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Chris Brady, Tim Marks, and LIFE: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 4, 2012

As I sat at my desk this Easter season morning, my eyes spanned across the beautiful St. Lucie Bay while I reflected on the life I have been blessed to live. Here are just a few of my thankful thoughts:

1. I am married to an amazing Christian wife Laurie Woodward who has consistently loved me through years of growth and change. Add on the fact that she has mothered four super teenagers, and I cannot imagine a better family life scenario.

2. I am in business with my best friends – Chris Brady, Tim Marks, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Dan Hawkins, and Rob Hallstrand – who are not only great encouragers, but also wise and highly skilled businessmen. For instance, Tim Marks’s wisdom is packed full in his new book Voyage of a Viking being released this month, and it will be a blessing to so many who are in the process of changing their scripts.

3. The LIFE community is prospering at a faster rate than at any time in my 18 years of community building. Our community numbers at seminars across North America have increased over 5,000 people since the November 1, 2011 launch, just missing 20,000 people in attendance at the March seminars. That’s nearly double the numbers from one year ago! The community has grown over a 1,000 people at events each month since the launch of LIFE.

4. I have watched many business partners experience some tough financial challenges because they stood on principles. Thankfully, they endured, got back up, dusted themselves off, and ran again to freedom. Many, in fact, are making more money today than at any previous time in business. Everybody gets knocked down in life, but like I have said for years, “Those who stay will be champions.”

5. The LIFE Business Compensation Plan is rewarding people at unprecedented levels. With 95 percent of the people receiving a check monthly, LIFE is fair, equitable, and affordable to even the most strained of pocketbooks. LIFE is about receiving an opportunity, not a handout. One must work to win at anything, but the goal of the LIFE founders was to ensure that real work receives real rewards quickly.

6. LIFE is rapidly closing in on 4,000 customers! That’s 4,000 people choosing to purchase LIFE materials with no thought of further compensation. The LIFE founders studied the industry and refused to move forward unless they had a product that was in-demand at the retail price in the marketplace. With almost a 1,000 new customers a month, I think the task was accomplished.

7. LIFE, because the value proposition for customers is correct, has grown its member base accordingly. For example, if a customer loves the product and loves the community he is associating with, it’s only natural that, at a future date, he may choose to become a member of the compensated community. The added benefits of being a member (world-class compensation and business training) make this move a no-brainer for any person looking for financial rewards.

8. At the Major coming up in Columbus, LIFE is going to unveil Phase II, including the personalized websites for online customer and member signups, details to challenge your mental fitness, and improved community bonding with our leadership materials. Leadership is the application of proper knowledge. LIFE provides the knowledge, and the community provides the environment for application.

Ok, enough of my ruminations. What are you thinking about this morning? I cannot wait to share more details at the Columbus Major. I will see you there as we celebrate the achievers and implement Phase II of our vision to reach one million people.


Orrin Woodward

13 Responses to “Chris Brady, Tim Marks, and LIFE: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

  1. robbwilcox said

    Thankful and Blessed that we were introduced to this. Now we have the opportunity to pass it on to others and change lives! Right place right time right people … when you get the community right with like-minded individuals focusing on character integrity and Honor … the culture of this country and the world will rumble! Thank you to so many on this day …. God … You and the Pc and all the Leaders in LIFE for paving the way for carrying us up the mountain and never giving in… Thank you! Can you hear that?! It is the RUMBLE of one million people changing the culture of America and beyond !

  2. As I am proudly wearing my Launching a Leadership Revolution shirt today from my first TEAM convention in 2007 the top boldly reads: “Going to 1,000,000 people!” Didn’t know it at the time but went on faith in your belief Orrin and the vision is now coming to fruition! I am thankful and blessed I get to be a part of it!

  3. Raymond said


    I too am reflecting on being so blessed…Yesterday Tina and I celebrated 19 years of marriage… my 15 years old was inducted into the National Honor Society with a perfect 4.0 GPA, and we had a fired up open meeting to boot! LIFE is better than I could have ever expected, and I cannot wait to hear more about Phase II and the MFC at the Major. What great times we are all enjoying, and I thank God for the PC’s vision and courage in providing us all this fabulous business!

  4. The Militellos said

    Never been more honored, proud and excited! So glad I’m married to a champion who STUCK! 1 Million People and Beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. CaptainT said

    I am so thankful for Life! I cannot wait for the major! God bless our PC’s as they lead us to new heights!!

  6. Maribel Damphousse said

    We join you and Laurie and the Policy Council members in thanking God for the gift of LIFE, for all the wonderful changes that is happening and continue to happen in our lives. We are truly blessed to be called to participate in the renewal of the world starting with our own hearts and minds. Thank you for your faithfulness and the vision of 1 million people driven by leadership principles, integrity and character. The future is bright! God bless!

  7. sean thomas said

    Every morning when the Lord wakes me up I thank Him for the LIFE business and the forefathers who have paved the way for me to get my goals and dreams faster than what I could ever imagine. I can’t wait to see what the major convention will reveal and what the future holds for the LIFE business!!!

  8. I am thinking that I am blessed by the best and it’s up to me to share HIS goodness and the blessing of LIFE with as many people as I can. Frankly, this journey called LIFE has revealed me to me and given me the courage to become all the HE created me to be.

    Can not wait to get all the details of the major and see all of the moving on leaders.

    To 1 million and beyond!

  9. Orrin,

    The launch of a new company like LIFE is exciting by itself. To be a part of this exciting company of course makes one personally vested. But to watch this company make so many improvements early on convinces me and anyone who knows business understands this is a unique company that is destined for greatness. I can see the vision of 1 Million as a reality and I expect this to be company that will surpass all expectations.

    I am so proud to part of this amazing journey and for that I am thankful and blessed.

    Greg & Lin Johnson

  10. John Graff said

    What did I do today… Thanks to the PC/LIFE/TEAM etc…, I was blessed to take time for daily devotions to my Creator, was a husband to my wife, spent time with my grandson, met new people (and soon to be good friends), offered encouragement to teammates and ‘sharpened the saw of my mind on the information that the likes of you provide to continue to fuel my growth as a leader!
    Thanks, Orrin!

  11. Troy Gallant said

    Orrin, early in my business journey Claude Hamilton said to me “If you take the easy way out, your life will get harder. But if you take the hard way out, your life will get easier.” Taking responsibility of MY situation has changed my life. And like you said, “Those who stay will be champions.”

  12. After waking up “naturally” with my son kicking me in the head while he sleeps, I walked into the kitchen to my wife teaching my daughter writing. I could go on about what more I am blessed with but how could a guy beat that? I am thankful that when opportunity knocked, I answered the door.
    Steve Leurquin

  13. Rob Crichlow said

    Today I am thinking how blessed my whole family has been since we answered the call to become champions. Thanks for providing a way to get there.

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