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Mental Fitness Challenge Testimonials

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 8, 2012

Mental Fitness Challenge

The Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) is entering its second week, and the reports from the mental workouts are mind blowing! 🙂 When a person changes his or her thinking, he or she changes nearly everything. When I formed the idea of RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, I began by studying the principles that were absolutely essential for success in my own life. This wasn’t a quick process as I didn’t want to leave out any key element in the success process. Eventually, after nearly a year of examining every part of my own life and the lives of other successful people around me, I was left with thirteen essential resolutions for success. After another year of writing, the book was released in November of last year.

However, that’s just the beginning of the story. For when Chris Brady finished the book and we talked through the concepts, we realized it wasn’t just a book, but a road map to true success. The Brady/Woodward partnership strikes again with the development and release of the Mental Fitness Challenge total success system. Everyone can improve in the resolutions as I attempt to do daily. And with a step-by-step program, accountability partners, CDs, books, and weekly follow-up videos, this is a complete package. In fact, the MFC is as close to a connect-the-dot success plan as I have ever experienced.

Mental Fitness Challenge Results

With that said, we all know that the proof is in the pudding. Therefore, for any of the thousands of people taking the Mental Fitness Challenge currently, I would like to offer a small reward for the best testimonial. Chris Brady and I will autograph a first-release edition of our LIFE book and personally deliver to you a FREE copy at one of the seminars or leadership conventions around the country. I want to shake the hand of the man or woman who has changed the most thanks to the MFC. So sharpen up your writing skills and pen your MFC testimonial below.

All testimonials must be submitted by comment on this blog by June 8, 2012. Here are some questions to get you started:

1. How has the information changed you?
2. How are you thinking and responding differently?
3. What is the biggest breakthrough you have had so far?
4. Have others noticed changes in you?

The MFC is going to change millions of people’s lives, but first the information must change ours.


Orrin Woodward

279 Responses to “Mental Fitness Challenge Testimonials”

  1. Hey Orrin, the MFC is amazing, and I can’t wait to see the winner of this contest, that is an amazing prize for someone’s committment to growing and changing. Everyone should run for this, because the best thing about it that everyone running for it will grow, change, mature, and develop, even closer, to being the person they are stiving to be, and living the life they’ve always wanted. God Bless, Wayne (waynemacnamara.wordpress.com)

  2. Orrin, I can’t wait to see the results of the MFC once we implement the Challenge Discussion Groups!

  3. Mary Hermsen said

    What a great challenge, Orrin! As if there isn’t enough motivation, you’ve just added more. I think there will be a lot of sharpening of pencils and writing skills. Thanks for adding yet another dimension to the MFC. If I haven’t already told you….we loved the weekend in Columbus!!
    Pat and Mary Hermsen

  4. We are only 8 days into our MFC (started on the 1st of the month after Spring Leadership) and already I am floored with the changes. The biggest change so far is that I have been able to identify my PURPOSE by realizing where my passion, potential, and profits intersect.

    Before I would simply chase after a goal or a dream thinking to myself, “this would be something nice to have/accomplish” but now I am able to only start off after goals that align with that purpose. This has given me, as Mr. Brady so often puts it, that “laser-like focus” on my goals which will eventually lead me to freedom. Freedom financially, freedom in my faith life, and in all the other 8Fs.

    I have already noticed that, while applying this focus on my purpose, my trip-points (faithful reading, constant STP, etc.) are easily overcome and I can move on in my LIFE and prepare myself to slay my next giant.

    Orrin and Chris, thank you so much for challenging me and my family to Live Intentionally For Excellence!

  5. Matthew Drover said

    Hi Orrin, not only have you and Chris Brady given everyone who decides to take the Mental Fitness CHallenge a great place to start on their journey of personal growth and change, but you have also given everyone a road map to success.

  6. Trent Crane said

    What has been created with LIFE ( http://www.the-life-business.ca ) and Team is “World Class”. And now with the Mental Fitness Challenge ( http://www.mental-fitness-challenge.com ) it’s nothing short of “Phenomenal”!

    This is a post that is sure to attract a massive number of wonderful comments and testimonials! I’ll be checking back regularly.

  7. Joseph Keller said

    Thanks so much Orrin the first 8 days have been amazing and I can’t wait to see the growth throughout the many that our on it including myself. I know it is truly making me think before I speak and allowing me to put more effort into finding out what my true purpose really is. So far I have been completely blown away by the professionalism of the MFC and can’t wait for day 9 to sharpen my skills even more. Going from a person that never read a book in my life to just waiting to get to the next one. Knowledge is power and this is truly the check up from the neck up that I was needing can’t wait to hit the next chapter in Resolved thanks again!

  8. Ginette Genest said

    1. How has the information changed you? LIFE and the MFC have opened up my mind to a whole new way of thinking. I am a business professional with 30 years experience and amazed at how little or no leadership training is taught in our schools and workplaces. Almost immediately my husband and I started to think purposefully after listening to the CDs and reading the books.
    2. How are you thinking and responding differently? We are now thinking and looking at the big picture . Identifying what really matters on this earth and what is possible, which helps to define what we want to achieve in life and start looking at how to obtain it.
    3. What is the biggest breakthrough you have had so far? At 50’ish years old we were able to make significant changes to release ourselves from obstacles both physically and financially in order to pursue our purpose. Of course we are presently a work in progress and change is not easy but we’ve never been more solid in our relationship and excited about the future.
    4. Have others noticed changes in you? As we made some changes already in our life we have noticed people around us also starting to talk about their future plans (they may have been thinking about it but never shared it) We humbly say that we hope we are having a positive influence.
    In summary, the most impactful thing we could have done is to learn and accept the right thinking and everything else will fall into place. Thanks a lot Orrin and the TEAM for sharing your dreams one person at a time.

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      Ginette, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really love what you said at the end. It is one thing to learn what the correct thinking is. It is a whole different enchilada when you ACCEPT and apply that thinking. I never thought of it that way before. I just focused on apply, apply, apply. I KNOW that some of the stuff I have not been able to apply is that I have not accepted the information yet. Wow what a key piece I have been missing. I am forever grateful. Thanks again, Farrah Sargent

  9. Well Orrin I have to admit part of me isn’t happy with the change. See I’m living comfortably in Costa Rica, with the potential to be part of a sustainable community, focusing on growing our own food, implementing systems for production of talapia etc (see aquaponics) but over the last couple weeks something happened.

    I get the luxury of living on a system of income (disability three ohs, pacemaker mechanical valve) but with LIFE and the business potential, as well as identifying my purpose I’ve realized while enjoyable, and something I have interest and passion in, my character just won’t let me enjoy living in the mountains, a peaceable and somewhat easy existence.

    I know, that I could earn my way off of disability, which is a goal I’ve had since first getting on disability. The truth is with the opportunity you and the LIFE founders have put together I KNOW I can do it. So if I delay doing so, then I violate Woodens three rules. I’d have to lie, and say that there wasn’t another way to earn a living. I’d then be cheating the system designed to help people when they need it, because power player 6 times and I don’t need it anymore. Worse I’d be stealing from all my fellow Americans.

    Though living sustainably, proving that there are easier ways for people with physical limitations to raise their own food, produce their own power, and build their own homes, would be enjoyable my country is calling.

    I left in part because freedom is under attack, and I was searching out somewhere to be free, and raise my son with freedom. Like Washington, and many others in colonial America, it would be nice to be a simple farmer. Provide healthy food, air, and water for me and my family and those who choose to join us in our efforts of sustainable community. Like him I’m convicted, convicted by others, I feel compelled to return to the states and get serious about solving the problems, rather than looking for a place to escape them. While the people of Costa Rica, and the Americans living here could use the LIFE products, if America fails then so will Costa Rica. Not just Costa Rica, but all of the free world, because we are that shining beacon on the hill. As the Lord asks, we should not cover our own light, let alone not do what we can to keep other lights from being snuffed out. So I shall return in 35 days or so to get serious about doing something for the greater good, rather than worrying about mere survival.

    My character, while dented through my life couldn’t take looking at the mirror, knowing that with just a little pain of personal growth, and service to others I could make a difference. Perhaps a huge difference to thousands of people around the world, or just a few in my local community. The not knowing, always wondering what if, that is not worth any amount of peaceful living. In the end I would find no peace. Only those two words over and over; what if, what if.

    Being week 2 and studying character, after really reassessing my purpose and what I could be the best in the world at LIFE is calling. My country is calling, Freedom is calling. My character is calling. They call me out and say DO SOMETHING; you’ve searched for a solution, you have one, so DO IT! What are you waiting for? Christmas?

    Will I return to Costa Rica? Maybe, weather is fantastic, 72-85 year round. Clear skies, no chem trails, no drones flying over head, no cameras on the highways. Ability to eat fresh fruit, unlike the cargo shipped stuff we get back home. I’m guessing Washington, and many others would have gladly exchanged food from their garden for the starving conditions of war. They could have just said, oh what’s a few taxes on tea? Lets not get to crazy about this freedom thing. They didn’t. Because they didn’t free thought was able to develop the technology that keeps me alive today. For without freedom and the ability to dream of solutions no-one would have invented the medical equipment necessary for my existence.

    The mental fitness challenge hasn’t so much caused a change, but been a call to service. Call of duty to God; Country and Community. As an Eagle Scout I took that oath weekly. On my Honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to obey the scout law, to hep other people at all times, and keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. So to ensure that I uphold my honor, and personal integrity, I accept the challenge. See you in St Louis.

    Justin C Kurtz; aka Conrad Von Supertramp

    p.s. if not for the financial pack I wouldn’t have made it to Costa Rica anyway. Thanks for helping me get out of debt in 6 months and at least realizing a part of the dream and living a few months of the life I always wanted.

    • Wow Justin, What a story! thanks, Orrin

      • Roy and Brenda Hatcher said

        WOW……..that was an awesome story! God speaks through these resources, because it teaches us habits of quietness, study time, to be still and listen for His voice to speak to us…..like George Guzzardo shared with us this past week…when is the last time you spent 15 minutes in silence? How will we ever hear God speak if we don’t develop the habit of being still….Thankful that this business has taught me to be still and hear the oh so mighty voice of God….again! God Bless all those involved with this business….life changing!

    • Amen!!!

    • Justin, your story has inspired me this morning. I can tell you are really absorbing the MFC material and taking it to heart. Thank you for being something real and for sharing your heart!

      • Wow, thank you for taking the time to share that. Having Heart is highly important on our journey. HEART; Helping Everyone Access Real Truth, or Helping Everyone Achieve Roundtable. Thank you again for your kind words. Best of luck

  10. Kevin Hamm said


    Since the three books have been written and released over the duration of my time in this organization, my current testimony copied below from the LIFE site is what this information has done for me thus far. However, I can foresee that the structure of the MFC is definitely going to improve my systematic approach to goals. Additionally, though the below testimony may show a high adversity quotient, the process of overcoming adversity in my life has been filled with a high amount of negative emotion…rage, I have heard it been called. Not so ironically, attitude has shown up as one of my three weakest areas in the MFC assessment test. So just beginning the MFC has given me a slight slap in the face emotionally, to keep me from resting in my financial improvements, and begin working on other very significant areas of my life. I am sure that my family will notice when significant changes begin. I, as well, am looking forward to them.

