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Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Laurie and I are back from Denver, Pennsylvania, where we had a super day with the leaders from the Penn teams. Passion, excitement, and results were on display as the recognition went on and on! Details and techniques on how to grow the LIFE business through the explosive growth of the Mental Fitness Challenge were shared, along with a talk from the RESOLVED book. A huge congratulations to Tony and Sharon Hoffman for hitting the prestigious RT rank! Here is a picture that I took from stage. This was the rowdiest Pennsylvania seminar that I have ever attended!

What LIFE seminar did you attend this weekend? Which location had the most excitement this weekend? Who were the speakers at your event? What was your key nugget that you took away to expand your leadership and influence in LIFE? Please share below.


Orrin Woodward

110 Responses to “LIFE Business Seminars”

  1. John said

    Dan and Lisa Hawkins and Terry and Ann Franks. Our was a phenomenal seminar! LIFE just keeps getting better! My favorite nugget of the evening was how Roger Banister kept going even with 2000 years of history attempting to break the 4 minute mile. With all odds against you, persistent tenacious thinking will prevail! Fired up!

  2. Sean Hawley and Lorina Hayford said

    We attended the Battle Creek seminar and it was amazing as always! Dan and Lisa Hawkins are always exceptional and Terry Franks had the crowd rolling with laughter for his enitre talk!

    • kay johnson said

      We only need to go to our great events for entertainment. How blessed we are to have leaders with great humor. They havean amazing ability to teach thru humor.

  3. One in for Battle Creek with Hawkins and Franks! What a fired up night! All three sessions were totally on point!

  4. Charlie Mallios said

    We were there in Denver, PA. WOW! It was fantastic. Thank you so much for all that information. Building and Bonding – We got it!

  5. Larine Walstead said

    Battle Creek was absolutely amazing. Dan and Lisa were great and the info on the MFC was helpful. Ann Franks was very relatable, but Terry Franks was a hit. His teaching and flat out honesty about how people act and react was the best. He had the crowd in tears laughing. We’re looking forward to sharing a webcast with new people.

  6. San Jose, California!!! Thanks so much to Curtis & Debbie Spolar my belief is FULL and we’re FIRED UP about the MFC for SURE!!!

  7. Dani Miller said

    Mansfield,Ohio was blessed to have Eric and Jennifer Bloomdahl. AMAZING teaching and inspiration. Thank you so much!!

  8. Trent &Tami Martin said

    No doubt Kansas is Fired Up! Tim & Amy Marks teaching us how to explode our businesses! Awesome seeing 4 brand new power players in Wichita!! MFC is exciting. The life you always wanted rashly is there for anyone. I say Yes! Fired Up!

  9. Sue Lohr, Team Courageous said

    The Battle Creek, MI seminar was stellar! I was thinking after hearing Dan and Lisa twice, ‘how can Ann and Terry Franks beat THAT?” Well, it’s not a competition, but I truly believe the Franks’ held their own and it was such a great note to bring an end to the seminar! GREAT JOB, both to the Hawkins’ and the Franks’!

    • Mike Kolp said

      100% spot on! Also, if you hang out with losers, their numbers increase by one. But, do not argue with an idiot because they will bring you down to their level where they have more experience.:-)

  10. Christina Keedick said

    Madison, WI!! Claude & Lana were absolutely fantastic! Awesome information & so inspiring! Can’t wait to see you & Laurie next month! Thank you for following your dream & purpose & creating this amazing business. I will be indebted to you both for the rest of my life.

    • kay johnson patriot revolution said

      Can’t wait for it to come out on cd. We saw battle creek. It was amazing. Looking forward to hearing other speakers.

    • COuldn’t agree more Christina! I had my 13-year-old son at the seminar with me and Claude to some time with him that was priceless. Thank you Claude and Lana for serving the team in so many different ways.


  11. Battle Creek all the way! Dan & Lisa rocked the house. Ann & Terry were amazing. My stomach hurt from laughing after Terry’s talk. Amazing leadership!

  12. Scott and Rebecca Cooper said

    The St. Louis seminar was Awesome!!! Chris and Terri Brady ROCKED!! The Abernathys were just as on FIRE! We can’t wait until they come out until they come out on cd.

  13. Mike and Danielle Bercier said

    Halifax’s seminar with Jean and Tammy Belanger was amazing!! Their story really hit home and fired everyone up!! The talk about change was also awesome!! LIFE just keeps getting better!!

