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Chris Brady: LIFE Videos

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 10, 2012

In this excellent video, Chris Brady, my good friend and co-founder of LIFE, speaks on the importance of a person’s view of money. How a person views money determines the actions he takes toward it. Brady has mastered the principles of money management and financial success. Everyone learns from experience; however, it is much quicker to learn from others’ experience. Each reader has a choice; he can learn from his own financial mistakes, or he can learn from leaders who have experience in that area. Chris Brady has wisdom and experience when it comes to making and keeping money. Enjoy the video and develop the proper money view.


Orrin Woodward

7 Responses to “Chris Brady: LIFE Videos”

  1. yancy chaj said

    Great story it amazes me how Chris Brady teaches the concepts so good with stories
    Thank you I learn so much

  2. Heather Woods said

    That talk was so right on and so clearly articulated, it’s easy to recognize different people you know who have those different views about money. I love every talk the Team has ever given about money and finances. Chris Brady and Larry VanBuskirk are among the best at taking potentially complicated concepts and making them understandable for just about anyone. Looking for the CD to come out… 😉
    Read Eagles: First to Serve!

  3. Rob Crichlow said

    Chris had some great comparisons in this talk that really hit home when it comes to money. Thanks for posting it.

  4. Suffice it to say, Chris’ story of two perspectives (logical observation vs emotionally charged stress) could apply to countless “Goliaths” in our lives. Thanks for the reminder that I need to talk to my mentors even more!

  5. Mike M said

    Although I can appreciate the speaking … I want what is the action plan to take back our economics.. We all know what you are saying… what is the ACTION plan. Anyone can say we should stand and do this and do that.. what is the real plan.. every pastor does the same.. they talk it but they never really bring the real action plan… please accept my apologies but your words are empty when you can not put it in a real action plan for people… People are tired of words.. they want real tangible soluions not words… Again when it comes to economics speaking it means nothing action is the driving power to solutions…
    Just my 2 cents…

    • Mike, Chris did do actions that is why he is financially independent even with the government’s taxation and inflation policies. Actions are important that is why Chris is on the video because he has fruit on the tree. thanks, Orrin

  6. Orrin:

    Thanks for posting this video. I hope people get something out of it!

    Chris Brady

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