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Claude Hamilton’s LIFE Community Explosion

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 2, 2012

Claude and Lana Hamilton invited their LIFE communities down to Florida the last weekend in March. There were 120 qualifiers over the two days! That’s the best growth Claude and Lana have had in the history of their business. As an interesting aside, the number of qualifiers under twenty-five years of age blew me away. The younger generation is eating up leadership materials and growing into the next generation of leaders needed to move America and Canada forward.

Claude Hamilton’s life changed forever when he began reading works from, listening to, and associating with winners. In truth, anyone can change with the same formula. The only caveat is a person must be hungry enough to want to grow and change. One of the best ways to introduce people to LIFE is to share a CD with them. After listening, people decide for themselves whether they are interested in further growth or happy where they are. The LIFE Business isn’t here to convince people to change against their will, but only to help those who want to change and need the right information. Chris Brady and I wrote our Launching a Leadership Revolution because we realized that everyone is a leader in some capacity and only needs the tools to apply leadership properly.

Congratulations to Claude and Lana Hamilton (and baby Wyatt) for building a massive Kaizen community based upon win-win principles, continuous improvement, and servant leadership! Have you started your leadership revolution yet?


Orrin Woodward

22 Responses to “Claude Hamilton’s LIFE Community Explosion”

  1. johnklewis said

    We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Claude now for a couple of years and are blessed to be part of the Kaizen community. He and Lana are incredible encouragers, teachers and inspire others to raise their own bar of personal excellence. I make a point of following Claudes blog (http://claude-hamilton.com) because I find the leadership information incredibly relevant to my own life.

    Thanks so much to you Orrin and Laurie, and Claude & Lana for Operation Advance and giving us the opportunity to visit your home in Florida! The weather was perfect and getting to spend a day with best friends is a rich experience! It’s incredible to think that every one of us has access to the same LIFE information that can teach us how to effectively serve enough people so that we, in turn, can be blessed with realizing our own goals and dreams.

    God Bless;
    John & Michele Lewis

  2. Rob Crichlow said

    Claude has had a great impact on me and my team and it was an inspiring to be around all of the promo winners in Florida. This is going to be a great year for LIFE and those who decide to move on.

  3. Absolutely awesome! Very proud of all the Kaizen men & women in our many compensated communities/tribes under the Kaizen umbrella who qualified! 🙂 I did not earn the trip this time around, however, as another (ROK of) Kaizen rascal, I pledge to continue to grow in the tri-lateral leadership ledger & in the Levels of Leadership, and I will see you in the future, Orrin. 😉 Cheers & Blessings!

  4. Tim Miller said

    Being around you and Claude leaves me feeling as if I really can be a part of something great. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Orrin thanks for opening up your property for Claude & Lana’s (claude-hamilton.com) Kaizen community. I agree with what you said, the biggest growth in Kaizen’s history. It’s so easy to see the big hearts that Claude & Lana have and their willingness to serve. Let the leadership revolution begin!

    God bless,

  6. Orrin thank you so much for allowing Kaizen Unified, Fusion, Vision, Valor, Virtuous come down to your and Laurie’s home and get their elephants charging. The house, property and yacht were all amazing and exciting but when we asked everyone their top 2 things they got from Florida, over 95% responded that the time they had talking one on one with you and Laurie and the time spent sitting around talking as a group sharing for the guys and for the ladies sitting around talking and asking Laurie and Lana questions and most mentioned about how real and down to earth both of you are. Also a big thinks to Claude and Lana (http://claude-hamilton.com) for making this even possible and their belief and encouragement throughout the promo of helping people reach their goals.

    God bless,
    Wayne MacNamara
    Blog: (http://waynemacnamara.wordpress.com)

  7. Orrin & Laurie

    On behalf of the Kaizen Vanguard and the Kaizen Impact teams, we just want to thank you guys for opening your home and your hearts to us all this past weekend.
    Everybody rode in on their “ants” and flew back home on their “elephants”. This was one if not THE most impactful weekend of our 6 year journey with the TEAM! You guys are the ultimate models of servant leaders and we just want to give more people the opportunity to share what we did in Florida.
    And to Claude & Lana Hamilton, thank you for being who you are and leading the way for us! You keep setting us up for big successes and we really do appreciate it!