  14. Will Johanning said

    THE BEST, for sure, was Claude and Lana Hamilton at the Seminar in Madison, Wisconsin! Let’s just say, Wisconsin is looking to beat Michigan, and Claude and Lana are cheering us on! LOL! 🙂 Love you, Team! RED EAGLES are ALWAYS First to Serve!

  15. Will Johanning said

    Also, we in Wisconsin are all so fired up to see Orrin and Laurie Woodward, founders and CEO of LIFE, at our seminar in June! It is going to be life-changing! Our goal is to ROCK the HOUSE and bring tons more people to see our visionary leaders of LIFE! We are growing like crazy in Wisconsin! See you at the Major in M I L W A U K E E ! — A Great Place on a Great Lake™! 🙂 Bring your Cheeseheads!

  16. Georgia Baker said

    Many fired up Rascals drove close to 5 hrs to be at the amazing seminar in Denver ,Pa ! It was great ! Having you and Lauri share and being around the bonded community in pa was electric. The whole team was on fire ! Thanks Orrin !

  17. Mark and Jenn Paul in Moncton New Brunswick!! Was soo fired up!!!

  18. Tedd Romero said

    San Jose California was fired up to see Curtis and Debbie!! They absolutely rocked the house first talk was amazing and about the 4 different personalty styles and then the last talk about the TRIPS really got the crowd going and sent off DREAMing!! Thanks PC for sending them to serve Nor. Cal.. CI-AW!!

  19. Kammy Kenman said

    We were blessed to see Bill & Jackie Lewis. They knocked it out of the park! You could tell they spoke from the heart and gave it there all.
    Send them our heart felt thanks for taking time away from their kids on Mother’s day weekend to serve us in southern California.

  20. Lisa Mangold said

    I know all of the seminars are great, but I had the choice to drive 2 hours to Wausau or 4 hours to Madison. I’m so glad I drove the 4 hours ~ Claude & Lana were inspiring!! Just what I and many others needed to hear!

  21. Ellen Lawton said

    Terry and Ann Franks were incredible! Laughed so hard it made my stomach hurt! Fabulous night!

  22. Bill Eder said

    We attended the seminar in Madison,Wisconsin. Pc LIfe founders Claude & Lana Hamilton were awesome. To here a first time Mom speak just before Mothers day
    was so touching. Words cannot begin to express the many emotions we felt at this seminar. This couple is so caring and such great teachers. It is very hard to pick just one nugget as there were many. Humility was one nugget Claude spoke about for all leaders to apopt if they want to build a community of leaders to create a culture that will truly make a difference. Blessings to you and Happy Mother’s Day to Laurie!

  23. Orrin,
    Thanks for doing such an awesome seminar in Denver, PA yesterday! By far the best one yet and they just keep getting better. Thanks for the example you set of servant leadership. Learned the importance of building and bonding.
    Cant wait to join you as a PC on LIFE island 🙂

  24. Skip Mason said

    We were in Denver! What a seminar The auditorium was filled to the rafters! The excitement was contagious. WE Need a bigger place! PA is on the grow. Fired up!!!

  25. Kara Plank said

    Was so blessed by you and Laurie last evening! Can’t wait to grow, change and see others do the same so we can all earn our spot on LIFE island!!!

  26. Dave Chatmon said

    This Madison Wisconsin Seminar was the most excited and we had incredible speakers with the Hamilton’s! How Claude broke down the numbers to help everyone achieve their LIFE goals. Awesome event!! Also, there was an awesome talk from new RT Kristen Seidl that charged up the crowd!

  27. Scott Staley said

    Marc and Kristine Militello had some swagger in Aylmer Ontario! It was amazing to see the posture that this couple displayed. They may be job optional teachers – but they haven’t stopped teaching. Thank you for sharing with the southern Ontario crowd!

  28. Danny and Kim Campbell said

    Mark and Jenn Paul were amazing in Moncton New Brunswick. For our first seminar it was great, and we can’t wait to go to more.

  29. Denver, PA was the only place to be last evening at 5pm! Passion and Excitement grew as Orrin took the stage! The evening was highlighted by the recognition of new Round Table members Tony and Sharon Hoffman! Beth and I are so blessed to be part of the Rhino organization!

    Dave and Beth Ober

  30. Joel and Michele Peterson said

    My wife Michele and I drove 5 hours from Richmond VA to be part of the Pennsylvania seminar, and we were not disappointed. What a shot in the arm the seminar was for us. Thank you Orrin and Laurie for serving us last night.