    Kevin Hamm

    When I was first introduced to the LIFE training materials, I was operating a tree service company on a negative cash flow–but I looked good. Ultimately, I would accumulate approximately $800,000 in debt. That’s right, my best thinking nearly made me a negative millionaire. With the information found in the LIFE training system I began to believe that freedom from debt was not only possible, but the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the economy cut our business revenue virtually in half. Faced with almost certain bankruptcy, attorneys were recommending that I “see the writing on the wall” and file before I get sued. At the time, I was reading a book from the LIFE system entitled, God’s Plan for Your Finances, by Dwight Nichols. In that book Nichols makes mention in passing that many people acquire an expertise in life through a job or an experience, and they never realize the monetary value of that expertise. That one small statement changed my entire outlook. I made the decision that I would become an expert at getting out of significant debt without bankruptcy. With that expertise I could write a book that would be a help to, and provide hope for so many people who are looking for a way out of their financial woes. In the end, my financial difficulty could actually be turned into a financial surplus. In 2 years and 9 months, while working with only half the income that I had while creating the debt, my $800,000 of debt has become $300,000 of debt at the time of this writing. The balance is projected to be eliminated by December of 2012 just 48 months after resolving to do it. I owe the credit to the information from the LIFE training materials and the culture of the LIFE community. Additionally, while I am gaining my freedom, I am learning how to build a community of people through which I can help others do the same. Not only will I realize a monetary benefit, but I believe there will be an eternal benefit as many lives are changed for the better. Many thanks to Orrin Woodward and all of the LIFE leaders who have provided a system and culture with such a powerful impact. Sincerely, Kevin Hamm read less

    Kevin Hamm – Arborist/Business Owner

  11. Kent Martin said


    I’ve read your resolved book prior to the MFC and now that I am reading it again I believe you did sneak in somewhere and throw some new things in the book:) There is so much in there I know I will be in that book for a long time and will continue to get something new out of it every time! I want to personally thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made to write it. I look forward to reading Rascal for the first time,and rereading Launching a Leadership Revolution! As for my own testimony I have been on this journey with Team and LIFE and now doing the MFC , I am overwhelmed sometimes at how much I need to improve,but through the discipline of reading and listening to CD,s and the belief you impart, I am aware of the changes that develop over time. I am amazed that when the call for leadership comes, my capacity has enlarged dramatically! Belief in myself has been a set back many times in my life, largely due to the pattern of “losing”. But thank God first and to Orrin and the PC who have set the example of excellence,and cared to change their own lives first, having made it possible for that “ripple affect” to influence me! My vision and dreams are becoming clearer each day,and I know in fulfilling this dream is what gives purpose and meaning to life!!!!!

  12. Jeremy Steffel said

    I was first exposed to the Mental Fitness Challenge materials right before my wife left me and started the divorce process. Before that exposure to the MFC I was incredibly selfish, angry, heartless towards those I cared about the most, and just plain mean all the time. In leaving, my wife sparked a new hunger to change and humility in my heart, and thank God for the Mental Fitness Challenge and other LIFE material!! Though I was at the lowest point in my life, and actually thinking of ending it all and just giving up, God used the MFC to not only bring me out of a life long depression, but to also begin molding my heart into the man He created me to be. Each day has lead to new information and revelation into not only who God is, but who I am and could be as well.
    Although the divorce is now finalized, I have hope and pray that one day my marriage will be restored through God and the life changing materials in the Mental Fitness Challenge. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of the people that helped make this challenge a reality. It has totally shifted my life in ways I cannot even describe.

    -Jeremy Steffel

    • Jeremy, What a powerful testimony!! I am very proud of you! thanks, Orrin

    • Huey Barnett said

      Jeremy, you’re a real winner. Sharing your testimony has blessed my heart and I am sure that God is going to do a great work in you.

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      Jeremy what an amazing testimony! You are an inspiration =) thank you for sharing!

    • Jeremy,
      You are not alone, and this is not the last chapter in your life. God bless!

    • Kim McDonald said

      Jeremy-Thank you for sharing that testimony! These past few months my husband and I have been struggling over divorce and the people in TEAM/LIFE are the ones that have kept me going. What I am reading in these testimonies and in Orrin’s book, “Resolved” has confirmed that this is the best place to be. With God’s strength and mercy, and the people in this community supporting each other, all of us going through these struggles will come out better in the long run. Bless you for having the courage to share and dig deep!

  13. All of the testimonials so far have been fantastic! I can tell Chris and I are going to have a hard time picking a winner. Maybe, if enough people provide testimonials, we will give out a first, second, and third place! thanks, Orrin

  14. Doug Clarke said

    The MFC has caused me to look inward for solutions to the problems in our culture. The world is not served by me playing small. The gap between stimulus and response is filled with choices and my wife and employees have noticed a more grace filled response with difficult clients and a greater ability to see things from their side of the exam table.
    “M achine” was Chris Brady’s nickname of old
    E ventually his thinking turned out “Good as Gold”.
    N ot to be outdone I am told
    T aking steps both courageous and bold
    A rguing, arguing early and late
    L eadeship truth Orrin gave to us straight
    F ighting the media war with right thinking
    I had to admit that my thinking was stinking.
    T asked to be better for my employees, wife and son
    N obody’s perfect…actually there was only one.
    E xcellence will be caught while pursuing perfection
    S o the Mental Fitness Challenge is the direction
    S ince internal battles fought lead to external victories won.
    C Ds, videos and books are the tools
    H appily I jumped right into the pool
    A nd learning to swim instead of grabbing the life-preserver
    L oving my wife, I’m striving hard to deserve her.
    L ooking to Launch a Leadership Revolution
    E ven Rascals Resolved to be part of the solution
    N ow I need to step up with my contribution.
    G hosts of regret, by them don’t be haunted
    E ndeavor to “Live the Life You Always Wanted”
    Thanks for everything and God bless. Doug

  15. For so many years in my life I have always “settled” because according to my thinking, I could not do anything but “settle” for the life I have. It seemed okay with me because my life was what I thought, not to bad. I was comfortable in my life. My thoughts, which I thought were positive thoughts and I considered myself a pretty positive person, led me down this road to staying inside my comfort zone because you know, who wants to get out of their comfort zone? Who wants to endure the fear, anxiety, and nervousness that comes with getting out of that comfort zone. But a thought came across my mind today as I sat at my desk. I have sat behind this desk for 18 years, 19 years in June. This thought came as I focused on the Mental Fitness Challenge. The first week of the Mental Fitness Challenge talks about discovering your purpose. When I saw that, it literally scared me because my first thought was, ” I am not sure I know what my God-given purpose is.” I was thinking, “I am not sure why God put me here in this world” but today as I sat at work this thought came to me that “you are here to encourage, serve and be all that God has created you to be.” “You have what it takes to accomplish all LIFE has to offer.” “You just have to stop listening to that ANT that says you can’t and start listening to that ELEPHANT that sees the bigger picture and that says go after those DREAMS.” God says we are to have dreams. I can say that my dreams do not consist of riches, but do not get me wrong I do desire to live comfortably but my whole desire is to care for others and that includes our little furry friends too. I have a passion that God gave me to take care of these furry little ones. So one day I will have an animal shelter that will help the homeless and abused animals. But you know, for so long I thought that it was a great idea but my mind and thoughts were telling me that I will never have that, that it will NEVER happen. That is the wrong thinking to have. My thoughts will now say that Len can have that animal shelter and it will be called “HEAVEN SENT” because these little ones will know what it is like to be cared for like our Heavenly Father cares for us. I have never been one to be able to see the whole picture like my husband. You know when we bought our house I was, to put it lightly not happy. The back yard was overgrown, the side of the house was overgrown with brush, the inside of the house needed some major paint. Brett could see the bigger picture. He could see what it was going to look like but to say that I could not was an understatment. My view (image) was a little clouded. But I can tell you that my thinking as changed. I know that in my heart that I will accomplish this and will have that animal shelter because I can see the BIGGER PICTURE. You know that God desires for us to be great and achieve success. One of my favorite scriptures is “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Phillipians 4:13 So why should we tell our selves that we can’t because he said he will give us strength to do all things. We just have to believe in ourselves. We have to let that ELEPHANT overpower that ANT at times in our lives. Orrin Woodward also said it best, “The only way to lose is to quit!” I don’t know about you but I am not a QUITTER. I will never be known as one that QUIT on my life, QUIT on being all that I could be. I WILL HAVE THE LIFE I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED.

    As I said earlier I have worked with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office for 18 years, 19 in June. I had always thought my purpose here at work was to come here every day, do my job and go home but God started another work in me. I discovered that my purpose here was to share Christ and for me that is big because I am definitely not one to talk in front of others too much and that is what I was going to have to do. So on Thursday mornings at 9 am we have a devotional meeting. I am not saying this to say WOOHOO, look at Len. I am saying this because everyday we are given chances to help change someone’s life and so do we let the ANT rule and say “oh no, you can’t do that, you are too shy” or do we let it say, “you go, you have got this”. This is just another testimony of God and how amazing he is and how we OVERCOME those ANT thoughts that say we can’t do something. I also get the opportunity to talk to the lady inmates up front who clean for us and I get the opportunity to encourage them. I see them as no different than me. We have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory but the only difference between them and me is that they have to wear a jail uniform and I don’t. So I said all that to say that you never know how you can help someone or what an encouraging word or smile might mean to someone so OVERCOME those thoughts that you can’t be used and “”LET YOURSELF BE USED”. I am saying “Do not give up on yourself”. Align your ANT and your ELEPHANT and go after those dreams. YOU ARE WORTH IT and YOUR FAMILY IS WORTH IT. You know my Dad died on May 17, 2002. It will be 10 years this year. That was probably one of the worst times in my life. At my Dad’s funeral the preacher was speaking to my sister and I and said “encourage them to do the great things they know they can do and the things Mearon (my Dad) knew they could do”. You know at that time I thought maybe I will accomplish something great but probably not. “Who, little me? What can I accomplish?” That was my thought at the time. I could not see the bigger picture. I let those negative thoughts enter in. I desire to accomplish great things to make my Dad proud of me and now, thanks to LIFE and the Mental Fitness Challenge, I know I can. It might not be the easiest road and there will be those obstacles that might get in the way but as I read this morning in my “Jesus Calling” book that a dear friend sent to me, it said “do not long for the absence of problems in your life. In this world you will have trouble. You have an eternity of problem free living residing in HEAVEN. We will have troubles but are we going to let those troubles keep us from our DREAMS. WHY QUIT the fight of your life, WHY give up? I recently read in Orrin’s RESOLVED book the story of Will Smith. It says in part of his story how he “trains his conscious (ANT) and subconscious (ELEPHANT) to imagine the limitless.” Are we imagining the limitless today? I recently completed the Physical Fitness Test at work. For so long I was scared to take it, but this being my second time, I can say that I passed it again. I know the very first time I took it, my ANT was saying I couldn’t do it but much to my surprise, I passed. We get in our minds so often the I CAN’T. We so often feed our ELEPHANTS the wrong food such as Karl Wallenda, a world-renowned aerial acrobat. All he thought about for three months was falling. He focused on falling instead of walking the tightrope. Instead of feeding his ELEPHANT a vision of success, he fed it a fear of falling and did tragically fall to his death on that day.

    Take hold of that thought that tells you, YOU CAN’T and tell it to TAKE A HIKE because YOU CAN. Have the I CAN attitude.

    “When a person assumes responsibility for what is fed to his ANT and ELEPHANT, he changes his thoughts.

  16. Monique Hoffer said

    I started the Challenge the day after the major (Monday) I haven’t missed a day. It’s so easy, the Cd’s are in all the time, and reading for 15 min a day is easy, when you have a book that is just so hard to put down.
    I would like to Thank You, Chris and your Wives for making the sacrifices to make this all happen. At my first major, in November, I believe you make reference to running a race, and that we get to join you in running the last mile.
    I am honored to be part of this, and the changes in the world it will create.

  17. Sherri Schram said

    Dear Orrin,

    I have all my life strive to find my purpose in life. I have struggled and been a very negative person due to the stress of my Mental way of thinking, and from others around me being negative towards life in general. Being diagnosis with Bi-polar in 2005 and medicated for this illness has been a on going search for me to find another method of changing my thinking rather then medication. I am a single mother with two beautiful girls, I want to show them we can change ourselves and have a positive outlook on life. Having the opportunity to take the MFC and seeing my weaknesses is a real eye opener! I am so humble on all the sharing of the LIFE founders with there life experiences. Thank you! I have been able to see things in a clearer picture with thinking in a positive way, how things flow so much easier in life, day to day. I am communicating with people in much better way! It has been a wonderful three weeks. A fresh start at Life for me, my kids and I can laugh and express our feelings in a positive talk, we have not had that in the past. I have a passion in my heart to help others as I have been shown there is a different way in Life. Being in the dark for so many years and now coming out to the real light is exhilarating and made me full of energy! I feel fantastic when I get up in the morning knowing I am now living my purpose. Family and friends have seen a change in me by my voice, posture and expression. When they compliment me It feels good, to tell them how and why fells even better thanks to LIFE and the founders my up lines Chad and Chathrine Waters and our team. I some day will share my whole story how I become a winner in Life.

    Sherri Schram

  18. Orrin,

    We are getting all types of great feedback on the Mental Fitness Challenge. From corporations, to small business owners to individuals the response seems to be the same…. AWESOME!!

    • Greg, I have had several people purchase the MFC that have known I have been in community building for 18 years and never purchased anything. This product has REAL demand in the marketplace for anyone desiring to improve their personal development/success thinking/leadership thinking. thanks, Orrin

      • Orrin,

        A great question I have been asking is “Have you ever taken the Mental Fitness Challenge” and the response is usually, no but it sounds cool. Those that are taking it are blown away at the quality.