    On our way to a million..and that’s just on our side of the border!!

    Denis & Lisa Leger

  8. Larry & Marci Auman said

    Thank-you Orrin and Laurie for opening your home and hearts to those of us seeking to grow and become better! You are an amazing and wonderful couple. Your ability to shepard each of us to want to strive to become better is a gift. Looking forward to many more weekends with you!

    Appreciate all you do.

    Marci & Larry Auman

  9. Orrin, thank you so much for opening up your wonderful home and allowing us to spend time learning through our association with the phenomenal leadership that you exemplify. Claude/Lana Hamilton (http:/claude-hamilton.com) have been great servant leaders and taught that the ‘right’ association is key in our personal development and growth. The opportunity to spend quality time with yourself, Laurie, Claude and Lana and the other Kaizen leaders, in a relaxed atmosphere was truly inspirational and has fueled my own dreams for the future.

    Thank you for everything.

    Scott Staley

  10. Rhys said

    A massive thank you to you Orrin and to Laurie as well for your amazing hospitality. Having the opportunity to come and get around yourself and Laurie and Claude and Lana Hamilton (http://claude-hamilton.com) was amazing! We are so blessed to be a part of the Kaizen Team! Working with Wayne and Raylene MacNamara (http://waynemacnamara.wordpress.com) over the past number of months has been an amazing blessing and we are looking forward to many more days of fun as we continue on our leadership journey with the LIFE business and the Kaizen Valor team!

    Excited for the future
    God bless

    Rhys and Natalie Plant

  11. Scott Seeley said

    Orrin & Laurie,

    Thanks so much for opening up your home to all of us, Even when it was your birthday you still took the time to spend it with us, A true Servant Leader! Andrea and I gained so much from walking around your property, touring and taking a cruise on the yacht and then sharing with the men and ladies.
    Claude and Lana ( http://claude-hamilton.com) have also had a huge impact on our lives too. They have really set a great example as Leaders, friends, mentors and parents for us. Through all we have been through they have been there for us so a huge thanks goes to them as well as Joce and Cynthia Dionne ( http://jocedionne.com) for they have also set a amazing example for us to follow.

    Thanks to all of you,

    Scott & Andrea Seeley

  12. Mike Rocheleau said

    What an awesome weekend, congrats to all the qualifiers and thanks to Claude and Lana for setting the vision for all of to run hard and attend this amazing promo. A special thanks to Orrin and Laurie Woodward for openning their home to so many people and allowing us to feed our elephants.

    God Bless,

  13. JL Pellerin said

    Orrin and Laurie,

    Nicole and I wanted to thank you for not only showing us what is available in LIFE but also showing us who we can become in the process. Being able to spend time with the people you look up to and want to learn from is something very special!

    Getting to spend time with Joce & Cynthia, Claude & Lana, and you both was extremely impactfull to us. You are all such real people making such a REAL impact in peoples lives across North America and beyond. Keep leading from the front and brining on new leaders everywhere you go. …and your yacht is so perfectly named: “Dream Builder”! WOW!

    Thanks again for all you do!

    JL and Nicole Pellerin
    TEAM Kaizen Steadfast

  14. Cynthia Dionne said

    Just wanted to say thanks to you & Laurie for doing this for us. I saw many people’s dreams STRETCHED this weekend and your time with us will help these future leaders grow. Claude & Lana ( http://claude-hamilton.com ) have always been there for us and now you guys offering this just makes it an incredible combination!

    Cynthia Dionne

  15. Troy Gallant said

    Orrin and Laurie, thank you so much for opening up your home and making us feel so welcome. The Dream Builder did exactly what a Dream Builder should do. It has build my dream. LIFE and TEAM has been a blessing in my life, and I know I can say the same thing for the PEI group. We are looking forward in bringing a bunch of new people to the Spring Leadership Convention.