  31. Joseph Keller said

    Marc and Kristine Militello truly are the teachers of the team retired or not. What an amazing job they did at the Aylmer Ontario Canada seminar. The saying “Passion on Fire, trumps Knowledge on Ice” was so true. Marc was on fire alright and Kristine well they took there talks to a new level inspiring us and getting us fired up for the tuesday Challenge Meetings. Thank you again Marc and Kristine for sharing your wisdom and giving the belief needed to drive this to a million and beyond!

  32. Orrin,

    The St. Louis was packed full of passion, people, posture and tons of recognition. Mark and Rita took the show hitting DBL Roundtable and Triple 100. It was inspiring night!!!

    St. Louis will be a major force in reaching 1 million and beyond.

  33. Dave Crown said


    I was in Denver, PA last night. Besides Laurie fighting illness to get in and speak to us (amazing display of servant leadership), I was blown away by how simple everything has become. 3x3x3 = Freedom, Building and Bonding, Conversiations instead of Contacting, so much has become so easy! Thanks for coming up and being so informative, yet so entertaining as well. Best seminar I’ve been to yet!

  34. ray zimmerman said

    Denver PA totally rocked the house busting out the rafters ! Thanks Orrin

  35. Marty Becker said

    Chris and Terri Brady at the STL seminar along with Raymond and Tina Abernathy. One of the best seminars that I have ever attended!!! Fantastic talk about keeping score and a brand new double RT/ Triple 100 to verify that it works!

    Team Alpha Omega/Journey

  36. MADISON, WI was on FIRE last night! Claude and Lana delivered three exceptional talks that were hard hitting, emotional and inspiring! We feel so blessed to have LIFE founders two months in a row grace the stages in Wisconsin and then the convention in our back yard in July! We will not take this for granted! Wisconsin will hold the largest groups of people in the TEAM as we chase down 1,000,000 people! Looking forward to you and Laurie coming on June 9th!!

    • Bill Eder said

      Kristen you’re RT talk was another highlight of this seminar. I was so proud of
      you. You are a great witness to what this community is about.

      God bless you. The token (“old”?)guy Bill.

  37. Rebecca said


    I was blessed to be at the St. Louis seminar last night! We had a fired up time with Chris and Terri Brady! It was also so AMAZING to see our leaders Raymond and Tina Abernathy be able to share on stage to our St Louis family! Just wanted to let you know AO is on the map!

    Walk a Mile …………See a Mile!

  38. Mike & Sheri Brune said

    Ray & Tina Abernathy great leaders fired up in Lake St. Louis go Alpha Omega

    Mike & Sheri

  39. St. Louis seminar with Chris and Terri Brady and Raymond and Tina Abernathy! The night was awesome with great speakers and Mark and Rita Haas breaking two new levels, double RT and Triple 100. We are so proud of them and thankful to be part of their team!

  40. Jodi Albers said

    Wow! Seeing that picture of the crowd fires me up! Here in Saint Louis we saw the always fabulous, Raymond and Tina Abernathy, & Chris and Terri Brady!!!! It was a phenomenal seminar (to say the least)! So many new people welcomed to the Team, so much recognition, and so many wonderful leaders moving on!! Our AWESOME upline, Mark and Rita Haas, hit Triple 100 level AND Double Round Table level at the same time!!! Their recognition brought tears to my eyes! I can not WAIT to see what is in store for our next months seminar! The new Mental Fitness Challenge is helping SO many people move on (and up) in so many areas of their lives. It’s fantastic to see!!! I LOVE THIS BUSINESS! All the glory goes to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The biggest nugget I took from this weekend is when Terri Brady said, “God can not use you until you’re done with yourself.”.

  41. Deborah said

    I had the privilege of listening to the Hawkins and Franks via webcast at the Winnipeg, Canada location and there was certainly a buzz in the room….we laughed, we cried and we took away many nuggets. Most of all with persistence in growing yourself and relationship building with others, you can have the Life you have always wanted. Thank you Orrin and Laurie for being a blessing to us all!

  42. Joe said

    St Louis Mo. w/ Chris & Terri Brady

    Mark & Rita Haas

    Raymond and Tina Abernathy

    We laughed, we cried, we learned!
    What a passionate and spiritually inspiring group of leaders!
    Looking forward to the next monthly!

    Key nugget(s)
    1) Keep score and face reality!
    2) God doesn’t want us to play it small.
    3) Learning and growing is a ‘LIFE’ long endeavor. (pun intended)

  43. Linda Bowers said

    Linda Bowers
    Last night was awesome . Inspired me for an event that is coming up this week. I am going to be using Boot camp for the Brain a a lot this week.

