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Mental Fitness Challenge: Self-Improvement Program

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 1, 2012

In Columbus, Ohio, the LIFE Founders rolled out the Mental Fitness Challenge, a program for personal growth and change. Instead of complaining about the culture of the world or protesting against the powers-that-be, the LIFE Founders launched a program to assist people in changing themselves from the inside out.

What is the life you always wanted to live? What would it take for you to get out of the stands and onto the field in the game of life? The Mental Fitness Challenge was designed to help the common man and woman produce uncommon results. What are you waiting for? Launch the Mental Fitness Challenge into your life today!


Orrin Woodward

12 Responses to “Mental Fitness Challenge: Self-Improvement Program”

  1. Leslie said

    Yes, it was a VERY exciting gathering….. as we look forward to exiting our old lives and entering our new ones! 🙂

  2. It was an amazing weekend with excitement and anticipation at a high! The MFC will give the average and as well as someone who just wants continuous improvement a beacon of hope to excel and compete in any and every area of life!


  3. Janet Johnson said

    What an exciting/inspiring weekend in Ohio learning about the Mental Health Challenge. Thank you Orrin, Chris and the entire Policy Council for offering much needed hope and improvement in people’s lives.

  4. Thank you Orrin for leading the way and inspiring so many people to become better and help others! You are making an incredible difference in the world!

    • Dan, this is about to get crazy. The first night sign up numbers for MFC blew my mind. We have sold out of all the assessment test and we stocked 50% more than we thought we needed. WE are going VIRAL baby!! 🙂

  5. Maribel Damphousse said

    Totally going viral! A 90-day challenge with a community support to back it up will beat the “ningas cogon”* mentality esp.among us Filipinos… I’m taking the challenge!

    *a negative Filipino trait that refers to the fact that people show fervent interest in a new topic (like the wild fire), but also lose interest just as quickly (like the cogon grass that burns out rapidly).

  6. Orrin, MFC is another game changer and having you and Chris Brady leading the way is our biggest competitive advantage!!!

    • Our community is truly our competitive advantage. Where else can people learn and grow and have a ready-made community to plug into of other people who are learning and growing! thanks, Orrin

  7. Mike said

    Wow what a weekend and amazing Trips to come for so many people!!! This community is absolutetly amazing, We work on becoming better people, we pay it forward and share our amazing information and has we help others we get compensated for our efforts. But the best part is making best friends to share all of this with! MFC rocks!!!


  8. Elaine Lacey said

    So Fired Up to be a part of such a great community. Can’t imagine where my life would be without LIFE ! Now with the MFC we have one more tool to help people find the life they always wanted. Thank you Orrin.

  9. Orrin, the MFC is amazing. I have been able to contact two of my managers at work to be accountability partners and both are very interested in what the MFC is all about. What a great way to introduce new life changing information in our business environment.

  10. LaShonda L. Legrone said

    Hey Guys,
    A new LIFEr, and loving it! Taking it all in and making a difference in my life and others. My first MAJOR, and it was inspiring, charging, and the atmosphere was right for change. Just started the mental fitness challenge, and I am so impressed. Its easy to maintain and keeping score is a breeze. A system that will work itself, if you stay true to it. LIFE FOR LIFE!!! Light the way, Orrin, Chris, and all the “fantabulous” leaders.

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