        Thanks for such a great product!

      • I love that question. Simple and starts the conversation. In essence, we don’t teach contacting anymore, we teach conversations and service to others. thanks, Orrin

      • Adam N McGahee said

        Thanks Orrin and the rest of policy council for an incredible program. Questions are the answers with this program. How would you like to live the life you’ve always wanted? Perfect conversation question. This question has been a great lead in to uncover which areas of life my new friend is wanting improvements.

  19. Jeff Darling said

    Hey Orrin!
    The MFC is simply amazing! Tammy & I are super excited about the # of people taking the challenge, and the excitement around all these people wanting to grow and change in their lives. I am on my 3rd time going through the “RESOLVED” book, this time doing the 90 Day Challenge, and am blown away how the combination of reading the book, listening to the 8 CD’s in the “Private Achievements Module”, watching the videos, and taking time to contemplate for 10 – 15 minutes each day has taken learning/growing to a whole new level!! Can’t wait to hear all the testimonies!!

    Jeff Darling

  20. Greg Oesch said

    MFC is already working for me. Took the test. Looking at the lows: purpose, attitude, and adversity quotient. I focused on raising my score in purpose. That resulted in helping my attitude which for the past week and several days has help me cruise through some pretty dark water. Then on top of that, I couldn’t believe that on of my strengths was, plan do, until I realized I was using that strength more than ever before. It was the “captain obvious effect” in the MFC in my personal life. I raised one score and it positively affected my whole MFC results. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg,

      You have so much potential and it is obvious the MFC is helping you identify those strengths. Imagine the impact you will have as you help others discover their potential.

      Let me know how you progress.

      Greg J

  21. Huey Barnett said

    Orrin: The Mental Fitness Challenge is the most complete, self-directed life-changing opportunity I have ever seen. It amazes me how everything fits together so effectively. Members of Team Rough Riders are looking forward to our first Discussion Group experience. After re-reading the Introduction and Chapter 1 – Purpose, of “Resolved”, in preparation for Tuesday, I am even more aware that I am a child of God; He purposed to create me and equipped me to fulfill my purpose, that will glorify Him. MFC is helping me understand and accomplish my purpose. I am so thankful that God has put this community together for such a time as this. I am also thankful that I am blessed to participate in something so significant. Thanks for all you and PC do. We are Having Fun, Making Money, and Making A Difference. Huey

  22. Orrin,

    Thanks for Laurie & your servant leadership this weekend in Denver Pa. Your information on the MFC was very informative
    and inspiring for the Rhinos and all the other teams who attended. Your talk on character was spot on and much needed in America today.

    The MFC I shared, with an old friend today and he is so excited about it,and purchased one, as his wife was contiplating suiside .
    He feels this may be a breakthrough for her to get her self worth back.
    They are going to do it together….

    You have such a big heart to help people, and your capacity to learn and share wisdom is like nobody I have ever met.

    Keep leading the way to a one million, as the Rhino Team is charging with thick skin, tender hearts, and compassion to serve and help others.

    Semper Fi


    • Denny,

      Your impact in reaching others is truly making a difference. The Marines should be proud to have a former Marine still leading and protecting American lives. I know I am proud of you.

      Keep sharing the MFC brother!!

  23. Skip and Kathy Mason said

    The MFC is genius!!!! Its a systematic way to improve your life !!!!! Great job PC way to go !!!!!!

  24. Adam N McGahee said

    Thanks Orrin and the rest of policy council for an incredible program. Questions are the answers with this program. How would you like to live the life you’ve always wanted? Perfect to start a conversation. This question has been a great lead in to uncover which areas of life my new friend is wanting improvements.

    • Zach Frey said

      I love that the MFC has no age limit! 🙂 Guys like Adam’s two boys and I are creating an explosion in the youth of this nation!!!

    • Adam,

      This is our new ministry to help people affect change first in their lives and then in the lives of others.

      Proud of you,


      • Zach,

        I agree! It is awesome seeing the next generation experiencing a positive change in the youth. You should be proud that at such a young age you are willing to take your eyes off yourself and share these blessings with others.

        I am so blessed to see Adam & Lisa’s boys grow and change into such fine young men and to see the impact you are having on so many young people.


      • almcgahee said


        I agree. This is true ministry with measurable impact, personal responsibility and accountability for anyone to go the distance and reach their high calling.

  25. Glen Ewald said

    The mental fitness challenge has made me listen to more cd’s than I was previously. Keeping more of the positive talk and keeping out the negative. Making sure you look at your goal everyday is something I never did In te past. I love it . Glen Ewald…Patriot Revolution

    • Jesse Sheldon said

      Same here Glen. Listening to CDs consistently really adds up by the end of the month.

      • Demarie said

        I did not look at the goal every day either Glen but it sure does make a difference now. FIRED UP!!!

  26. Steve and Farrah Sargent said

    Hi Orrin,
    I got a chance to apply some of the thinking I’m changing in the MFC just last week. A week and a half ago, I was called into one of the “big boss’s” offices at work. Not the top guy, but a somewhat smaller guy who’s trying to make a name for himself, so he tries to throw his weight around because he has something to prove. Well, he was upset that I didn’t have all my issues for this meeting laid out in a nice neat format, and he was really upset by it. Well, it quickly became obvious that he was highly melancholy, and even though I’ve been with LIFE awhile, my instant reaction was to be defensive and grumble to myself for the next day or two. Then I realized my attitude was keeping me back, and that it wasn’t hurting him at all. So, armed with the knowledge that he was highly melancholy, I took the same issues that I had been answering his questions on, and quickly threw together an open issues list for the next meeting. He was very happy, and had no questions and no complaints at the end. Taking Chapter 3 from Resolved, and fixing my attitude, gave me the presence of mind to figure out what it was he really wanted, and give it to him. It visibly made a huge difference, and cooled down a difficult situation. Thank you so much for this book and the MFC!

    Steve Sargent

    • Jesse Sheldon said

      Great feedback Steve. I love hearing stories on how the MFC and resolved have helped people grow.

    • Peggi Kern said

      I’m so impressed with you, Steve! You are such a great student and the scenario you described above is just one example of how you are changing and growing from the MFC!

    • I like how Steve leveraged the attitude chapter of your book, Resolved. There are so many times I have been in meetings and my initial response was one of defensiveness but as Steve mentioned, the information we are getting from LIFE can change everything if applied. Way to go Steve.

    • Larry Millington "Patriot Revolution" said

      Great story Steve. I can relate! Application of the principles we are learning put into action with positive results.

    • Steve, That’s exactly right. YOU cannot control his behaviors, but you do control your thinking and response to the said behaviors. WELL DONE! thanks, Orrin

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      Steve, I am so proud of you. You have stepped up and fully taken charge of the cloak and sword that God has commissioned you with. I have been so humbled of late to see the things you are willing to sacrifice to serve and love those around you. I am resolved to take on the duties God has for me so much more because of the LIFE you show me. Thank you so much for being such a great leader in our lives =)

    • Demarie said

      That’s awesome Steve it’s amazing how a part of a book can change so much. GREAT JOB!!!!

    • Kim McDonald...Patriot Revolution said

      Thanks Steve. Reading this testimony was liking reliving something from my past. I wish I would have had this information 10+ years ago when I was going through the exact same thing. I have been applying the information from Orrin & Chris & etc and it now makes the difference at my current job and in my personal life. I can’t wait to actually start the MFC so that the changes can come faster and I will be able to live up to the spiritual gifts that God has granted me.

  27. Orrin,

    This MFC is amazing!! The 360 feedback alone has been unbelievable! I am zoned in and working on the areas that I need to improve upon!! This Challenge is going viral!!

    • Jesse Sheldon said

      360 feedback also helped me identify a few areas to work on. The MFC is an amazing tool

    • Peggi Kern said

      The entire Revolution is so “on board” with the MFC because of the leadership of you and Kristine! Thanks for leading!

    • Marc is absolutely correct, this is going viral. What organization or individual is not looking for this kind of information?

    • Marc,
      Love the MFC, too. It is rough to hear of areas that need improvement, but it is good to be aware and know what needs to be changed! The new “normal” will be awesome!!! Carla

    • Cathy Hofmann said

      The Indy Revolution is on board. What a change this will make in so many lives.

    • Demarie said

      Mili you are right it is going Viral I only wish I had this information when I was in management. Guess what it’s time to share and hope that others see what this can do personally and for their companies. WOOT WOOT!!!!

  28. Orrin and Laurie,
    I’ve read Resolved a few times : ), and yet through the mental fitness challenge I am AMAZED at the depth of application I am achieving in finishing just the first week! I’ve read the book, and listened to those cds; The DIFFERENCE is, it’s now wrapped in the Mental Fitness Challenge. It has made an amazing transformation in my brain. All of the materials alone are fantastic, but together, it’s a powerful life changing learning tool!
    Thanks for writing Resolved! And for creating the MFC!

    • Demarie said

      Isn’t it amazing that you’ve read it a few times and your getting something different out of it again. Love the MFC!!!!!!

    • carla girard said

      Kristine, what I love about this challenge is that its for everyone. It doesn’t matter that you’re male or female, young or older, a huge community builder, or just starting out! MFC is for everyone!!!!!

  29. Jesse Sheldon said

    The MFC has been great so far. The accountability portion has kept me on track listening and reading consistently whereas I wasn’t as consistent before. I can’t wait to see the results after the program is complete.

  30. Cathy Hofmann said

    I have started the Mental Fitness Challenge and just reading & watching videos makes me realize that I can change my outlook

  31. demarie said

    Orrin, Going into my second week in the MFC I have noticed a down fall of my own that I didn’t even realize was there. I thought I spent my time wisely but I soon came to realize I was a wreck. I have been educating my self for several years and have studied all of the Leadership Materials on a consistent basis, however this challenge has really made me learn to prioritize the important things first. It seems the day just slips away at times and I feel accomplished but soon came to realize I accomplished minis-equal tasks. I have set goals in the past but to wake up each morning and realize that to start obtaining that goal I have to be accountable to it. (I love the goal and daily check list sheet). I have struggled for years to figure out my purpose I feel passionate about many things but my purpose an entirely different story. As I still search I am very confident that I will have figured it out very soon as I am on that path.
    I was in the car business for years (management) and can really relate to companies trying to implement a good thing into their company’s for their employees but then what? I was exposed to an extremely pricey but phenomenal 1 week training on how to better yourself, treat your employees better, come up with a mission statement etc… Our managers came out of that 1 week course all fired up and ready to take on the world. It didn’t even take 2 weeks and things were starting to back to the 95% world. Why??? Because we had nothing else to follow we were suppose to change and take on the consistent change on our own well guess what that failed miserably. (Although I did learn alot and loved the training) I’m so excited about this challenge personally for myself and my friends that are taking the challenge to see what we can develop into and for companies that decide to embrace this challenge watch, out I think this could really make huge changes in many people’s lives. GREAT JOB ORRIN and CHRIS and all the other PC’s that were involved in the creation of the MENTAL FITNESS CHALLENGE!!!!!

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      Wow Dee, what an encouraging message. It is really helpful to know that other people have had the same struggles as myself and are overcoming them. Thank you for sharing =)

    • Kim McDonald...Patriot Revolution said

      It is amazing Dee to hear you admit that the MFC has shown you this. You and I have talked about this issue many times in regards to my life where as an “outsider” you could see the difference in my but have a “mental block” on ourselves which is why you kept telling me to stay with a coach/mentor through the past couple of years. I have never swayed from staying with one but I have swayed in staying “consistent” with one every 30 days. You are always such an encourager to me! I am truly blessed to have you and the whole Patriot Revolution in my life. Bless you all and all of our PC leaders for showing us the way!!

  32. Chris schill said

    Orrin, the MFC is a HOMERUN!!! I love the life wheel and it’s clear picture of our strengths and future strengths. Anyone who takes this thing seriously will have dramatic results, specifically where they focus!

    On to a million!

  33. DanKrebs said

    the MFC has lead me to working on my purpose in Life is, and on the past weeks since the Major I’ve been listening to the cd’s more intently grasping more of the knowledge behind the talks. .
    Thanks for developing the Mental Fitness Challenge.

  34. Orrin,
    We love this MFC! The “P90X” for the brain is a genius idea! Let’s pump up from the neck up! The orange and black MFC jacket has been a hit on the soccer field, track and field, and the workplace. People don’t even know what the MFC really is, but since I have been a walking billboard with the jacket on, people are coming up to me and asking me what it is! It’s so easy to promote this challenge and believe you me, not only are other people challenged, but I am truely challenged as others are watching me!