    Patriot Revolution—Mississippi

  44. Barbara Wilson said

    Hi Orrin,

    Dan and Lisa Hawkins were great last night and Terry and Ann Franks were off the charts. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. The system has turned out some awesome leaders. Barbara Wilson – Patriot Revolution

  45. Shannon Millington (Patriot Revolution) said

    Orrin, watched the Battle Creek seminar last night via Teamcast. What a phenomenal event with Dan and Lisa Hawkins and Ann and Terry Franks! I was so inspired after watching Terry Franks tell his story. He’s quite a speaker and very motivating. Also, I always enjoy hearing from Lisa and Dan!

    The nugget I took away was to keep going and never give up, which was a blessing that I needed to hear. We are going to do this!!! A million people, here we come!

  46. Rick Britton said

    my name is Rick Britton and i attended the seminar in Orleans, Ottawa, Canada. Chuck and Manon were our speakers and they did am awesome job! my golden nugget that i took from the seminar was from Dan Hawkins “Never wine, never complain and never make excuses.” Terry and Anne Franks were so inspiring to the soul! This seminar was so awesome im still fired up over it and can’t wait to make a difference in
    the people that surround me! Life is one the best

  47. Kerry Loar said

    Southern California was rocking with Bill and Jackie Lewis. They are both relatable in their amazing teaching style. Lets just say So Ca is going to explode with growth! Thank you LIFE for giving us the MFC and sending the Lewis’.

  48. Amanda Wilmot said

    TEAM SYNERGY rocked the stage for recognition in Wausau, WI this weekend. We had the awesome Kirk and Cassie Birtles there to share and they could not have done a better job at casting a vision! Thank you!

  49. Michelle Poole said

    Dan and Lisa were fantastic teachers in Battle Creek then Ann and Terry finished off the night with incredible stories that had me in tears laughing. It was a bit overwhelming for my new guy but he loved it. All he could say was “WOW!”

  50. Craig Briggs said

    Kirk and Cassie rocked the house in Wausau, WI. Kirk did an awesome talk on speed of trust to gel your groups. They both shared from their heart during the second half. It’s obvious they are on their way to PC!

  51. Chris and Terri Brady were the speakers doing the Life talk here in St. Louis and Raymond and Tina Abernathy covered the business content of the meeting. Chris and Terri pulled straight from your book Resolve and delivered in a way that only they can. One of the many things I either learn or was reminded of was that the MOST meaningful way to differentiate my business from the competition is to gather manage and use information better and that information must be used correctly. Raymond and Tina reminded me that what I focus on grows.

    Larry Cheatham
    Saint Louis Mo.
    Team AOJ1

  52. Andrea and Mike Renkas said

    Claude and Lana were awesome in Madison, WI! I heard great things about Kirk and Cassie Birtles up in Wausau too! Not going to lie.. it was a tough choice. But well worth it! Can’t wait to see you LIVE in Madison in June Orrin! Thanks for all you and Laurie do!

  53. Kirk Birtles said


    Cassie and I were in Wausau, WI and it was rocking! That team is absolutely fired up and plowing forward. Met a ton of new people!!!! The Mental Fitness Challenge is taking this to a million!! Thanks for always practicing service before self. Kirk&Cassie

  54. Orrin:

    As you know, Terri and I were speaking in St. Louis this weekend while you guys were in PA. I’ve got to tell ya, it was packed out and exciting in Missouri, as well! Mark and Rita Haas hit TWO new levels: Triple 100 and Double Round Table! Raymond and Tina Abernathy absolutely tore it up with their talk, Terri did her magic (as always), and I was there for filler!

    It is so exciting to see what is happening with the Mental Fitness Challenge, the Paid Trips, and now the Challenge Groups Meetings every other Tuesday night! What a great time to be in business! I hope everyone is Having Fun, Making Money, and Making a Difference!

    Chris Brady

  55. DIane Swanson said

    Claude and Lana Hamilton hit it out of the park last night in Madison! Best seminar EVER!!! A few nuggets: Refuse to lose. Play the game as a team! Take responsibility for for your failures. “Is it my fault?” “It CAN be-if you have the guts!” We are going to do something big, or Orrin and Chris wouldn’t do it! You are smarter than you think, you are greater than you feel! Be prepared to sponsor a PC! If 200 points are hard for you, then I guess millionaire isn’t in the cards for you! I am attracted to excellence and prosperity! Make a list of the people in the world that you want to have respect you (IMAGINE George Guzzardo being proud of ME!) Your quest for money will be really short in this biz, it won’t be about $ any more. Come in to the game and forget about the last game. Team will always give you a chance into the play offs! Live the life my parents always wanted me to live!

