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Lindsay Lohan – Vanity of Fame, Fortune, & Power

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 5, 2012

It was another typical morning; I wrapped up my Bible studies and sat down to briefly (all the news in five minutes or less) review today’s current events. However, today’s news really got me thinking. Yahoo had posted a video of child-star to troubled-teen to drugged-up-diva Lindsay Lohan. Watch the video and then let’s talk.

I don’t know her background. I don’t know her movies. But I couldn’t help but feel her pain. How many people must go through the same storyline before the world wakes up? All that glitters is not gold! Solomon said it most succinctly when he proclaimed, “All is vanity.” Do not be fooled by the world’s definitions of success; fame, fortune, and power do not satisfy. Examine the lives of Marilyn Monroe (fame), J. Paul Getty (fortune), and L.B. Johnson (power); they each had what others crave, yet they died alone, unhappy, and practically friendless. I could go on; anyone ever hear of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, or Whitney Houston?

History is full of the vanity of fame, fortune, and power, and yet each year millions more chase the illusion. In my personal life, I have experienced my share of each of these “false gods” and I can speak from first-hand experience that all is vanity. Does this mean we shouldn’t strive for excellence, or that we should settle for mediocrity? Of course, it doesn’t. However, it does mean we should begin with the end in mind, and fame, fortune, and power are terrible ends with which to start.

Each of these “false gods” turns a person inward, making him focus more on himself, his needs, and his desires – a sure recipe for unhappiness. The saddest day in a star’s life is when he has accomplished everything he aimed for only to discover it is all vanity. The endless displays, divorces, and drugs are all attempts to mask the emptiness of the accomplishments. For most superstars, the results were not worth the investment; for in order to achieve the prize, the stars had to sacrifice themselves.

Fortunately, there is a path out of the dilemma. Jesus Christ stated the two greatest commandments were to:

1. Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
2. Love others as yourself.

In truth, a person finds his life when he loses it in a worthy cause. What, in other words, are you willing to sacrifice your life for? Every single day, you pay for the twenty-four hours provided to you by sacrificing another day of your life. In your life, has the investment been truly worth the sacrifice? If not, why do you continue in that direction?

The greatest return on investment is when a person fulfills God’s plan for his life. Serving God and others is the only path to true fulfillment. In RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, I share the principles that helped me stop chasing an illusion and start living my destiny.

In this Easter season, Lindsay Lohan’s video reminded me how thankful I am that God saved a ruined sinner like me through the finished work of Jesus Christ. I pray that someone close to Lindsay Lohan can share the same message of grace, hope, and mercy with her.


Orrin Woodward

21 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan – Vanity of Fame, Fortune, & Power”

  1. james pyka said

    Very much a reality check for some. All the fortune and Fame and the only way to get into Heaven is Grace. To watch the years go by on the video is breath taking to say the least. To be blessed to have information to change the thinking and ultimately peoples station in life is incedible. Thanks for sharing and keep leading from the front.

    God Bless
    James Pyka

  2. Raymond said

    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? — Mark 8:36

    A sobering reminder of the realities of life in the fast lane. But by the grace of God there go I.

  3. Orrin, WOW!!! Let’s give thanks this weekend and then let’s get to work to make a difference. George

  4. Robert Berg said

    Great blog Orrin…as usual! Orrin that video of Lindsey is my life! I was an alcoholic/drug addict for over 18 years. I was exposed to drugs at the age of 7-8. By 12 I was smoking pot daily and 14, I was doing hardcore drugs. I got my 5th DUI March 2, 2009…..yeah that wasn’t a typo, my 5th DUI! I joined Team Jan 16, 2010 and I’ll never forget meeting you for the first time at my first Major in March 2010 in St Louis. You told me “don’t give up”. I have a long ways to go but I did hit director in Dec of 2011. I never used to read other than when I was in jail for drinking and drugs. (and they weren’t self help books…obviously) Since joining Team I have averaged 1 book/week for 26 months now. I found Jesus Christ here and I read the Bible daily, in fact I’m on round 2 of reading the entire bible! The word has become my passion, which I learned in Aspire means ” Sacrifice”. This Easter I truly am greatfull for what Christ did on that cross for me and I really want “Atonement” to sink in to every cell of my body. I thank God everyday for bringing Team in to my life and you and Chris and Tim. I also have the amazing privilege of mentoring with soon to be PC Mark and Jen Paul. Orrin I said this once before to you through the Team blog but you probably don’t remember. You are reaching and saving lives your not even aware of. The Lord is using you in amazing ways..that’s a bit of an understatement by the way! Thanks for inspiring me Orrin. Thank you for allowing me to share in a vision that is so much bigger than us! Team saved my life….literally, and has started changing me into a person that I’m proud to look at in the mirror. I’m a fallen man saved by Gods grace and I will finish strong! See you in Columbus brother!!

