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Orrin Woodward Loves MonaVie (M)mūn

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 10, 2012

I wanted to write a letter of commendation to MonaVie for the best product, in my opinion, in their portfolio – (M)mūn. Coming out of the LIFE Leadership Convention where we filled the Ohio State basketball arena, I was running on an emotional high. So high, in fact, that I was having trouble sleeping because of all the excitement! Unfortunately, I have learned over the years that Orrin Woodward and no sleep do not go well together. Indeed, it’s about the only time I ever get sick.

Thankfully, since I sleep well, typically falling asleep with minutes, if not seconds, of my head hitting the pillow, I don’t get sick often. My friends call me digital—either all on or all off, no in between. 🙂  Still, here I was a week out of the major and still not caught up on my sleep when the scratchy throat appeared. Uh oh, that scratchiness always signifies a bigger problem, going from a scratchy throat, to a runny nose, to congestion in my chest, and typically ending up with walking pneumonia and a doctor’s visit. The whole process knocks me out of sorts for a week every year.

However, the story changed after my good friend Dallin Larsen and MonaVie rolled out (M)mūn several years ago. Since then, any time I have that tickle in my throat, I down an entire bottle of (M)mūn over the next 24 hours, and the sore throat goes away! Being an engineer, the first time it happened, I thought it may have been a coincidence, although I have never been able to shake off the sore throats in the past. When it happened the second, third, and fourth times, I knew (M)mūn was doing something amazing! I am writing today because this morning completed the seventh time that (M)mūn has knocked out my sore throat and restored me to health. I feel like a million bucks again. 🙂

I want to personally thank MonaVie for a product that has saved me from my typical one week of sickness. In truth, I have not had walking pneumonia since the release of (M)mūn. According to Edward Deming, the great statistician, seven data points is a trend, and this trend points out that MonaVie (M)mūn helps keep me healthy. I haven’t studied all the science behind (M)mūn, but I do know how to run controlled experiments, having won a National Technical Benchmarking Award as a result of my work in designed experiments in a previous life.

Kudos to all the engineers, marketers, and manufacturing people that provide this wonderful product to the world. I don’t claim to know how (M)mūn will work in your family, but as for me and my family, we are customers for life. What is your favorite MonaVie product?


Orrin Woodward – 2011 IAB Top Leadership Award Winner

36 Responses to “Orrin Woodward Loves MonaVie (M)mūn”

  1. Amy Clark said

    Definitely some powerful stuff!!

  2. james pyka said

    My family agrees with your thoughts on there world class product. We have enjoyed the same benefits you describe in your post. We realise in todays fast pace society its not always easy to get the correct amount of nutrition daily. We need to feed our minds to grow our leadership, but also need to keep the body healthy so we can share truth into peoples lives.
    We are blessed and thankful to have world class leadership and nutrition to keep everything running at peak performance. Thanks for sharing and leading from the front.

  3. fitzgerald011 said

    Mmun isn’t just good nutrition for the maintaining health for the average person but is a great addition to the nutrition plan for the extreme athlete. My husband has used Mmun daily since it was first released. He is an extreme athlete and only eats/drinks what supports his body as he continues to challenge it every day. He is also a neurophysiologist and can explain in great scientific detail why Mmun is critical to the maintenance of a healthy body for athletes. If you are an athelete and want a great product to support your physical system, Mmun is a great place to start.

  4. I fully agree! I will continue to have this product stocked forever! We have been so much healthier since it was introduced and plan to keep it that way. My three and a half year old granddaughter loves it too!

  5. I am with you Orrin! M(mun) is the ONLY thing that rids my son of his Eczema!! And it’s awesome for allergies as well! 🙂 Blessings

  6. Jessica Wienke said

    Mmun is our families favorite product as well!

  7. Have to agree with you on this one, Orrin! Love Mmun!

  8. Michael and Jo-Anne Lewer said

    Well Orrin, I am unsure on how well the Mmun works, as we are not blessed to have it here in Australia yet. I do know that we use all the other ones Pulse, Active, Essentials and the energy in a can Emv and have had great results from them. Although we have had the pleasure of sharing a case with our team of the Mmun once and I found it to be the best tasting so did everyone else in our team including our 6 children. Great to hear that after that fantastic Weekend in Columbus that you have managed to stay healthy, we had an awesome time and we look forward to doing big things here in Australia with Life and the new MFC. Thank you
    Cheers from Centurions Down Under

  9. Scott Staley said

    I agree with you Orrin. I love that it’s healthy/good for you and tastes great!