  56. Chelsea said

    Mark and Kristine Milletello what an amazing couple, we were so lucky to have their mentorship Saturday night here in Aylmer, Ontario 🙂 Just a fantastic evening thanks to them!!!!!

  57. Joe Clark (St Louis Mo) said

    We were excited to see the Bradys and our very own AO leaders the Abernathys at the St Louis open. The MFC is rocking in St Louis.

  58. Tom Goodrich said

    I went to the Battle Creek MI, and let me just say that Dan, Lisa and Terry and Anne rocked the house! I loved the talk Dan did about Roger Banister and the 4 minute mile. The thing that amazes me about that story is the number of years people tried to break that mark and then the number of times it got broken after Roger broke it. Just goes to show that people need leaders to blaze a path for people to follow. And Terry… wow! Such and intertaining speaker!

  59. Great morning, Orrin! For the Buckeye State seminar in Mansfield, we had one of the Top Gun 100 couples in (speaking for the first time since I’ve been with LIFE/TEAM), Eric & Jennifer Blomdahl (ericblomdahlbetterlife.com). It was a great night – Eric is very relatable & just as engaging as he is on his CDs that have come down through the DF/system over the time I’ve been involved. I’d say his talk to wrap up the night, for the story session, was the highlight — he ended up re-telling most of his dream, struggle, victory and it was very insightful! The key truth kernel (nugget) : We LIFE members are professional friend makers — checkpoint 1 in the race. On top of that, the LIFE recognition was awesome – we had two relative newbies from the ROK of Kaizen tribe that I’m part of cross stage for Student recognition, which, knowing these gentlemen as I now do, is simply the beginning for them & their families 🙂

    p.s. Reading all of the above comments about the ROK of Kaizen’s Triple 100 leaders & friends, Terry & his wife Ann made me 🙂 — am thrilled for all those who were there live in Battle Creek to hear him, or who tapped in via TEAM-cast online 🙂 He is just that hilarious & relate-able in person at our tribal meetings 😉

  60. joannebrandtjen said

    We were so blessed to be at the Madison seminar with the amazing Claude and Lana Hamilton! WOW!! We laughed, we cried, we learned. The way they teach from their hearts and their experiences is inspiring and hilarious! They brought everything to the stage, including the kitchen sink 🙂 Thank you so much Claude and Lana. The best part of the seminar was watching our amazing upline Kristen Seidl get recognized for RT!! We love our monthly seminars!! Can’t wait to see you and Laurie in June! God bless.
    Kurt and Joanne Brandtjen

  61. Mike Hartmann said


    We hosted a Team-Cast of the Battle Creek seminar: the Hawkins and Franks were incredible!

    The nugget of the night (and the night was absolutely filled with nuggets!) was,

    “Success cannot be microwaved.” – Terry Franks

    The entire webcast was abuzz with the anticipation of what the next 3 months has in store for all of us!

    Mike Hartmann
    Patriot Revolution

  62. obernet7 said

    In Denver Pa we had the privilege of having Orrin and Laurie Woodward share with us from their Hearts ! Orrin’s first talk on Jonathan Edwards and the importance of having resolutions in your life that you live by was very impacting! The more you  live your resolutions the less external change will bother you because you are always true to your principles no matter what! Their willingness to serve people amazes me every time we have the opportunity to be around them! Thank you for being the example of true authentic leaders! Leaders who inspire me to want to grow not just because of the words they say but because of the lives they live! Thanks Beth Ober

  63. Margaret Dyck said

    We attended in Aylmer, Ontario where the speakers were Marc and Kristine Militello. I just know Marc’s talk on anchor points for success is going to be on cd real soon. just one of the many nuggets i took from that talk-“Life will pay you whatever price you ask of it.”They just never stop teaching!

  64. John Graff said

    Hi Orrin,
    We had Claude and Lana Hamilton in Madison, WI and the arena was electric. Where to start? Here are just a few nuggets we took away from Sat seminar. I love listening to Lana teach through stories and I love her passion for family. Claude stressed the importance of promoting 200 pv and the difference it will make in everyones business. Elephants were charging with details getting clearer for the trips available.
    A huge thank you to Claude and Lana for serving our Teams.
    God Bless

  65. Barry Quinn said

    We were in fired up Wausau WI for Kirk and Cassie Birtles. They are definitely hitting new levels in serving the TEAM. What a fantastic talk on speed of trust and the components to build trust. Can’t wait for the cd to get some more nuggets. They had an excellent talk business building, to start having the life we’ve always wanted. And to hear their story and the way they share it brings hope to everyone. They are a classy couple with a servant attitude, a great role model. Thanks Kirk and Cassie for a great seminar and taking the time to spend with us.