    Darrow & Gail Smith

  35. Kristen schill said

    Getting ready to start the MFC with our girls tonight! I’ve already taken the assessment test and that ALONE is a huge help! How many of us avoid asking the tough question of “where can I improve?” because we don’t want to know the answer? And how many of us fail to accept the areas we excel in and use them to our advantage because we’re too tough on ourselves? This one test gives us an honest view of where we are currently so that we know where we want to go, AND gives us the road map to get there! Can’t wait to move forward with my whole family.

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      Agreed Kristen!! Just the test alone was helpful. I was very surprised by one of my weak areas even. I was sort of shocked, like that is a weak area…really. It is so liberating though to know that right after I found out it was a problem I was already provided a solution! Thanks again TEAM PC!!

    • Demarie said

      That is huge and oh so true its so exciting to take the test and realize yourself where you are and to read what other say. I absolutely love that the answers come back private because you can get true honesty and not be concerned on the receiving or returning end. WOOT WOOT

    • Mike Hartmann said

      Love the idea of getting the whole family involved!!


  36. Peggi Kern said

    Tim and I were so excited to begin the MFC, we jumped right on line Monday morning after the Leadership Convention! We have loved every minute of it! We both have learned much about areas we need to improve already! We have the perfect road map for it, because the MFC provides that clear direction! It’s also being so well received by others we’re sharing it with!

    Peggi Kern

  37. Michael Hartmann said


    The Mental Fitness Challenge has reshaped my future in 7 days! I’ve been a student of leadership development for years, but the process outlined for the MFC daily has brought a new-found focus to why I’m studying leadership development in the first place! The MFC has successfully refocused my thinking on my dream so I clearly understand WHY I’m going through this process each day.

    The first module is set up to help the individual detect one’s purpose by studying the intersection of the individual’s Passion, Potential and Profits. By taking the time to do what you and Chris teach on the Resolution #1 – Purpose video, I’ve clearly defined my Purpose. Now, every day when I wake up, one of the first thoughts through my mind is regarding my specific purpose and it is immediately followed by excitement and anticipation of what today will bring while I pursue that purpose! Needless to say, this has done volumes for my attitude and enthusiasm, which in-turn has had a measurable, positive impact in my results while pursuing that clear vision of my future!

    Carl Sandburg is quoted as saying, “Nothing happens unless first a dream.” I’ve been taught of the importance of the power of a dream in the past but the MFC has, through a series of checklists both on the MFC website and on my printed Goal Tracking Sheets, brought that vision of my dream to the first position in my day before any other activity takes place! I’m proud to share my personal resolution with you, which I know I would have never scripted had I not chosen to engage in the MFC:

    Resolved: I resolve to relentlessly eliminate the negative influences that pull me away from my life’s purpose, replacing them with positive mediation and studies to ultimately develop myself into the leader that my family, my teams and my nation need me to be.

    Thanks for Revolutionizing our futures with the MFC!

    Mike Hartmann
    Patriot Revolution

    • Tonya said

      It has been great seeing the growth and commitment that Mike has had since starting the MFC. I love that he is not doing it just to put a check in the box but is truly working on being the best he can be in the next 90 days!

      I’m super proud of you!!


    • Demarie said

      Your a great inspiration Hartmann thanks for sharing….

      • Mike Hartmann said

        We’ve been in the trenches long enough! Time to claim a well-earned VICTORY!!

    • Kim McDonald...Patriot Revolution said

      Thank you Mike and Tonya for staying true to your word and living what you teach all of us on your team. You both are an inspiration to us to never give up and keep “the faith!”

  38. Fred Dapprich said

    Hey Orrin, The MFC is Awsome!! I’m learning things about my self I never would have thought about before. We really appreciate all that you have done with LIFE TEAM and the MFC it is really making a differance in our life’s. Thank you!!

  39. great blog, great info, the BEST way to mentally challenge yourself to be the BEST YOU CAN BE & TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU ALWYS WANTED!!!

  40. Jackie Klopp said

    Absolutely amazing seminar yesterday in Denver PA with you and Laurie. THANK YOU so much for blessing us with your expertise. Can’t wait to see all the changes MFC brings about especially in me!

  41. Orrin,
    The MFC is the icing on the cake of this 3.5 yr journey. I still have a long way to go but the MFC is a giant spring board to a brighter future.

    1. The information has brought me back to God, made me a better father and husband along with giving me a purpose where I otherwisewould still be lost. Way many more things that would take all night type.

    2. My attitude and how I view the challenges in my life have taken a positive only road. I reframe things to keep a positive attitude and direction.

    3. My biggest breakthrough is I realized how important it is to dream again, teach my son to dream and remind myself anything is possible because “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

    4. Not only have people noticed changes in me, but the growth, leadership ability, attitude of a winner, politeness personality, vocabulary and excitement for learning in my 5 year old son shows everywhere he goes an touches lives.

    Thank You Very Much,
    Orrin and the rest of the Policy Council

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      Michael, I love how you referred to the MFC as the icing on the cake. I have similar feelings. I have been feeling like it is the fulfillment of the great cause. The “icing on the cake” is so much better and way more relate-able! Thanks for sharing =)

    • Demarie said

      Mike, That is awesome I love all of what you said and especially like number 1. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike Hartmann said

      Your & Janine’s growth has been amazing to witness since the start of your journey. The MFC is going to drop your growth in all 8F’s into overdrive!

      Proud of you Mike!

  42. Freddy13 said

    Boy this MFC has really taken me back a step, I’ve always had a passion to help people and many other passions but it has been hard to wrap that all
    into what exactly MY purpose is. This past week has made me focus on that a lot and I’m confident to narrow that down.
    My biggest downfall has been time management and having no idea how to fix it frankly I thought I was doing pretty good. Taking this mental fitness challenge has me more focused on accomplishing my daily assignments and holding myself accountable to myself and others.
    I was involved in sports my entire life and at the professional level where I was confidant in taking the Leadership role. However I did not realize what true Leadership really was and how far off I was. This MFC has revealed where my weaknesses are. Now I have the opportunity to make big changes to become the person/leader I really want to be.
    Orrin thank you and Chris and all your PC members for putting this MFC together so ANYONE from any background can aspire to be the leader they want to become!!!!!

    • Demarie said

      I can truly say I’ve seen a difference in my husband already this is going to be so amazing to see the changes in us both after the 90 Days and beyond. So proud of you honey, thank you for all you do and being the man you are for myself and our family. I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Orrin, the Mental Fitness Challenge is the best personal development program I have ever used. The materials are amazing! The 360 feedback is a great tool to help identify blind spots. We have already started to implement the principals in our fitness training with great results. With the Mental Fitness Challenge you just Plan, Do, Check, and Ajust your way to success in any area of your life.


    Juan M Alcala

  44. Steve and Farrah Sargent said


    I don’t even know how to begin to share what this means to me. The information from the books in the MFC have been working on my heart and in my life for over a year now. I have been through so many valleys that would have devastated me and left me in a depression before. I have in a way been keeping score of that as well. At the beginning It would take me several days to overcome my stinking thinking with the ideas in your books and on your CD’s. Now I can get control of those thoughts in a matter of hours. And this applies to every area of my life. ALL eight F’s. I am no longer scared of being found out as an impostor, well at least not most of the time =) I am learning my strengths and weaknesses and have confidence in my strengths and hope for overcoming my weaknesses. Again, this change is in ALL eight F’s!! I know one of our goals is securing freedom for the future. I finally feel like I will be able to play my part because I am gaining personal freedom with my private victories. The MFC is making this journey so much easier. People have asked me how I have been able to conquer these things…now I have a road map to give them to guide them on their own journey. Before I was somewhat hesitant to tell them because what worked for me might not work for them. Freedom victories are like a choose your own adventure, no one takes the same journey. Now I have an answer that works for EVERYONE =) Like Mark MacDonald said, ” If what I have does not work for everyone, it doesn’t work for me.” Thank you so much Orrin and Laurie and the Policy Council for all the sacrifices you have made to create this for us. You are such great example for us to follow.

    Blessings to you,
    Farrah Sargent

    • Demarie said

      Farah, that was completely awesome, I personally have seen such an amazing change in you. So your hard work shows. : )

  45. Dominic Sinibaldi said

    The MFC is simple and gives a structured approach to undertaking disciplined self-growth. Each day, I feel further empowered to achieve my goals.

  46. Larry Millington "Patriot Revolution" said

    The MFC is pushing me grow in areas that I didn’t see deficiencies in before. How deceiving we can be of ourselves. The MFC is a great tool created by the best in the business. Thank you!!

  47. D.J. Will said

    Hello Orrin,

    The MFC is simply awesome.Having a great time following the course,love the interaction with the website and the accountability of the challenge.Using what i’m learning everyday .Resolved to make a Difference.
    Patriot Revolution

  48. Orrin,
    It has been an amazing couple of weeks already with the introduction of the Mental Fitness Challenge. Peggi and I came home on Sunday and immediately jumped into the MFC process. It was so exciting to be starting the process that will help me develop areas of my life I am struggling with. I have connected with two of my managers to be accountability partners for me and both are very interested in knowing and understanding more what I am doing. One asked me, “Is this MFC a biblical based process?” How incredible it was to boldly say YES. What an incredible way to bring this life changing information into the business environment.

    • Jesse Sheldon said

      Tim, I LOVE the response to “Is this MFC a biblical based process?” It is great being able to share information like this with people!

    • Demarie said

      That is awesome to take this into work and be accepted can’t wait to hear after 90 days what people outside our community’s results are.

  49. Samuel Binsley said

    The MFC is awesome! We are going to change the world with this!

  50. This stuff is amazing!!!!!

  51. Sandy Dapprich said

    I just want to thank you for the MFC! I feel that it’s an accumulation of your vast knowledge and experience from all the books you have read into one package deal in such a way it will truly touch a million lives! For me personally, it has helped me to define my purpose in life and that is something that I have been praying for.

    • Demarie said

      Amen to that Sandy It’s amazing that we are all figuring things out in such a short amount of time. LOVE IT!!

  52. Leslie Harwood said

    The info is now so easy and in an order, its fantastic.
    Such a great way to create good habits. I think differently now. And I listen twice as much as I speak. But listening, thinking, helps you respond totally different. It’s so fun to ask people, you paying cash for that?
    I don’t think I have chafed enough yet, because I don’t think anyone noticed, but I feel, think and life so differently I will continue learning for Life. Thank you both so much for all you’ve gone.through to help our nation.

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      Thank you so much for sharing Leslie! I can’t wait for module two – public achievements – when people really do start to notice the changes you have been making. Keep us posted on your progress =) I am so proud of you!

  53. We love having this community and information in our lives. The MFC challenge is another wonderful way for us to grow personally and share with others. Thank you to everyone who was involved in the development and implementation!

  54. C Richards said

    Finaly, I am proving to myself that I can
    accomplish these few easy tasks, each
    day, to chase after my dreams!

  55. Faye Hollands said


    Thank you for the MFC. This couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I am an older person who has been struck with the economic woes like so many others and thought I was pretty secure in my thinking not only of who I am, but others as well. I was wrong. I just placed my order and can’t wait to get started.

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      Great job! I am so proud of you for plunging in. You are being such a great example for all of us =)

  56. Mary Mazur said

    In a week of MFC I have become much more honest with myself, more consistent in the necessary daily tasks and action to reach my 90 day goal. The best part of the MFC so far is the incredible amount of energy it is creating in me as it has ignited my passion, identified my strengths, and it has shown me where o improve

    • Mary Mazur said

      to improve in myself to increase our profit/prosperity. The MFC is my healthy mind food transforming me with laser focus! Thank you Orrin!

      • carla girard said

        Mary, your consistency doing the challenge is such an inspiration to me. I want to do better. What a great example you are!!! Thx for all you do.
        Carla Girard

  57. Doug and Trish said

    Hi Orrin,
    I was able to diffuse a issue wsith one of my siblings who wanted my brother (who was visiting from out of town) and I to stop and see her yard, but our errands ran longer than we anticipated and we had to get back, b/c family was coming to my house for dinner. I was able to re -frame it for her by telling her we would stop by her house on our way to dinner the next day, so even though we couldn’t see it that day we would see it the next. In the past we would have been super late to dinner to not further upset our sister. Also my nephew wrote on his facebook that I was one of the best Moms second to his Mom. He said i was always positive and inspirational. He could call me anytime and I would be encouraging and uplifting and he felt better after talking to me! ( that blew me away I never knew I had that kind of impact on him )
    I owe my new LIFE changes to you Orrin and all the PC for the MFC program
    Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!!

