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LIFE Policies and Procedures

Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 30, 2012

I just read and watched the blog post from Troy Dooly, noted MLM specialist, on the LIFE Policies and Procedures. Troy has read hundreds of P&P’s over the years and knows what he is talking about when it comes to proper policies, procedures, and conduct.

I gave simple instructions to Kevin Grimes and his legal team: Make the contract like Covey’s dictum – win-win or no deal. My personal and professional life changed forever when I adopted win-win thinking into all areas of life. In addition, it’s vital to understand another key principle of business: In the end, all business boils down to relationships. I don’t care how good your strategy is or how good the pay is; if relationships are not fostered and strengthened, the business will not last.

Since all business is about relationships the PC wanted to make it easy for someone to stay with or exit from LIFE without the coercive threats of litigation that we experienced first-hand from our former supplier. If anyone is unhappy with the LIFE community, then he is free to leave at any time.  And, if anyone else wants to leave with him, then more power to him. As long as they do so in an honorable fashion, why not let them leave peacefully? After all, who wants people in a community who don’t really want to be there?

On the corporate side, the only time someone will ever be asked to leave LIFE is if he practices unethical behavior without remorse and repentance. Unethical behavior misrepresents what the LIFE community and the 13 Resolutions teachings are all about. Thankfully, in 18 years of business, with Team and now the  LIFE communities, the leadership team has had to discipline fewer members than can be counted on one hand. This is amazing when you consider the tens of thousand of active people over that time period!

The reason discipline is so rare is that most people, when confronted with the truth of egregious behavior, will work to change or at least accept responsibility for their actions. If a person is unwilling to change, then in order to protect the rest of the team, his behavior will be addressed. Leaders are flexible on many things, but not on the non-negotiable items like character, honor, and integrity.

With a business open to anyone, no community can protect 100% against characterless, manipulative, or exploitive people joining LIFE. However, with proper P& P’s designed to protect the good people from the people with habitually  bad behavior. Over time, LIFE sorts out the few weeds gathered during the planting of the beautiful flowers. True freedom allows people the choice to be part of the leadership culture available through LIFE, or if unhappy for any reason, to exit freely and find another community that better suits their needs.

Thank you Grimes & Reese for helping our dream turn into reality. Here is a portion of the review with the video from his site. Enjoy.

Orrin Woodward

I have taken time to read through the complete LIFE Policies & Procedures and have made some comments beside those sections which are unique to LIFE and which truly bring balance and in some cases side with the independent LIFE members.

I should also point out that the law firm of Grimes & Reese helped to draft the final version of the LIFE policies and Procedures.

Grimes & Reese is one of the most respected law firms in the direct selling industry. Partner Kevin Grimes is known for his focus on compliance issues and making sure both companies and independent business owners fully understand what it takes to run a successful network marketing business well inside the current federal and state laws.

Grimes & Reese Law Firm

5 Responses to “LIFE Policies and Procedures”

  1. james pyka said

    Thanks for the great update. Keep leading from the front.

    Your the Best
    James Pyka

  2. Yancy Mejia-Chaj said

    Thank You that is fantastic I have faith in Orrin And all of the life that you are doing the best for everybody that is so great

  3. Bill Eder said

    Since being associated with Team and now Life I had no doubt you and the PC
    would not launch anything but the best win win vehicle ever. God bless you all.

  4. Lisa Mangold said

    Thanks Orrin – I did watch the video that Troy Dooly put on his website as well as his comments posted along side the LIFE Policy and Procedures. As a LIFE member, I appreciate the fact that you have created a company that is so transparent. I appreciate the effort that went into creating P&Ps that represent the integrity of the LIFE company and were reported by Troy Dooly to be the fairest P&Ps to the members (business owners)! Troy’s comments were helpful in my further appreciation of all that was done to put together this company. This post is a great place to send people who want to do their online “research” and get a fair assessment from someone who is not involved with LIFE. Thanks again for posting this. Your commitment to live by the principle of creating win-win situations is evident to all of us involved in LIFE. I can’t wait for more people to experience this in their lives!

    Lisa Mangold

  5. asmies said

    After you and Laurie so graciously opened your home, lifestyle and hearts to us from Canada, and we could speak one on one, face to face, it became incredibly clear to my wife Kathleen and I that we are among leaders who do as they say, accept people for who they are and share from the heart to those willing to listen. We look forward to being as free as the dolphin that swam off the bow of the yacht and helping others do the same.
    Charge on Orrin!!

    Aage Smies

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