  66. Aylmer Ontario was blessed to have Marc and Kristine Miltello and they were incredible. Their teaching and story telling ability is amazing. They keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Not only did people leave with their notebooks filled with things they can implement to grow their businesses bigger, they left with their hearts filled with hope, passion and excitement to go out there and live the LIFE they’ve always wanted. Thank you to the Miletello’s.

  67. Trent Crane said

    Along with a very “Fired Up” group, we attended the Moncton LIFE Seminar and were blown away by the talks done by Mark and Jenn Paul. This was my first time seeing them up and close at a LIFE Seminar and I can say for sure that this couple are two of the most representative and passionate in the area they talked “Fitness”.

    The message they delivered around achieving your fitness goals and how it aligned with achieving any goal in LIFE was excellent. I look forward to seeing and hearing them again!

  68. Linda Johnson said

    We were fired up and blessed in St. Louis Mo with Chris and Terri Brady and Raymond and Tina Abernathy. This was an awesome seminar to hear Chris explain more about MFC as only he can and hear Terri. If that was not enough to hear the passion from the Abernathy’s. Tina knocked it out of the park with her example of shaking the dirt off your back from the world and moving forward.

  69. Johnnie&Sarah said

    we went to Denver Pennsylvania to the seminar was a great night. and a fired up group We got a good nugget building and boning Thanks Orrin& Laurie

  70. Angela Flaningam said

    I was in Madison, Wi and heard Claude and Lana speak. Its was great to hear more of a personalized side to their journey together in this amazing business. It was awesome to see and hear our leader Kristin Seidl up on stage!

  71. Jenny Alterman said

    Dallas had the awesome pleasure to listen to Jim and Jenny Salter! WAY TO GO JIM AND JENNY! Ya’ll did a great job! Please come again soon! We had a blast and thank you for kicking Dallas off the merry-go-round to find our hidden potential! No crying over cheese in the SPARTACUS house!


  72. Dianne Kosto said

    The bar has been raised!!! So awesome to have attended the Denver seminar and see all of the Centurians leading from the front. Jerry & Polly you rock!! Orrin & Laurie Thank you for making the trip to PA!! It was a blessing, and to be there with my 16 year old son…leading the next generation with the information that has been missing from our society for far too long.

  73. Yancy Chaj said

    I was at the Anaheim convention and it was great and the conflict resolution nuggets were great I got home and decided that I would resolve an old conflict.I learned so much i really loved it. Thank to Bill Lewis.
    thank Yancy

  74. Roy and Brenda Hatcher said

    Battle Creek with the Hawkins and the Franks! Outstanding teaching from the Hawkins…as is to be expected! Praising the value of the Business Launches and the House Plans! and then…………Anne was awesome…on point in her teacher mode, sharing great stories….but THEN………..Terry Franks tore it up! He was full of one liners and people were rolling in their seats….I dont know when I have been to a comedy show that good! He was so amazing…and then of course brought it right back at the end to the importance of this BUSINESS……….thanks so much…man talking about feeding some elephants! AMAZING SEMINAR……and LOVE LOVE LOVE the new format!

  75. Hey Orrin, I attended the Moncton, NB seminar. Mark and Jenn Paul did an amazing job. Jenn was giving out great fitness information on things you would think are good for you, but should be avoided. Thank you Mark and Jenn Paul.

  76. Kirk birtles said

    O… Ive gotten a ton of fired up messages about the Franks in Michigan! Including a ton of tweets and retweets qouting Terry’s one-liners!

  77. Sue Duczak said

    Best ever Seminar in Madison WI 5/12/12 with Claude and Lana Hamilton. Such a great, down-to-earth couple with a heart-warming, inspiring message for all of us. We can do this!!!

  78. norberto guzman said

    We are totally Blessed to have leaders with such inspiring message for us.Thank You!

  79. Bill & Carol Hinchie said

    It’s all about belief and the Dream.
    Both came alive in the St Louis Seminar with Raymond and Tina Abernathy and Chris and Terry Brady.
    The love and excitement in the room was inspiring and exciting!!!

    Alpha Omega Journey was well represented.