  16. Hey Orrin and Laurie,

    Thank you so much for opening up your home for the kaizen teams to come down and spend the day with you guys. From start to finish the experiences that people had will be memories that with will cherish forever. From the walk around your property to the 76 ft yacht ride but especially the one on one time that all the leaders spend together sharing their thoughts and aspirations for the future. All of my leaders had roughly the same thing to say after it was over…… they all said that their favorite part was getting to know you and Laurie better and seeing that you are amazing people who have huge hearts to make a difference in these counties of ours. I also want to thank my best friend and business partner Claude and Lana Hamilton (http://claude-hamilton.com) for making this trip happen, we love you guys.

    All the Best in LIFE,

    Alex Nickerson

  17. Paul & Lisa Elliott said

    Hi Orrin and Laurie,

    Lisa and I would like to thank you guys for opening your house to us. I really enjoyed the men’s talks and how we shared, it makes me realize just how lucky we are, to hear some of those enlightening stores that the men shared and say “What do I have to complain about?”. I know Lisa was in ahhh over Laurie and the Ladies talks as well. We really enjoyed this promo, when your running for goals in Team and Life, sometimes you’re not able to develop as strong a relationship with your up line as you would like too and I find with these promo take care of that piece.

    We also want to thank Claude & Lana, Joce & Cynthia, Denis & Lisa, Mike & Sonia, Pierre & Lise for leading the way and encouraging us to run for this goal. We have an amazing Kaizen Team!

    Again, thanks for everything and God Bless

    Paul & Lisa Elliott

  18. andredegrace said

    Dear Orrin and Laurie,

    Dominique and I felt so blessed to be in your presence and in the presence of many other of our mentors and friends. We appreciated being able to rub shoulders with you an the rest of the gang. We’ve known for a while you were an authentic person, but seeing you, at your home, still serving brings it home even more. You and Laurie are truly servant leaders and the example most of us strive to emulate.

    Thanks again and until next time… soon!

    André & Dominique

  19. Trent & Anne Crane said

    Orrin & Laurie,

    It was a pleasure having the opportunity to spend the day with you, thank you for opening up your home to us. More importantly thank you for the commitment, conviction and passion you bring to the LIFE business opportunity you have created, it truly is a “Business Opportunity wrapped around a Purpose”!

    Excellent leadership abilities, desire to help people, huge hearts and wanting to “make a difference” are but only a few of the qualities that define Claude and Lana Hamilton. I believe it’s these personal qualities, along with the amazing opportunity of LIFE, that are attracting the under 25 crowd. Seeing the growth in our son and his fiancee & our daughter and her husband over the past 2 years as a direct result of Team and LIFE, we can not express enough gratitude to Claude and Lana & all the Team leaders. We look forward to the journey ahead and are proud to call you friends!

    Thank you Orrin and Laurie, Claude and Lana (http://claude-hamilton.com) for all your support and belief in our whole family!

    Trent and Anne

  20. Chris VanDevere said

    Just sat down for a late lunch and caught the start of the Cleveland Indian’s home opener. It only really registered as an event when I heard a performance of “O Canada”. It brought to mind the debt of gratitude many of us owe to terrific Canadians- Claude and Lana Hamilton. Orrin Woodward has underrated the significance of this couple in shaping the world through the lives they touch. Thanks for pointing it out so eloquently.

  21. Orrin and Laurie,
    Ann and I are so appreciative of your time and you and Laurie opening your home to us and our team. It was incredible to spend time with leaders that have such vision, and hope while also having a huge heart to serve. We are so thankful to be part of your Team and Claude and Lana’s Team http://claude-hamilton.com/ onward to a million.
    Thank you again for your example.
    Terry and Ann Franks

  22. Bill Eder said

    Great advice. Another quote I love from you Orrin is “don’t walk away for negativity RUN.”
    We are so lucky to partner with our brothers and sisters in Canada. God bless us all.

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