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      I am so proud of you Trish! It can be difficult to do that kind of thing. Being open to growth information and applying it… FIRED UP!

    • Demarie said

      Trish, that is awesome I feel so accomplished when a youngster notices. ; )

    • Peggi Kern said

      Trish, I agree with your nephew! Your attitude is truly an inspiration. Nothing gets you down and that’s one of the attitudes of a winner!

  58. Adiel said

    I am just getting started in LIFE, pardon the pun. I am geeked to begin the MFC. I have already learned so much in such a short period of time. I know this will be life changing.

  59. The Mental Fitness Challenge has made me accountable to grow into the person I was meant to be. What a great product!

  60. TJ Schneider said

    We took the challenge during the van ride back from our last Leadership Conference and was amazed at our results. Instant value was created for me by one of my lower scores, it was an area I thought was a natural strength of mine. Wow was I shocked…No wonder there was limiting results from the fruits of my labor. The last two weeks have been refreshing to say the least. Thank you and the PC for creating a system that will provide a vehicle for real change….God Bless

  61. Orrin,
    Gosh, am I learning alot about myself by doing this challenge! I had always thought I was a thorough multi-tasker, but am finding alot of areas to improve! I’m learning about myself. The assessment was awesome and yielded some surprises, so I’ve got a clear understanding of what I need to improve on. I like that the challenge is 90 days. What is the old saying? 21 days of consistent “doing” becomes a habit? Well, after 90 days, it’s going to be an awesome future!!! Carla Girard – Patriot Revolution

    • Mike Hartmann said

      We’re all learning a lot of areas to improve! It’s great to see you and Pat running together in your pursuit of excellence!

  62. Amazing idea

  63. Jon Oswalt said


    The thing that strikes me most about the MFC are the similarities with 7 habits by Covey. Private and public victories. We all know how successful that book was. Now we have an entire 90 program doing what his book was teaching! I think in 5 years we all will be blown away by the impact of the MFC!

    Jon Oswalt

  64. Andrew Wilson said

    Systems thinking is the link from good to great

  65. Derek Bentzel said

    Thank you Orrin for being obedient to God’s plans ! The people who are looking, need to look no further. We just need to go out and reach them. The MFC is life changing! To one million and beyond…
    Derek Bentzel

  66. gangof4 said

    The Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) has already shown its benefits in just 3 days for me. The goal I set, at first I struggled a bit, and my guess is I may struggle some more additionally, but I have definitely gotten better. I can’t image what a difference it will make after 90 days. The tracking sheets/logs are great to keep you on track.

    Mike Wright
    Part of the Patriot Revolution

  67. Amy Antonucci said

    Thanks Orrin!

  68. Scott Russell said

    The MFC is sweeping the nation:) it really helps you find those blind spots in your thinking and has a systematic way of getting better in those areas!! Take the test, find a Challenge group near you and lets go make a difference together!!

    • gangof4 said

      I can’t wait to get more feedback from people I sent the Assessment test to.

    • Scott,
      I want to say that it is absolutely fantastic to be working with leaders like you, Dan Gilligan and Orrin who lead from the front and by example. It is so easy for folks to tell others to do something they themselves are not doing. Most people can recognize this.

      I can tell that you are doing a lot of mental work on a regular basis and I thank you for keeping sharp. I’d much rather go where you’re going than go where I’m told. Thank you!

    • Matt Watts said

      Scott, from the disciplines and level of thinking of where you already are in this journey, I can’t wait to see the next level the MFC will take you and Missy to!

  69. The MFC is making an impact on multiple business owners in the community. We have had many mention that they would have happily paid for the free assessment, because it has proven to be so revealing. And now they are setting personal goals, outside of business, that will impact the entire family & community!! This is exciting!!!

  70. The Mental Fitness Challenge is creating MFC for people. MONEY FOR CRUISES…..

    Cruise to the Bahamas…. Or to Alaska….. Or BOTH…….

    TAKE THE CHALLENGE -Promote the challenge…..and Lets go cruising !!!

  71. The MFC is amazing!!! The Depth of thought and time used to create this tool should not be discarded lightly. While the challenge itself is the flagship weapon in our arsenal, my wife and I feel it’s the association with all of you and the accountability that you guys( the community as a whole) hold us to, not by your words or demands but rather by your example. We feel that we are blessed to be here at this time in all of our personal and business development.
    You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!
    We’ve been blessed to be in the Militello group and have seen what the challenge nights will look like and do to your groups!!!
    I’ve never seen anything so well received and enjoyed by all that have taken part. These groups will in the very near future effect the lives of millions of people. I’m sure of it! These testimonials of change and growth have been amazing to read. We can’t wait to hear the comments roll in team wide about the growth they are having together as they get to learn ( in real time and in person) not only from the lessons they encountered that week, but also learn from the experiences of your brothers and sisters in arms. The intimacy, transperancy, and bonds forged in these groups will be the cog in the machine that exposes these truths to millions. Thank you to everyone who’s here and all those joining us in the future for allowing us to learn from the unique strengths that you bring to the group. God bless!!!

  72. Kathy Cotton said

    Hi Orrin,
    What I really like about the MFC is the ability to do this together with other people, especially teammates. Helping each other stay on course in our busy lives is something I find helpful and fun. Being accountable to myself and others creates a sense of urgency in making sure I do the best I possibly can to complete the MFC. I look forward to moving forward in my growth experience.

  73. Tonya said

    Wow! Where to start…

    The last two weeks of doing the MFC has been very eye opening for me. When I received my results from those that have done my assessment I felt that my blind spots have been exposed. Being a melancholy/phlegmatic I love that I can track my progress on a daily basis and it keeps me focused on the areas that I need to improve which will be my future strengths.

    I am enjoying discussing the results with my husband, Mike, and my business partners (friends). We can all hold each other accountable and grow together to be the best that God has intended out lives to me.


  74. kay johnson said

    MFC has made it so easy to contact.

  75. The MFC is making a impact on my daily habits, helping me find the blind spots in my goal setting. I now have a clear vision on were and how to improve in these areas. The MFC is a great platform and it creates a unique opportunity to change ourselves ,than our family’s ,which will have a major impact in our local community’s, changing lives one person at a time, all the way to one million.

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      Keep making that gap bigger Paul!! The victory is going to be so amazing when we catch up with you =)

  76. freyintl said

    Thanks Orrin,
    The MFC is applicable to all and we are so excited about the impact it is already having leading people to truth. Thanks for all your wisdom and leadership this weekend.

  77. Richard Kroll Jr. said

    The Mental Fitness Challenge is simply LIFE CHANGING!!!

  78. Windy Stanton said

    I am so impressed by the professional materials presented in the Mental Fitness Challenge. I don’t think I could find the quality and value of what I am getting in this 90 course anywhere else. I confess that I have read the three books in this course before, and wondered if I would get anything else out of it. To my joyful surprise, I have learned quite a bit more. I found that the first time I read RESOLVED, I read it quickly and got an over all general idea of how to live a life of resolution. But, now that I am studying the book, I am getting so much more from it. The videos and audios really enhance the reading and it sticks in my brain better. I am resolved to read RESOLVED with a new pair of glasses on. I have found that I missed some very important points the first time around, points that I needed to move forward. Now that I am studying instead of reading (and by the way, I don’t even realize I am studying because I am having fun with this!), I can take the time to apply what I am learning…teaching my soul. I have been struggling with purpose and the MFC has been an answer to a prayer. Thank you Orrin and Chris for having the courage and fortitude to answer your call to teach, inspire and lead others to a more purposeful life. God Bless.


  79. A challenge builds belief and the MFC is no exception.

    I have historically been an individual with self deprecation issues. I have had a high level difficulty believing in myself in most areas of my life. Literally the day before beginning they challenge I was facing a major life decision that I could not wrap my head around my self-worth in. I spoke to a friend the words, “I don’t know why they would even want me, or how I could add value to them.” And I genuinely felt this way, that I was a failure in my career and I could not contend with the average person in the job field.

    One week into the MFC following the steps exactly each day I had a different attitude. You see, to spite my always thinking low of myself, I’ve always believed I’ve had a great attitude. Well my MFC Self Assessment Test, and more importantly the 360º peer feedback begged to differ. They had shown me that attitude was one of my bottom three areas of personal growth. Although attitude is this week’s MFC focus (week 3) I began right away working on this in addition to week one’s work on God Given Purpose. In addition to the reading in “RESOLVED”, I picked up last months LLR Book of the Month “Attitude is Everything” and began hacking away at the weeds in my mental garden.

    Dan Hawkins this past Saturday quoted you as saying, “It’s not enough to know you have weeds, you have to pull them.” That quote fits so well with the MFC, which has been designed not just to bring light on our weak areas but to create a plan of attack to clean up the garden while also helping you realize your strengths. I mentioned after a week of the MFC I had a different attitude. This attitude was an attitude of success. I called my friend back, and told him that not only did I know why “they would want me around,” but that I am ready to move forward and that I have no doubts I will succeed in this area of my career. I also let him know that this belief was not bravado, but that I truly do feel like I can and will be a success.

    I am now finished with the second week of the challenge and have begun to implement a game plan of approach to make this area a success in my life. It is working! It is working so well that I have had others notice my breakthrough! One friend who took the Assessment Test about me late in the game called me yesterday. What he let me know is that there were several questions that he would have answered differently about me had I sent him the survey last month. I asked him if he would mind sharing, and as I had though almost every question he had mentioned correlated with the Attitude and Purpose categories. When you jump into this with an “empty cup” ready to let it change you, it has a genuine affect. If after two weeks of the challenge my friends are noticing a difference, what will 13 weeks and longer give me?

    Thank you Orrin, Chris and the rest of the PC and LIFE for the opportunity to believe in myself again!

  80. Jerry Harteis said

    Orrin & Laurie;
    Thank you so much for serving all of the Teams here in Penn. over the weekend. You are making a difference in people’s lives. As we look at the MFC I know it will be a valuable tool to help people view life through a more serving lens. I see how greatly this information has helped me to have a much better picture of who I am and Who’s I am. In this age of Identity Theft where people are so concerned about having someone out there steal their personal information. A much greater larceny is occurring. Through self talk, poor inputs, invalid opinions from others. I believe the greatest Identity theft is actually done by ourselves. Believing false opinions and meditating on them we set ourselves up for a settle for life. The MFC is helping people realize things can change if we resolve to change them. And with the aid of a systematic approach, reinforced by accountability partners, they will up their odds of success. Thereby making the world a little better through their example and effort. Thank You again. Jerry & Polly Harteis

  81. Tony and Sharon Hoffman said

    I feel that the MFC has taken my learning to a new level! As a former teacher, there is power in repetition! That is why the media uses it so effectively! I find that reviewing each video daily, reminds me of the highlights of each of the chapters of the Resolved book! Especially chapter 1, where you ask the question, “What are you passionate about?”. I have received many calls from other people taking the MFC who are also challenged to think deeper about their potential, passion and profits! Reading each chapter as well, supplements the learning and takes it our learning to a new level!
    I have personally watched my husband make significant changes in his own life and in his workplace after reading the 2nd Chapter on Character. True wisdom is gained when you apply the principles into your own life! That is what the MFC is all about!
    NEW LEARNING=NEW LEVEL!!! That’s what is means to me!!! Working on closing the gap of who I am, and who I want to be!!!
    Sharon Hoffman

    • Sharon that is such great perspective on learning thru repetition. You and Tony are setting such a great example and we are so proud to be on the Rhino team with you.

  82. Orrin,

    I thought of something else that makes the Mental Fitness Challenge so impactful.

    Consider this, everyone myself included want to make some type of difference in the world or we want to change or fix someone. You know husbands fix their wives or wives fix their husbands. Parents want to fix their kids. Relatives want to fix each other. But the MFC begins are the core. First we must start with fixing ourselves – that Private Achievement. This as you know is a life long commitment and one that requires much introspection and facing the giants within. I believe you call them the Goliath’s. We all have them and then we all need to fact and conquer them. To develop a program that starts with the foundation of all change, personal change is critical
    Then to move to the Public Achievement – I love the title and cover of the book Rascal. To be a rascal is to be different and to be different, and be an original you cannot be like the crowd. The visual of stepping away from the crowd is a definite must to be your own person. First before becoming the original you have to define what that original character is going to look like so you need to start with those 13 Resolutions to define your purpose before deciding which direction in which to move.

