constitution 101” course from Hillsdale College, recommended by Oliver DeMille, and it has broaden my view of the great thoughts and leadership of the Founding Fathers who you know so well. You have done much for me and my family. Lead on Brother!! God Bless.
    Mike Dunavant

  3. jessica suddeth said

    Thank you for the post, it has reminded me of the blessings of living in the U.S. I know our work is not done here, but we are definently the best country to live in, in my opinion. However, I did take a sociology class just last year and was amazed at the socio-economic state of our American people. There are some things that we need to change here in America. I felt powerless when reading this information, but now, thanks to TEAM and LIFE, the leadership I am in contact with every day and the information I am being exposed to, I no longer feel powerless. Thank you again! We are going to change this world, and I am happy to be in the fight with you! God Bless! ~ Jessica Suddeth

  4. Jim Bontrager, Jr said

    So true Orrin, in my time with The Team and LIFE I have often looked around when people talked about the good fortune we have to be born in a country with such abundant resources. I have often stated that our true blessing is the freedom and liberty provided by our Founding Fathers, who bled and died to make this a country where we could worship and serve God as we pleased and we could have the liberty to pursue any endevor with only the price of our own failures to pay. Other places in the world are poverty stricken by and large because their governments will not allow them to participate in a free market economy or to worship and serve God. Many of those countries steal the very aid that we send to benefit the poverty stricken to fatten the wallets fo the evil leaders. We are truly blessed to be in a country that is still ‘One Nation Under God’, and to have leaders like you who help shine the light of freedom, lest we forget where it came from and lose it. Thank you for all you have given, May God continue to Bless you and Lori and your children!

  5. Bill Eder said

    I for one and believe many more are surely blessed you wanted those cards back.
    Through your leadership we can and will apply the principles you have discovered and
    shared with so many of us. Liberty is the key to bring true leadership to all people.
    Thanks be to God you followed the call to seek the freedom we need in this country and the world. I proud to be apart of the Life/Team. Thanks Orrin for you unselfish
    servant leadership.

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