  80. Tony and Sharon Hoffman said

    Orrin and Laurie,
    We had the privilege to attend the Denver, PA seminar to see you give all 3 talks! The servant leaders of Dean and Teresa Frey gave up their speaking time so that the team could hear from our fearless leaders! Thanks to Dean and Teresa who exemplify the qualities of leadership, the TEAM before self.
    PA had a FIRED up crowd! Several highlights and nuggets of the evening….”The story of the pianist”, Stress causes gap between the person you say you are and the person you want to be, Go everyday and fail, Tragedy + Time = Humor, Speed of trust has 2 components-Character X Competence..the example you gave of you performing heart surgery was a great concrete example!!! Building and Bonding, How to run our small ‘platoons’ in challenge groups! Picking our spot on LIFE island….FYI…ours will be right ON the beach!!!
    Laurie’s LOVE for the TEAM is so inspiring! Fighting through illness to come serve the TEAM in PA…can’t keep a great woman down! I love her stories of being a MOM and to hear her share so openly with women on the TEAM…referencing book after book after book! As she taught on Friday night at ladies leadership, Laurie is an AUTHENTIC wife, mother, and leader!
    The most touching part of the entire night was a part that I was able to ‘quietly’ witness while waiting for Laurie backstage as she was finishing her last talk. It speaks louder in action than any words could! I watched ORRIN walk to the curtain to hear the words that Laurie was saying about him before he was to take the stage….Ladies….OUR WORDS do matter to our husbands, they yearn to hear words of affirmation. Life and death is in the power of the tongue….I WILL choose everyday to speak LIFE to my husband.
    Thanks for your time with us in PA….we are committed to the one million goal!

    Sharon Hoffman

  81. Orrin,

    We were at Madison, WI where Claude & Lana were speaking. I am amazed. Next month, you’ll be there. We’re bringing people, more than we ever have before by far. Time to stop watching and get it done. See you on stage!!!

  82. David Loos said

    Hello Orrin, I had the honor to attend the Wausau, WI seminar with Kirk and Cassie Birtles. They did a super job on sharing their story, talking
    about Building and Bonding and the talk Kirk gave on the speed of trust. Can’t wait for that to come out on cd. Kirk shared a little of his little league loser
    story but he and Cassie are surely becoming major league players in this game called LIFE. Thank You Kirk & Cassie for sharing!!

  83. Ted Hewing Jr. _ said

    The St. Louis seminar was awesome. The Brady’s & the Abernathy’s rocked the house 4 sure. Keeping score 2 know what’s working & what’s not. Passion, potential & purpose the hedgehog concept. Class was in session!!!!!!!

  84. Ted Hewing Jr. _ said

    The St. Louis seminar was awesome! The Brady’s &the Abernathy’s rocked the house. Keeping score 2 know what’s working & what’s not. Passion, potential & profit the hedgehog concept. Class was in session !!!!!! Thank you LEADERS, TED & JENNIE HEWING TEAM AO

  85. Dave & Carrie Canniff said

    Hey Orrin, we went to the seminar in battle creek mi. Dan & Lisa Hawkins were the speakers. They knocked the ball out of the park. They talked about keeping a positive attitude no matter what the task. Terry Franks did an awesome job teaching with humor & that its worth it. Like you say, we don’t promise easy but we do promise you its worth it.

  86. CJ Calvert said

    What an amazing seminar in Alymer, Ontario! Mark Militello said, “Have courage in the small things so you can have courage in the big things.” If we can have courage in pressing “play” on the CD player, we can build towards having courage to pick up the phone and book a meeting. It’s so rewarding to be a part of an organization that holds themselves to a higher standard of excellence!

  87. Orrin,

    You hit it out of the park!!! Full house and great venue made for a classy LIFE event. The emotional highlight for me was watching Tony & Sharon Hoffman get recognized among their peers and team. Sharon’s passion about Tony, her Team and the LIFE business was so evident. She made you proud to be a part of a business where lives are changing before our very eyes. Tony was Tony! As you described him he is On Fire! Watching this couple grow in their leadership has been so rewarding and I thank you for helping to make their dream of RT and soon to be freedom a reality.

    You have created such a great culture I can’t imagine anyone who values a quality environment to not want to be a part of this amazing team of people.

    Thanks for your leadership.

    • Sharon Hoffman said

      Thanks for your kind words, GREG!!! We thank you and Lin for your mentorship, love, example, encouragement and belief in us through the years! We love you!