  10. Sherry Pries said

    I agree. Now we’ve switched to the MX as it has both the Active & Mmune. We haven’t been sick (especially the MI crud as you described) since we started using these great products especially these last 2 years. One of our partners even mentioned that “you & Fred never get sick, must be the MV.” Thanks for finding Dallen & MV & sharing it with the rest of TEAM. Blessings to you & your great family.

  11. P.s. But personally I can’t pick just ONE favorite MonaVie product. M(mun) helps with SO many ailments, RVL is THE BEST weightloss program out there and Emv! A HEALTHY Energy drink that tastes Great! Fantastic!!!! My family will be a Life Long MonaVie Family ;-))

  12. Matt Foote said

    Mona Vie Mmun is so good. It’s also my favorite in terms of taste. I love the partnership that LIFE has with MonaVie. Dallin Larsen has done an amazing job focusing on quality so more people can be served in a better way. Putting others before himself and his company is the kind of leadership we need more of in our world.

  13. Orrin, Yes! Yes! Yes! In addition, if possible, I won’t go without my Pulse ( Heart Health ), and Active ( Joint Health ) for all the benefits. Thanks, George

  14. Love them all! As a family we consume almost every product they offer. We have been totally satisfied and recommend others to use it as well.

  15. imkellyjack said

    I have the exact same story as you Orrin. I can actually count the days (3) that I have not felt up to par in all the Years I have been consuming this product. Now I drink Mx, it has the benefits of Active and Mmun. But whichever you chose. You are better off, I know I am. Thanks for helping change my Life for the better in many ways. Kellyjack

  16. imkellyjack said

    In the Years that I have been enjoying Monavie products I can count the days (3) that I have not been up to par. (Mx with Active and Mmun benefits is my choice, but they are all excellent) In this way and many others you have been part of changing my Life for the better. Thanks and Godspeed Orrin.

  17. Mmun is the safest and best preventative I have ever used! It tastes amazing and it really works! Thanks for sharing Orrin 🙂

  18. Skip Mason said


    I can say the same is true for me. As soon as I start getting the scratchy throat I double up on my Mmun doses and it clears up the issue. I prevent taking a $70. 00 antibiotic and a doctors visit on top of that which is a $30.00 copay. Mmun is cheaper than the doc and better for you than an antibiotic. Thanks Monavie!!!

    The Mason’s
    Lifelong customers

  19. Orrin we hear so much positive feed back on the Mmun here Downunder and would so like to see it here as many people could do with it. I’m on MonaVie products for life too. They have helped me in more ways than one and I too commend Mona Vie on their fantastic products. I also have to commend Team on a great Conference in Columbus Ohio. Being my first live Major it was just sensational and looking forward to seeing again this week-end in Australia.

    God Bless

    Centurion Down Under

  20. Troy Gallant said

    Healthy Orrin=Happy Community. Cheers to MonaVie Mmun!

  21. Sue Lohr, Team Courageous said

    We are so grateful to MonaVie for their products! The products are so helpful, that even during a year and a half of unemployment, we did not drop our shipment. My husband’s joint pains are gone and his allergies relieved because of the Active, and I drink Mmun every day for the antioxidents. Both of us are cancer survivors, and while MonaVie can’t claim any prevention or cure, we are committed to drinking their products for the rest of our lives so that we can be as healthy as possible. Emv is incredible, too. We also fight off colds and minor illnesses quickly. Thanks, Orrin, for reminding us of the incredibly wonderful partnership with Dallin and MonaVie!

  22. Elaine Koleske said

    I have had back problems for many years. Sometimes it gets better and then very quickly I can relapse. Recently I experienced some severe pain. I started going to a physical therapist who incorporated daily exercises into my routine. I have been drinking Active and Mmun for a long time. I recently started drinking Mx. I do not get sore after exercising. I quickly recover from viruses that are passed around work on a regular basis. Mona Vie has excellent products with science backing them.

  23. johnklewis said

    I agree Orrin! Our family loves the taste and are loyal fans of the Mmun product. Our son has allergies and this product has done wonders for him. Thanks to Mmun, his attendance at school has improved greatly. Thank you Dallen and the Monavie organization for delivering world-class products!

