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Tim Marks: LIFE Goals & Dreams

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 13, 2012

A desire becomes a dream when a person is willing to work to achieve it. A dream becomes possible when it is transformed into bite-sized goals with dates on them. A goal is achieved when a person takes massive action towards the objective, making adjustments when necessary to accomplish the assignment. Success results when one habitually follows this process.

Tim Marks has succeeded beyond most people’s wildest dreams by following this process repeatedly in his life. Tim released his first book Voyage of a Viking recently, and it’s receiving rave reviews from around the world. Tim’s book will inspire people to step up and achieve their dreams. Listen to Tim Marks share his process for goal achievement in this video.


Orrin Woodward

6 Responses to “Tim Marks: LIFE Goals & Dreams”

  1. Jeanette said

    That was encouraging! Thanks Orrin and Tim! God Bless!

  2. cjcalvert said

    Orrin, thank you for this post… As you have stated so brilliantly before, Tim is the fastest at going from problem identified to problem solved. I couldn’t be more excited to receive my LIFE subscription this month with Voyage of a Viking inside. Tim’s remarkable “Horatio Alger” story is one that deeply inspires me, and my life has been immeasurably blessed both by his leadership example and your own. Thank you, Orrin, for celebrating excellence!

  3. Kevin Hamm said

    Just got my subscription. Can’t wait to dive in. Tim has been an inspiration to me through my own battles. What a blessing the LIFE organization is to offer a platform for him to pay it forward and help so many others do the same. Thanks again Orrin!

    Kevin Hamm

  4. Bill Eder said

    With leaders like we are blessed with for sure one million is in the bank.
    Thank you Tim and Orrin along with all the PC.

  5. Steve Meixner said

    Orrin, I just finished reading Tim’s new book (Voyage of a Viking) Wow, what a great book. Everyone needs to read this. It is truely inspiring. Thanks Orrin and Thank You Tim for your openess and honesty in this great read.

  6. Jamie and I just got Tim’s new book and I just finished it this morning! What an amazing read filled with great life lessons tied in with stories from a man who lived those lessons. Thanks for a great book Tim as well as a great example of a man to follow.
    Steve Leurquin

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