    Lastly after working on ourselves and defining our purpose only then can we climb the leadership ladder as outlined in Launching a Leadership Revolution.

    The sequence of the MFC of Personal – Public – Leadership Achievements is by itself genius, as many are quick to change others without identifying their purpose and changing ourselves. My compliments to you and your team for this outstanding accomplishment.

    • Tony and Sharon Hoffman said

      I agree Greg! Personal change is critical! I AM the PROJECT! MFC does that!

    • I agree with everything you said Greg. It is amazing when you figure out what “small things” are holding you back. I think the MFC is going to reveal alot of of little things that need tweaked in all of us. Sometimes we focus on the big stuff because it is obvious when it may be more of what is not so big and not so obviuos holding us back.

  83. Kristin Jarvis said

    Thank you so much Orrin! What an amazing tool you have given to each of us. The MFC is such a great proven path for personal growth growth and life change. I want toto thank youand everyone who put this wonderful information together to bring this life altering information to all!!

  84. Chris Gerhart said

    Orrin, for me, one of the best things about the MFC is the habitual way the PC have come up with to get life improving information into our lives. It’s quick and easy, but most of all impactful. Thank you, Chris Gerhart

    • Tony and Sharon Hoffman said

      FUN, FAST, EASY…our new MOTTO!!!! Congrats Chris on your Directorship!!! It has been great to see you making consistent changes in your life!!!

    • Chris,

      I can see a change in you and that is a privilege to watch. You can make not only a change in yourself but a change your family and that affects your family legacy.

  85. Raylene MacNamara said

    Wow Orrin, these testimonies and stories are amazing and literally bringing tears to my eyes reading them. I am so excited for everyone’s journey as they build and grow and develop themselves because they are all champions, heros, and truly making a difference in so many people’s lives. As we all grow and build ourselves we will for sure develop the culture to attract and grow to 1 million people. Raylene MacNamara

  86. I, like most people’s stories I’ve heard over the past couple of months, did not like to read at all. I could not remember the last time I had actually finished a book (started many, but never finished). I eased my way into the habit forming mode by listening to cd’s and improving myself. With the MFC I’m beginning to form the habit of reading. With the goal of only 15 minutes a day it’s making it very easy to complete. Each day I find myself stretching it a little longer and not even realizing how long I’ve read. (no more watching the clock….lol) Thank you Orrin for showing me a way to wake up the leader that is in me!

    • Tony and Sharon Hoffman said

      Deb is one of the most consistent participants in the MFC! Her ‘tasks completed’ are coming in daily! Proud of you DEB!!!

  87. Gershon Hershkowitz said

    The MFC is absolutely amazing…… great call and a great approach going for the masses, its the ultimate winner!!

    Thanks Orrin

    • Shloimy said

      Gershon, you are so right! Seeing this positive change in our culture is definitly showing something….. don’t you think so?

  88. OJ said

    Thank you Orrin for the opportunity that you ( and the PC) have provided for my family as well as so many others. The peronal satisfaction and inner peace I get form the material alone is well worth it, not to mention the finacial aspect of the business. The MFC cannot do anything BUT help people that truly care about themselves and their fellew man. By having the near step by step process laid out, failure cannot be achieved unless a person quits the system. If a person only gains from one aspect of the MFC, it has been worth it. Thanks for all you do. PEACE.

    • OJ,

      Keep up the personal change as you indicated it is a personal satisfaction and inner peace as the big reward.

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      OJ, I love how you point out that taking the MFC is taking care of yourself. I also love what follows taking care of our fellow man. What an amazing perspective. I know that this will help me in my self talk and relating to others =) Thank you so much for sharing!

  89. CJ Calvert said

    Orrin, kudos to you, Chris, and the entire PC for such a game-changing product. The Mental Fitness Challenge is going to create a breakthrough for anyone sincerely dedicated to personal excellence. I’m on my second pass through all of the CDs and I’ve had “The Formula for High Achievement” on regular rotation for the last week. As Chris Brady shares, success in life isn’t based on talent, luck, favor, etc, but rather dedication to continuous improvement. The MFC rocks!

  90. Zach Frey said

    I think it was Sharon Hoffman who put it best when she noted that we’ve been challenging our mental fitness since the very beginning of our life with Team. The MFC is a tool that takes us to the next level in discipline and effectiveness. Just like any exercise routine, we are challenged to be consistent and persistent as we create a “slight edge” difference in every facet of our daily lives. Flora and I are excited that sharing this “tool” is like giving someone something to drink when they’re trekking through the desert…We have what people need; and we’re honored that you’ve given us the opportunity to share it with the world!
    Thank you for always exuding and expecting greatness!
    MFC x TEAM x LIFE = A world-changing formula 🙂

    • Tony and Sharon Hoffman said

      Zach and Flora,
      You truly represent the next generation of leaders! It is such a joy and honor to watch the fruits of your parents teachings reflected in the lives of your beautiful family! This is just the beginning for you two! You exemplify the teachings of the LIFE business!
      So proud of you!

    • Zach and Flora,
      You are such an adorable couple and an inspiration and I can’t wait to see all God has in store for you. You are truly walking in your destiny!


  91. Tasha said

    The MFC is highly marketable because of the genius in the format. It offers a lower cost, small daily commitment, and a higher retention rate by taking steps daily toward a goal instead of sprinting. I love these materials and will continue to recommend them to everyone.

  92. Jenipher Reinhold said

    Everything Orrin, and the PC do is golden! Allow me to explain… they all have hearts of gold, which spreads like wildfire, and sets ablaze everyone in their wake. We are so honored they decided to shine their light instead of hiding it under a rock. Thank you for helping us all be th..e best us we can be

  93. John Mossner said

    The focus this is bringing to an entire community is awesome. Personally, it is helping me re-focus on the areas that need it. I am so excited about the impact this will have as a whole community, including customers, focuses on improvement this intensely.
    Thanks again!

  94. Edgar Gonzalez said

    For years, despite INTENTIONALLY attempting to grow and change, I found there were 2 areas in which I have grown little up to now. I would read books and attend seminars on how to improve, but until the MFC came around, I was not pleased with my growth in those 2 particular areas of attitude and conflict resolution. The quality of the information and the ability to apply change so specifically to the individual has made the past 2 weeks more effective than the last 2 years of my journey in personal growth! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of a program!

    This country can and will be better! The MFC is just the tool for the job!

    Thank you Orrin,

    Edgar Gonzalez

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      This is such a great testimony to how fast applied knowledge can make a difference. I am definitely going to refer to your post to help people understand the magnitude of what we have to offer =) Thank you!

    • Edgar, I’m extremely proud of how much you have grown over the past couple of years and the struggles you and Dani have had to overcome. But you are absolutely right. In just the brief few encounters we’ve had since the Major Leadership Convention, I can see an overwhelming amount of growth! Keep pulling weeds brotha!

      Galatians 5:13

  95. Sandy Savage said

    Orrin, the MFC is incredible. The concept of applying CD’s to the books is Awesome. I can hear your voice when I’m reading. It’s a great way to develope a habit and should be taught in schools as well.
    Thanks Orrin
    Centurions Marching On

  96. The LIFE information and now the MFC have been very impactful. The inspiration and out of the box thinking spurred me on to triple my income in my conventional consulting business by applying time management principals and bigger thinking. I admit that I was one of the action-oriented people that did not realize the power of daily reading until I was challenged to do so with the MFC. The accountability partners are also crucial. I am very grateful for the life changing information.

  97. Tedd and Lynn Clippinger said

    17 years in the industry and we have never seen anything like the Mental Fitness Challenge. This is a game changer! Thank you for setting the example for dedication to continual growth. TC

  98. Aaron Bonito said

    Orrin, thank you so much for creating a program where i can identify where my strengths and weaknesses can be improved upon I have been loving the MFC and am extremely excited about our first focus group tuesday night in Wilkes-Barre Pa with the other awesome leaders Adam and Lisa Mcgahee as well as Elaine Lacey. God Bless.

    Aaron and Jessica Bonito

  99. I LOVE reading all of the amazing stories!!!

  100. Orrin,

    The MFC is improving everything! It is teaching PC thinking, and creating a higher level of thinking. I had to ‘suspend’ employment this morning with one of my employees. Not because of poor job performance… but because of a continuous bad attitude. If she wants her job back, she has to read the Resolution chapter on Attitude and then write a report on what was learned and listen to the Attitude CD by Claude Hamilton in the MFC.

    Creating great habits creates a better destiny.

    Changing and Growing,
    Dave Ober

  101. scott reinhold, jr said

    1. How has the information changed you?
    The information that has been released through Team, LIFE and now the MFC is life changing due to the impact of be able to recommend truth through others to impact lives. Personally, being in business with TEAM and now LIFE has helped me to become a better husband, father and friend. I continue to develop all my skills, because I know through watching Orrin and the P.C. we are following people that have talked the talk and walked the walk. I have been mentoring outside of TEAM/LIFE as well and he has said that he has realized that my wife and I have really grown over the past year. One of the biggest changes with me is seeking first to understand and not judge others. Keep up the great work in changing lives. Let’s live the LIFE we always wanted! Thank you again to the P.C. and the Team/LIFE offices to keep us moving forward! Let’s do it! Go Revolution!

  102. gangof4 said

    Wow it looks like MFC is starting to change the world…one person at a time!

  103. Cori Ragan said

    The MFC is amazing. It helps me focus on my goal and to take action towards it every day. The CDs keep me mentally on track, and the Resolved book stretches my thinking. I can’t wait to see how far I can go in 90 days!

  104. Shawn McNamara said

    Before I got hooked up with the Team and LIFE I viewed my life as “doing pretty good”. It is amazing what some consider good when they have no idea great is available. Once I started plugging in to the information available with the Mental Fitness Challenge I felt like my life was renewed, the information really opened my eyes. Now I am striving to improve daily for my family. The self assessment test is amazing. Thank you for developing such an amazing program that is available for everyone!

    Shawn McNamara

  105. Max said

    I want to write a quick note and state that although I have not started the MFC it has got me so fired up I am meeting with an MFC organizer tomorrow night to get my own group going! The testimonials are proof that working the MIND is the greatest workout you could ever do.

  106. Moshe said

    Wow this is amazing i can’t describe this in words what the LIFE and LLR material did to me and to all of us, and now with the MFC i feel the explotion in the air, Thanks Orrin for making this a REALITY.

  107. Patrick Martell said


    As I started the Mental Fitness Challenge on April 30, to be honest, I didn’t have the best attitude to starting yet another program in my Life. I did however want the results, and so reluctantly started the journey of daily action toward a better mind. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Many questions raced through my head like “Will I really change this time?, Can I really follow through and succeed in this challenge?, Have I heard this information before, yet applied none?”

    I was excited and nervous at the same time. Excited for the possibility of finally becoming a glimpse of the mental picture of myself, and nervous that I may drop the ball on myself yet again.

    I must say that as you’ve said “We don’t promise easy, but we do promise worth it” This statement is the most accurate description of the Mental Fitness Challenge and Life. As I engaged in the training and accomplished Day 1, I felt confident that I could do it on Day 2 etc. By the time I reached Day 4 I knew that this program was different. Though it hasn’t been easy addressing myself it is proving to be very “worth it”.

    I was presently surprised with the quality of not only the content, but the level of thought that has gone into creating such a comprehensive program for Personal Development.

    The ability to craft a life into what the mental picture or desired result is that anyone has for themselves is what truly sets this program apart from anything else out there.

    I’ve found that the tasks are simple, but the conversation I’ve had with myself (yes, I have found that I’m talking to myself much more then normal) have allowed me to evaluate where I am strong, and where the areas that need to be targeted for growth lie. This approach to self evaluation combined with my morning video with Little Orrin and Little Chris on my iPhone like two small images of my conscience guiding and teaching me, available anytime for review in my pocket, makes this program extremely special.

    Thank you to the PC for all the time, meetings and thought that went in to making this a reality for many people, and Thank you Orrin and Chris for being at the ready to mentor me through the use of this medium that really personalizes the training.

    Patrick Martell
    Team Rhino
    Newport, VT

    • Steve and Farrah Sargent said

      Patrick, WOW! Thank you for being so candid. I have felt that way many times. You shared it so clearly I knew what you were talking about. Also, I am super happy to know I am not the only one out there who talks to myself! Your comments about little Chris and Orrin being your conscience actually made me laugh =) You are on your way, keep up the good work! And I agree thank you TEAM leadership for your persistence and sacrifice making the MFC become a reality!!!