  24. Mary Hermsen said

    Great products!! I’m going to try your method, Orrin: One whole bottle in 24 hours. I had a scratchy throat after the major, too! Glad to know I’m in good company.

  25. Orrin, thanks for the great post and great advice for when I start to feel a flu coming on. Mmun is a great product.

  26. I fully agree with you Orrin, Mmun is an awesome product! Love it

  27. brian powers said

    I could not agree with you more. As a 30 year + Wildland Firefighter I know respiratory issues are dealt with on a daily basis for men and women in that profession. When I learned of the research conducted with Smokejumpers and the improvements it made in those folks by consuming the Monavie Emun blend, we’ve been consuming it since. Thank you Dallen for your your continued commitment to personal health. And thank you Orrin for your continued dedication to help people. You all are truly modern day heros!!!

  28. Kevin Hamm said


    I haven’t tried the whole bottle routine yet, but you have me thinking now : ) On a side note, I listened to SOL 487 The Truth isn’t for Everyone about 4 times yesterday and just woke up at 4 am central time dreaming all about it. I think I will listen again on the way to my first job this morning. Can’t wait for you to follow in Mona Vie’s footsteps with the Income Disclosure Statement. Will that be out with the closing of April’s numbers? I am beginning to factor in the value of selling out of my S business when the debt is gone, because there is no doubt that THIS is what I am going to do! What if I was only focused on LIFE?! I think I will go guzzle some Mona Vie Mx and try to get another hour of sleep. The elephant is moving! Thanks Orrin!

  29. Elizabeth Sieracki said

    I can totally relate to your story Orrin. I am the same way when it comes to no sleep equals getting sick. I was always annoyed at my parents growing up when I was trying to shuffle sports, studying and my social life and they were reminding me I needed sleep. As an adult, I have to remind myself which can be hard. (M)mun has saved me many times.
    We find it especially helpful with our international travels. Long flights and different time zones time can be problematic when you have projects that need to be completed within a time constraint. The convenient travel bottles of (M)mun (Keith prefers Active) are part of our packing requirements now.

  30. Orrin,

    I agree with you about (M)mun, we like it for our two kids ages 4 and 2! I however have a family history of heart challenges so that fear along leans me to Pulse, then I am getting older and the Active attracts me! So I have decided to do what our friends call the “stop light”. That is the Pulse (red), Mmun (yellow), Active (green) all mixed together for one fabulious drink!!

  31. Steve and Farrah Sargent said

    This is true at our house too! Our little boy tends to get a crazy cough that turns into trips to the doctor. Well, not anymore… every time I notice THE COUGH coming on i give him plenty of (M)mun throughout the day and you guessed it… the next day he is back to 100%. I am so thankful for (M)mun. I don’t value the money and time it saves us at the doctor nearly as much as the peace of mind I have knowing that I don’t have to worry about that cough turning into something worse ever again!

  32. Maribel Damphousse said

    We’ve included MV in our grocery budget so we’re sure we’re consuming something healthier everyday! One of our daughters is very active in badminton and she takes Active and it makes a big difference for her before, during and after her games. It’s a big help and a great investment to one’s health!

  33. Joseph Keller said

    Amazing product and just like the information you provide, it works. Between it and EMV the one keeps me from getting sick and the other is that little added boost to help get my energy level up when needed. Great fitness products, world class thanks Mona Vie!

  34. Barry Bauman said

    The facts speak for themselves the Monavie products are amazing!!!!!! health products and keep my family heathy and they taste awesome.
    Thank you Dallin!!!!!!
    about changing lives

  35. Never before have we seen so many people with compromised immune systems. Our society seems allergic to almost everything. Mmun in a definite to strenghten our immune system!!!

  36. Ed Warner said

    When I was 5yrs. old I crushed my right elbow. At that time the town Dr. put it in a sling so it is deformed but a joint did form as the bone fragments began to heal. It has been very painful all my life. I thought about a replacement but several Doctors advised me to hold off as long as possible. I took several pain killers,the last one being Celebrex with Vicodin. My daughter introduced me to Monavie. While still taking the pain meds. the pain continued. After a month on Mona.. the pain stopped, I discontinued my meds. and stayed on Mona.. Thats been more than three year ago. And my elbow is pain free.. I am 63 and I wouldn’t be without my Monavie!! Ed

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