  88. Orrin,

    What an amazing event. The audience was on fire! You were on your game, and the venue set the stage for an classy evening. The emotional highlight for me was watching Tony & Sharon get recognized for Round Table in front of their peers and team. Sharon was full of passion for Tony, her team and LIFE! Tony was Tony! Always full of energy and just ready for fast, fun and easy!! It has been such a joy watching them grow in their leadership. Thank you for your help in guiding and supporting Tony & Sharon in their quest for RT and soon to be Freedom.

    I can’t imagine anyone who values a great environment and fun group of people to be a part of, not wanting to join the LIFE Team.

    Thanks for the trip to PA and a special thanks for Laurie for giving her all even when she wasn’t feeling well. There is no doubt you both are servant leaders and we all appreciate your example and friendship!!!

  89. Kirk Birtles said

    O… I am very proud of Tony and Sharon Hoffman! It is great to be in the fight with them as we go out and herald the message about the MFC! God bless, kb

    • Sharon Hoffman said

      Thank you so much Kirk!!! You and Cassie exemplify TEAM culture! Honored to fight along side such servant leaders! To one million!

  90. Mary Hermsen said

    Claude and Lana in Madison!! It was so great to see them in Wisconsin. All of their talks were tremendous and inpiring! It was fun to see Claude ‘off the recording’, as he gave us examples of why many of his talks don’t go out on cds. Great Stuff!! It really touched me when Lana explained that her mom had a difficult time being happy for all that she was experiencing through TEAM, because Mom wanted to be the one to give her those opportunities and share those experiences with her. Our children are grown, and it rekindled that dream that we can still be the ones to share those things with our son and daughter. Looking forward to earning a LIFE trip!!

    It was also fun to learn that Claude is a Packers fan, given his love for hockey.

  91. Steve and Farrah Sargent said

    Wow, thanks again TEAM for a great weekend! We had an amazing time at Ladies Leadership too Orrin! Thank you Ladies for sharing your hearts with us. As for the seminar… Hawkins and Franks really hit it out of the ballpark. We had an amazing time. We were inspired, encouraged and our stomachs hurt we laughed so much! What a great tool in our belt for fun, easy, fast and WORTH IT! The main nugget I took from the weekend was learn how to talk to others, learn how to talk about others, and (drum roll please…) learn how to talk to myself!!! Thanks again for a great weekend TEAM =)

  92. Tim McNeil said

    I can’t wait ’til Terry Franks’ next CD comes out – he had me in tears I was laughing so hard!
    HIS Peace,

  93. Great Seminar in Ottawa, Ont! We had the pleasure of plugging into the Michigan webcast… and what a treat it was! Dan and Lisa rocked the house, and then Terry and Anne wrapped it up in a way that makes you understand why this great couple are where they are in Life!

  94. Jeannine Kent said

    My name is Jeannine Kent, and my husband Rob and I are brand new LIFE subscribers, and…we just got started on system. We have had the priveledge of working with Raymond and Tina Abernathy as well as the other great folks on Team AO here in the St Louis, MO area. We attended our first seminar on the 12th, where we were not only blessed by hearing the Abernathy’s speak, but Chris and and Terri Brady !! WOW !! We are still processing all the tremendous information that we heard. As I was watering my garden last night I was thinking about this. I have all these new plants, that I am carefully watering and feeding, looking forward to the nutricious, satisfying fruit that these plants will bear later this summer. I feel the LIFE business is alot like that. My husband and I are brand new plants, and the Abernathy’s are pouring water on us, helping us to develop our root system and bear fruit. That “hose” is connected to the faucet that is connected to the well of knowledge and success. All we have to do is turn on the faucet, and get under it !! The more we learn, the more we understand and appreciate the forethought, and the dream that you had for this company. We can be a part of it !!! Thank you so much for letting me share!

    Jeannine Kent
    Team AO
    St louis, MO

  95. Peggi Kern said

    We webcasted the Battle Creek, Michigan seminar and it was totally amazing! Dan and Lisa did a great job teaching! Terry and Ann Franks told their story and they were so inspiring and funny! My nugget from the weekend is, if a winner doesn’t like the facts, he goes and finds new facts! Feed your positive voice!

  96. Aylmer, Ontario with Mark and Kristene Millitello! Two amazing leaders, wow they blew me away with there talks on 4 anchors to success!!! What a great Saturday!!!

  97. Jon Butler said

    Where there is no vision the people perish – Prov 29:18
    I am based in South Alabama and I have vision to see filling auditorium (down here) with people that don’t want to lead a life of mediocrity. It will happen. Thanks for your leadership.

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