  108. Chuck Larner said

    The self-assessment test alone is worth a lot to anyone who is willing to examine where they are at. The fact that your spouse can also do the evaluation on themselves and on you is going to help a lot of marriages. Talk about making a difference! First ourselves, then our families, then our communities then our country then the world!

  109. Mackenzie Jackson (Patriot Revolution) said

    The MFC has been nothing short of AMAZING! I’m on day 15 and cannot wait to learn more and more each day. I’ve noticed that with this MFC that I am learning to apply more and more each day constantly working on myself. What my pastor said in church yesterday resonated with me he asked are we CONTENDERS or PRETENDERS? A CONTENDER has chance to achieve greatness but a PRETENDER along the way will be found out with the MFC everyone is CONTENDER to change their LIFE and to live the way they’ve always wanted!! So I encourage everyone to continue to build the habits of reading and listening to cd’s and applying these principles to your LIFE. You will LIVE the LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED!!

    Mackenzie Jackson

    • Ashley Homer (Patriot Revolution) said

      I have sent challenge requests to everyone in my address book and AM so EXCITED for everyone to see exactly what the MFC is all about! To find out what your weaknesses are compared to your strengths and then to CHALLENGE yourself to IMPROVE to be a BETTER person while helping OTHERS along the way! THAT is what EVERYONE should be doing!

  110. LaRue Austin said


    The MFC is taking the best of the best information from LIFE TEAM and changing lives. Before the MFC came into my life I was drowning in debt, alcohol and hour after hour of television and movies! To top it off, I was a backsliding Christian with no sense of purpose or direction in my life. Now, because of this business, I have recommitted my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are committed to building a big business to ensure a legacy of changed lives in our community. I have been free from alcohol for over a year, no longer sit hour after hour watching television, and together, my fiance and I will have eliminated nearly $49,000 worth of consumer debt. All because our THINKING has changed! You want results in your life?…Take the Mental Fitness Challenge and get a jump start on Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted! Thank you Orrin and the rest of the LIFE founders for the Mental Fitness Challenge!

    LaRue Austin

    • chris schill said

      Wow! Not sure there could be a more powerful testimony to having good principles in your life. So proud of you LaRue, you’re making a huge difference already and it’s only getting larger. God bless you brother!

  111. June Ewald said

    At our house, we were so excited to start the Mental Fitness Challenge – it was Christmas in May at our house! Finally – a consistent path to improve (and we don’t have to attempt to do push-ups!!) I am only on day 13, and look forward to each day to press on to complete this challenge. I am not so great at finishing what I started, so I began this challenge with both excitement and apprehension. (Excited about what could be achieved with the MFC, but apprehensive if I had what it takes to complete what I started.)

    1) How has the information changed you? I have experienced an ongoing struggle in my life to really understand “what is my purpose in life?” I did not have an outstanding talent that could easily set me on the right path, so have taken paths that seemed right. But, then my Dad passed away on March 22nd this year and this question really hit me hard! I read the Resolved book months ago and then put it on my desk at work for a reference book. The first week into the MFC brought me back to the Purpose question but with tools that help me define this. What a concept! There is such a difference in starting the day with a confidence that I am moving in the right direction. I know I am being called to carry on the legacy that my Dad left with us. (Dad was a retired American Baptist pastor in Michigan). We have a HUGE mission field in the U.S. – many don’t know Christ – yet.

    2) How are you thinking and responding differently? I am more focused because of the tracking sheet and weekly journal. Focusing on listening to the 2 CD’s and reading 15 minutes is what is changing my thinking. Prior to the MFC I knew what to do, I wanted to complete tasks, but am a fantastic procrastinator. Now I do not want to end my day until I mark my tasks complete!

    3) What is the biggest breakthrough you have had so far? I have a new confidence in myself that I can complete what I started. The MFC is not an easy task, but it is not an overwhelming, impossible task either. There is such an invigorating momentum that began with the launch of the MFC – I just want more each day! Also, this is such a great opportunity to offer others. It has been such a blessing in my life already, I want others to experience it too.

    4) Have others noticed changes in you? Yes! My family noticed I was not such a wimp. My natural tendency is to avoid conflict. Over the past weekend I had the opportunity to put to use the principles I am learning – with success and without excessive relationship damage.

    I truly appreciate all the effort that was put into creating the MFC. It is definitely a game changer is this game called Life! Thank you!

    • chris schill said

      We are so proud of both you and Glen! We are going to bring the Truth to so many!
      Love you guys!
      Chris and Kristen

  112. Brandon Black said


    The MFC is incredible!

    The most exciting part is participating together with my wonderful wife, Cathy. We have commited to growing together and even including the kids with some of the activities, accountablility and specific goals.

    It is fantastic that MFC is focused on growing in groups (and even masses!!) and not being a loner in a program by yourself for yourself (although a better you is really the product).

    The biggest change (that still needs work) is that this has pushed me to slow down and make time to input positive information in to my head, actually begin to dissect it and eventually get better at appyling it to my life.

    It has also helped us look at all areas of my life. Generally, when you focus on one or two, others suffer. We are now looking at all 8 F’s in relation to the 13 Resolutions and growing a little in all of them.

    We have many miles to go, but we are on the journey together and commited to lifelong learning and change!

    Thank you and the Team Leadership for developing a program to chnage lives!!

    FIRED UP!!

    Brandon and Cathy Black

  113. Miguel Martinez said

    Hey big O, The MFC is amazing because you guys have done it again.. systematize our learning making it fun, social and challenging.. As well easy to share with others n not be threatening. God bless..

  114. Dave Fink said


    I have just started the Mental Fitness Challenge. This is amazing! I really thought this would be a complex process. I mean it usually costs so much more and I figured that was due to the amount of coaching it took to get the 360 degree feedback. I am so looking forward to growing through this challenge and becoming better in many areas. I was also amazed at the pre-assessment and areas that I need to grow in. It took me by surprise a bit, but after some P.D.C.A, it was very clear to me that I need to grow in those areas. I guess that’s why they call them blind spotsm, lol.
    Thanks for the MFC and here’s to developing a Million Leaders!!

    Dave Fink

  115. Orrin,

    My trip across to my first Major in Clombus Ohio which happened to be the roll out for the MFC. I thought then this would be the game changer of all times. After reading the tributes from other fellow Lifer’s I’m yet to get my MFC.
    I personally have a big change through listening to the , LIFE, LLR, AGO and EDGE cd’s (reading is my downfall) though I am getting better. The CD’s alone have changed my life in giving me the Courage to stand up for myself along with strength to speak up when you know something isn’t right. Be that the work place or in everyday Life. I would always know on the inside the right and wrong, however wouldn’t be brave enough to speak up.
    I see the MFC as a great game changer for Australia in our Pre-Launch stage of LIFE those of us already within TEAM and those still to find the Truth in what we are doing through the Great work of you and the rest of the PC. A big thank you to you all.

    God Bless
    Tim Dwyer
    Centurions Down Under

  116. Julianna Stites said

    The MFC has come into our lives at such a critical time! Thank you Orrin and PC for this program,

    Julie and Sean Stites

  117. jennifer spolar said

    Awesome , excited about seing the change we can make on this world togeth er, o one life at a time! 🙂

  118. Reading through all of these heartfelt testimonials really has inspired me to have more posture in what we do. It is easy, too easy to get caught up in the day to day at work while we are working on ourselves through this community. Taking the time to read through the stories that we do not always get to hear had really had an impact on me to know that LIFE truly is a blessing and the MFG is such a gift. Thank you to everyone who has shared really personal stories and tributes. How wonderful that you have trust in this group to feel open and able to share!

  119. Theresa Zizzi said

    Hi Orrin!

    I started the MFC right after the Major and am amazed at how much I have accomplished since then. What an incredible accountability factor it provides. It is forcing me to have the courage to face tasks I have previously dreaded. I started with small steps and am gradually progressing to setting higher daily goals. I have read and listened to Team materials everyday for the past 2 1/2 years. However the MFC is giving me the right information in progressive steps and cheering me on. I can’t wait for the Challenge Groups to start tomorrow. The MFC opens up so many new doors to help everyone feel better about themselves and discover their God-given purpose. I’m very excited about the new EDGE CDs also. Today a college professor told me out of the blue that if kids only knew now what their parents and other adults know that they would live their lives differently. Gee…..where have I heard that before??

  120. We started the MFC right after the Major.

    When I read in the book (again!) and heard on the CD (3rd or 4th time) about “detecting” your purpose, I realized I had what it took to know my purpose in life. I never thought I did. I realized I not only had it, I could find it, and then follow it. What a revelation!! The video of you and Chris on the MFC site, explaining it further, just opened my eyes even more.

    So, I began to think about it. I apent my work breaks (when not reading) and down times for several days thinking about what themes were common to major decisions and dreams in my life. Because I knew that whatever was common to what I look back on as my best decisions and/or dreams would likely be a good clue to my detection process.

    I was right. I detected my purpose. I told my husband a few days later, and just told our mentors yesterday on the way to our upstate NY home from your awesome PA seminar. Every time I think about it or tell someone, it just resonates in my heart.

    Thank you so much to you and the PC for the MFC!! If I got nothing else out of it, just detecting my purpose in life would be worth it.

    Cathy Kilpatrick
    Team Rascals

  121. Le'Troy Andrews said

    Orrin the MFC is so much like an answer to pray its awe inspiring. The number one change that I’ve noticed in myself is I’m not as fearful as before. This alone has changed my thinking only its after responding to situations & circumstances. But I’m looking forward to learning & applying great things in this coming week to my character. God bless you guys!

  122. Amanda Shipton said

    Just wanted to write a comment on how wonderful the products are and how they are helping my life.. And I can’t wait to start the mfc

  123. Orrin,

    I am on 15th day of the challenge as I write this. Initially I was a little out in the desert on whether I was doing it right and looks like by the time I got to the character section I got the hang of it.

    The number 1 thing I had to do (which took me a week to figure out, slow but I always get there, smile) is to forget the fact that I read all the three books in the modules and approach this with someone who hasnt but hungry to learn. Combined with the fact that I had issues putting the cds on my ipod(operator error, hehe) so I fell behind listening to cds in week #1. Good news is I do listen 4 LIFE/TEAM cds a day so that helped out.

    Ok, I confess, the first ‘right in your face’ revelation was the self assessment denial I was in. Somehow my coordinates on the graph looked more rounder and expanded than the 10-15 people feedback I got which had more pointed edges and looked more shrunk than my glorious evaluation of myself. Ok I will be honest, I rated myself twice in most than what others thought. Thank God, it was anonymous, otherwise I would have spilled some curry on them!!!

    Questions came to my mind like:
    Am I supposed to watch that same video everyday or there is new one coming? Then I realized I have to watch the same video every day and read the Resolved book and contemplate on the topic in question for the week using the Goals and tracker sheet. Oh by the way, It took me a couple more days to figure, it might be a good idea to journal the progress on the ‘Weekly Journal’ sheets. hehe. I promise you there are some best practices that came out of this seemingly obvious things my one brain cell was trying to figure out or was struggling to.

    Watching the Video with new eyes and ears everyday was a key thing for me along with cds and books. For example: My answer to the three questions(hedgehog concept) at the beginning of the week were I felt very good but every day as I contemplated and building my business it forced me to validate whether I was truly living that. It is amazing it forced me to tailor my conversations so as to truly validate the answers I have written. By the time I came to the end of the week, the answers were not dramatically different but boy did they make it more real what I was pursuing. For those who are wondering if you have to watch the same video over an over, the answer is YES, if you are intentionally asking those three questions in all of your interactions to see you whether validate that. It is not as much as to validate what we wrote but more importantly, am I being altruistic about my answers or is that something that moves me deeply in my heart and gut. If one feels like they cant validate or “I dont get the feeling’, that is good news. All that means is you have to figure out what the true answers are and eventually that has to move you to action and while in action it gives you the most joy because you are living out your purpose.

    When I came to the Character week, it was the toughest week.

    Everyday I had to make an intentional effort to see whether my dealings in the world and people around me experienced the true character I wanted to reveal as opposed to a habitual character that I have built over the years. For me, ‘Am telling the truth in this matter?’ ‘ Am I manipulating to get desired result?’ ‘Am I lying?’ ‘Am I exaggerating?’ etc (typical things a choleric melancholy has to deal with). I caught myself so many times and was able to change the course, it was amazing. Where I did fall, I was able to go ask for forgiveness. This had to be worse than brain surgery! Sheeeesh. But it feels so good that one does not have to be in bondage to the limiting beliefs and incorrect habits that shaped them thus far.