  5. jasonwinkler said

    Orrin, thank you for sharing. I saw the same advertising and felt so sad for her and so many more like her. The word “mask” really stuck with me. How many people mask their lives and how many are truly honest with themselves? Thank you for reminding me to not wear a mask. Jason and Chris Winkler

  6. Ken Hendon said

    I watched Bob McEwen’s brief gospel presentation yesterday. He makes it so simple; do we ask what man says, or what God says?
    Your blog and your life, Orrin, speak loudly what God says. Thank you for this example.

  7. Ken Hendon said

    Robert, I love you and your testamony, thank you.
    A fellow sinner saved by grace, Ken

  8. Claudia Miller said

    We have all seen Linsey’s transformation from childhood to adulhood. THank-you for sharing this and sharing your heart. We are appreciative of all your encouragement to live for a worthy purpose.

  9. Timothy Marks said

    Amen Orrin!

    I was was talking to my boys this morning about the “love of money” and the dangers it brings if you use it as a god, and don’t have Christ as your true and living God.


  10. Bob and Jeanette said

    That’s it Orrin! Right on! Have a blessed Easter!

  11. Kevin Hamm said


    This post and all the heart felt responses is great testimony of what is really promoted through the LIFE organization…significance. And that doesn’t come from chasing the material for material sake. I was addicted to spending other peoples money and the association and information that I have been exposed to through this organization has radically changed my life. Thanks again.

    Kevin Hamm

  12. John Morrison said

    Reminds me of Shelley’s great poem “Ozymandias”

  13. Bill Eder said

    Orrin: What a pointed message at this Holiest of times. So true that “All that glitters
    is not gold. Jesus went to the cross for all of us and in that sacrifice Arose to
    give eternal life to all. Happy and joyous Easter.

  14. Wow! A truly eye-opening video that really does make one feel grateful. Well said, thanks for sharing!

  15. Steve and Kathy wert said

    Orrin, Thank-you for this story, It is a HUGE reminder of the responsibility we have to share GODS word, This is what i Love with the Team,Life platform. It allows us to be in front of a lot of hurting people, and plant the seed, My prayer every day is for the Lord to give me the strength for that time that I have with someone and I sense the Holy Spirit leading, to be bold in Christ, and share, P.S. The team [ all the leaders are so encouraging to us in their example of their walk w God] that has given me strength in my walk, Orrin and Laurie, have a Blessed Easter.

  16. Bob Wilcox said

    Our Pastor shared with the congregation of all the “rich and famous who had died in 2011. Only one person proclaimed Jesus as his savior. My end for me is to hear Jesus say, “well done, good and faithful servant.” Being a new member in the TEAM-LIFE business, I know my God given calling and destiny is to not only be set free financially (just read Proverbs and Deut 8:18) but to help as many people as I can be set free as well. Thank you for that eye opening video.

  17. Maribel Damphousse said

    This truly makes one think and ask: how are we transforming and what are we transforming into as we grow through our life? The LIFE TEAM is like a beacon showing us the real path towards our true becoming as sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father and Creator and leading us to our true purpose. Thank you Orrin for allowing yourself and LIFE TEAM, to be God’s instrument in transforming the world into a better world where His glory is magnified! Happy Easter!

  18. Kirk Birtles said

    Thanks for the enlightening post. As Solomon, arguably the richest, most famous and most powerful man the world has ever seen, said to end Ecclesiastes, ‘Fear God and follow his commandments: for this is the whole duty of men’. God bless

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