    I am on the Attitude week. Boy, the first morning after I watch the video, guess what my attitude totally gave in with a situation at home and needless to say, my wife found out soon first hand and probably said a prayer, Lord convict him through the Attitude challenge this week. Very soon we might have to put some positive and negative disclaimers in small print on the MFC boxes. Sheeeesh again. I will keep you posted. For now say a prayer for me and everyone that are in the ‘Attitude’ week.

    So here are some best practices that are helping me as I go through the challenge thus far:

    1) Do it the first thing in the morning. No excuses! At least the video and reading.
    2) YES, watch the video every day. I even know when Brady raises his eye brow in each video and when Woodward has one finger up or all five fingers up as he is making hand gestures.
    3) Intentionally, Intentionally, Intentionally everyday. That is the key to progress. Out of sight out of mind. We are talking age old neurological paths that have been paved over the years so we are not going to remove these in one week but the progress in one week will give us hope to make that unlimited change in life time.
    4) Expect great things to happen and they will. I am finding the best way to internalize what I learnt is to share what I am learning with people around me on a daily basis. I guess we tend to learn more meaningfully when we teach it.
    5) Its a lot more fun to do the challenge with people who you love and respect than doing solo. Its an automatic accountability knowing that someone else doing their best and you dont want to let them down.
    6) If you miss a day any part of it. dont beat yourself up but at the same time dont get behind more than one day in any aspect.

    Anyways, hope that helps.

    All I can say you and Chris are the ONLY two people I have met that can take the complex and make it simple, especially in intangible areas like the ones we are dealing with in MFC. Thank you for chasing your God given purpose and calling with courage and humility. We love you and in step with reaching the million(s) who, God has prepared for us.

    Now back to the challenge.

    God bless you.

    –thank you

  124. The information in the Mental Fitness Challenge has made a dramatic impact in my life! Reading and then applying what I read is a big step for me first of all because I have never been a reader. In the past I was not a reader although I would tell people I was. People would suggest books to me all the time and I would with good intentions buy the book and read the first couple of pages… maybe on a good day. I have a hunger now for reading that was never present before getting this information. The book Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life has sparked in me a big hunger to read and learn! I have since read both Resolved and Launching A Leadership Revolution and I am now half way through Tim Marks’ book Voyage of a Viking (which is incredible!). I will be starting the Rascal book shortly! I am not just simply reading them, I am devouring them! Some nights I don’t want to come to bed until I get at least 15 minutes to read. My wife then says “who are you, and what did you do with my husband?”

    The first week of the challenge was awesome! I can’t stop talking about it! I have found my PURPOSE and it truly is located where my passion and profits intersect in LIFE! I have been privileged to receive a vision from God a couple of times in my life. One such occasion just happened! I can’t give praise enough to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ through whom ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! I know my PURPOSE now! Or at least I know the next BIG part of it.

    Week two of the Mental Fitness Challenge was enlightening to say the least. I found myself in so many situations on a daily basis where I would catch myself doing or about to do something really dumb. On so many occasions throughout the work day I had to stop myself and correct myself or alter my course. I had one opportunity to step up and not just have character but also be an example of integrity to a coworker gently reminding him not to lie to a customer. In the past I would have easily let it slide as it was a normal part of doing business. I am firm when it comes to telling the truth now even if it means I might lose a sale.

    My wife has noticed a major shift in my thinking since I started to put this information to practice in my life! My coworkers seem to notice also. Although not one of them has said anything directly to me but they seem to act differently when they are around me the last several days. Maybe it’s just that I’m acting differently around them? Having accountability partners to help is big benefit!

    You have a God-given purpose! The Mental Fitness Challenge can help you detect what that purpose is. The MFC will also help you grow in the areas necessary to live up to that God-given purpose!

    15 days down, 75 days to go! Attitude is the next area to work on! I’m excited about the next week! Bring it on!

    Thank you,
    Philip Brittain

  125. the mfc is defintely p90x for the brain! wow. kudos to the leaders for coming up with such an innovative concept! what an amazing tool and gift to share with our community!this organization never ceases to amaze me! jimmy varghese sons of liberty>>>united we stand!

  126. Sabra Barnett said

    We are in awe over the MFC. It will open so many doors to us for sharing good information that is life-changing, and, eventually, world-changing. Our newest partners are the most excited because they were just adjusting to the fact that there is a way to grow and get better without spending a fortune on a personal life coach. Also, we see people who haven’t read anything outside of technical material ever. They are loving the books. Huey and I both assessed ourselves as brutally truthfully as we could because we want to know specific areas of weakness. At 72 and 73, it feels so great to be called to grow personally and to make a difference in other people’s lives. We are so grateful for this opportunity and there were such thin threads that connected us to Team/LIFE. We’ve found a home with this team of leaders and look forward to many years of growing, changing, sharing. God bless you for all you and the PC and RT leaders have done for us. We look forward to seeing many more dreams come true. Our pastor has just completed a series on Spiritual Fitness. Onward………………..

  127. Hey Orrin, The MFC is taking off in full force. Its amazing to hear all the great things people are learning about themselves. The MFC is the tool to help people discover the person they were truly meant to be. Thanks Orrin and God Bless
    Alex Nickerson (http://alexnickersonleadership.com)

  128. Matt Watts said

    I will be getting my Mental Fitness Challenge this week and I can’t wait to start the journey because for some time now, I have been going through a mental fitness challenge on the home front. What has kept me mentally fit to this point has been God. He has led me to start taking a Spiritual Fitness Challenge, if you will, through a course at my church that mirrors the cause that I see in LIFE, making a difference in people’s lives by connecting people with Christ in holistic, transformational disciple-making communities. My wife is supportive of this which is why I know that it is a matter of time that she is on board with LIFE.

    God has also led me to the LIFE products and an amazing mentor in Scott Russell. The LIFE products have gotten me through many tough and challenging times especially the Marriage and Parenting Packs in this season of my life. Scott has shared experiences from his heart and numerous times helped me help myself through the art of asking questions for me to reflect on and not necessarily tell him the answers to, but rather challenging me to think about them. His servant heart and love and support through friendship and example is not something I saw or expected when I first was exposed to LIFE, but now realize that I can and need to be that example for others as well starting at home.

    I’m excited to go on the Mental Fitness Challenge journey to get disciplined in my thinking, so I can become the best husband, father, and Christian man I can be, and that my light shines so bright that my wife can’t deny the change. Then, she will see the cause of LIFE that I see of making a difference in others because she’ll see it in me.

    Thank you Orrin for giving everyone an opportunity to give themselves and their critics hope!

    God bless,

    Matt Watts

    • Matt, this is extremely well put. It was so great and uplifting to see your true heart at our liberty tree meeting last month. Glad to know you are focusing on your marriage so strongly. If more young folks like us did that earlier on many things in this country would fix themselves through better family life. Can’t wait to see ya again soon!

  129. MICHAEL DAVIES said

    WOW!!!! The Mental Fitness Challenge is fantastic and will change a lot of lives.
    I have been looking for LIFE my entire professional career. I have been placing people in jobs and careers for over 40 years, and I have never seen the opportunity that LIFE is offering. I have placed many people who had to change jobs because of conditions or circumstances out of their control, and wound up in a similar “rut” within a few years in their new jobs, but just kept repeating the cycle year after year. No amount of career moves would change a thing.
    The reason is quite simple: everywhere they went there was a common problem-themselves. I speak of myself because I never learned these principals, either. All we were doing is carrying the baggage in different suitcases to a different location, or in a different town. But the problems would always stay with us. Our families, our finances, our jobs and especially our marriages have been a mess for years, and you can point back to our training and environment which taught us wrong.
    LIFE using the Mental Fitness Challenge is going to show people that they are the problem. They have been taught wrong by the school system, their family and the entire world. LIFE teaches us we can make a difference. We weren’t bad or stupid people. We just didn’t know the principals on which our nation was founded, which should be part of our everyday life. We didn’t know what the bible had to say about every aspect of our lives. We saw TV and movies and believed the devil’s lies about how life was supposed to be, and it was successful in getting us where we are now: a mess; both as a person, and as a nation. LIFE is going to change that and turn things around.
    No one ever taught me how to handle finances, how to relate to my spouse, how to handle relationships, how to dream and achieve my dreams, and how to be a servant leader, until now.
    All we need to do is to recognize we don’t have all the answers, and need to listen to the experts in their field and those who have followed their sound advice successfully and applied those principals to their own lives with great results, and we can initiate a radical 180 shift in the future of our lives and family.
    The Mental Fitness Challenge is the first step on a long journey, which will take some a lot more time, than others, depending upon attitude, teach ability and servant mentality. Anyone who starts this program can be successful, and achieve their goals.
    But the ones who reach out to others and help them reach their dreams are the ones who will be able to drive this program to a million people. If you keep thinking about yourself and your own ambition, it is not going to work.
    This is the servant mentality, which is the primary foundation of the MFC. By checking our progress, and adjusting our behavior and dreaming achievable dreams, we will be able to help others achieve theirs, and then look out! America can be changed, one person at a time, and the MFC is the first real step.
    Thanks to Orrin & Laurie Woodward and Chris & Terri Brady and the entire Policy Council, for putting together this incredible simple and effective first step to changing our lives. Thanks to Jimmy Varghese and Keith & Elizabeth Sieracki for reaching out to this jaded and set in his ways man, ready to quit looking for the right thing, and instead renewing my belief that the American Dream. Is achievable after all.
    Michael Davies

  130. I personally believe that many people are going to create the daily habits that they need to move forward to their destiny and become the best leaders God created them to be. If we do what we are supposed to do with the mental fitness challenge… we will all be going on free trips and getting free! I cannot wait to attend “freedom parties” on a regular basis.

    Focus is the key and broken focus is a really big problem for most of us! I will do what it takes to accomplish the 90- mental fitness challenge!

  131. Trent Martin said

    Tonight’s Growth/Challenge group was inspiring and encouraging. Not just for Tami and myself, the entire group seemed to feed off each others enthusiasm. I walked away energized and with a real sense of community!

  132. Heather Coleman said

    We ….in Townsville, Australia, are so….so looking forward to the launch of the Life business and the MFC over here. Just reading everyone’s comments is reinforcing our belief that this is a fantastic life changing business.
    Thank you, Orrin.

    Heather Coleman

  133. Jeanne Fritch said

    Our first Challenge Group meting was just wonderful – for ALL who attended! What VALUE is brought to each of us through the implementation of this new format. Watching people come alive discussing what they have gained already through the MFC – just heartwarming and inspiring!

  134. Stephen said

    I attended the inaugural Challenge meeting and had the pleasure to share stories with some really great people last night. The Mental Fitness Challenge is going to change so many lives for the better. Thank you for your vision in making this all possible.

  135. Elizabeth said

    Dear Orrin,
    I’m with Jimmy– our SOL south group has been referring to the MFC as P90x for the brain. I’ve done the P90x and honestly its easier than the MFC!!!!
    (I also loved Dan Hawkins “Bootcamp for the brain” analogy during seminar)
    Going back through the 13 Resolution book now for the second time has a new meaning. The first time I was curious. The second time I am studious.
    I’m ready to attack areas where I need improvement.

  136. MICHAEL DAVIES said

    Hey, Team, I just thought of something. The other people are pushing weight loss programs and getting in shape. We are, too! But our weight is the heavy baggage we have been carrying around for years, if not a lifetime.
    The teachers and schools and most parents taught us a good old-fashioned work ethic, work for the boss, do your job, take career moves,and you will succeed and reach your goals. Dream the American Dream and by wotrking hard everyday for the “company” you will make your dreams come true.
    Not at all, as most people have found out. Because of our work ethic becoming so driven that we brought our wives to the work force, increased our time away from home, saved little, bought everything on credit and essentially forgot about being a parent and father to our children and a husband to our wives, we have been overloaded to the point of collapse. We kept adding to our load,, as opposed to relieving it with smart decisions.
    Our searching for the American Dream has led us to a deadend in the Valley of the Wasteland, filled with broken promises and dreams.
    The Mental Fitness Challenge will change all that, and give us a place where we can dump our baggage, and lead the life we were intended, as God promised to us at the Beginning. Give Him all our troulbles because “My yoke is heavy, but My burden is light>>” He wants top carry our baggage, not
    MFC- A terrific weight loss program, after all.

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