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Challenge Groups & Community

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 16, 2012

The Challenge Groups kicked off around the country this week, and the feedback has been amazing. Communities are essential to the health of individuals, families, and society. The LIFE business builds communities and bonds them together through the Mental Fitness Challenge. If you attended a Challenge Group last night, please share your thoughts and highlights.

Here is one of several articles I have written on community.


Orrin Woodward

The Desire for Community

The more I read, the more I realize the true secret to success in business and life is related to the strength of relationships within a person’s community. The myth of rugged isolated individualism, although enduring, is, in truth, only a myth. Economic, educational, even political effectiveness are all improved when people work together. Please don’t misunderstand me; I haven’t turned to economic communism; however, I do comprehend better than I previously did how so many people have been drawn into this evil illogical doctrine. Specifically, most people, if given the choice between being alone or in community, will choose community, even if the association is Biblically wrong, thus communism’s growth. In fact, a cursory look at organizations as diverse as communism, the mafia, and gangs will exhibit the enduring need for community.

If community is essential to human beings, then the question is: How do we incorporate community into a society without sacrificing life, liberty, and property? Since liberty cannot exist where the State dictates, the idea of community and freedom precludes State control. Therefore, free communities are misnomers unless they are voluntary organizations. However, although the non-involvement of the State is essential, it isn’t sufficient to create community. The other side of the equation is for people to learn how to work within a community setting. Consequently, the atomistic rugged individualism of American myth must be replaced by men and women who work within a Biblical framework of ordered liberty and love. In other words, the greedy, self-centered capitalist is not a true picture of a free-enterprise Biblical community. In fact, this caricature of American freedoms pinpoints what is plaguing America – the loss of community roots and liberty (Social Power), instead, replaced by today’s (State Power) crony capitalism.

State Power vs. Social Power

Murray Rothbard, the late dean of Austrian Economists, wrote in Conceived in Liberty:

My own basic perspective on the history of man, and a fortiori on the history of the United States, is to place central importance on the great conflict which is eternally waged between Liberty and Power, a conflict, by the way, which was seen with crystal clarity by the American revolutionaries of the eighteenth century. I see the liberty of the individual not only as a great moral good in itself (or, with Lord Acton, as the highest political good), but also as the necessary condition for the flowering of all other goods that mankind cherishes: moral virtue, civilization, the arts and sciences, economic prosperity. Out of liberty, then, stem the glories of civilized life. But liberty has always been threatened by the encroachments of power, power which seeks to suppress, control, cripple, tax, and exploit the fruits of liberty and production. Power, then, the enemy of liberty, is consequently the enemy of all the other goods and fruits of civilization that mankind holds dear. And power is almost always centered in and focused on the central repository of power and violence: the state. With Albert Jay Nock, the twentieth-century American political philosopher, I see history as centrally a race and conflict between “social power” — the productive consequence of voluntary interactions among men — and state power. In those eras of history when liberty — social power — has managed to race ahead of state power and control, the country and even mankind have flourished. In those eras when state power has managed to catch up with or surpass social power, mankind suffers and declines.

In sum, wherever State Power flourishes, Social Power declines. Thankfully, however, the reverse is true as well. By standing on the intellectual shoulders of both Nock and Rothbard, we see that societies can be organized around two competing philosophical choices:

1. State Power: Top down external discipline and the subsequent loss of liberty endured.
2. Social Power: Bottom up internal discipline and the subsequent ordered liberty enjoyed.

Restoring Social Power – Volunteer Communities

The first option (State Power) is the real-life history of America since around the Civil War, with State Power moving ahead and Social Power in subsequent decline. Since 1913, however, the battle has become a full-fledged drubbing, with State Powers triumphing in the Federal Reserve Act, the Federal Income Tax amendment, and the democratic election of Senators. In truth, it’s hard to fathom a worse mix of legislation (as related to Social Power) in one year, in one country, than what occurred in America in that disastrous year of 1913. In other words, 1913 wasn’t just (to use Oliver DeMille’s term) a freedom shift, it was a freedom rout. DeMille’s soon-to-be-released book 1913 will elaborate further on these fateful events.

The second option (Social Power) is America’s (and the West’s) best hope for freedom. America needs a community restoration, starting, not from the top down (State Power), but rather, from the bottom up (Social Power), in order to revitalize America. Social Power is fueled by social capital – a sociological concept which refers to the value of social relations and the role of cooperation and confidence to get collective results in any endeavor – to paraphrase Robert Putnam, in is classic Bowling Alone. Putnam explains the key role of social capital, “A society characterized by generalized reciprocity is more efficient than a distrustful society, for the same reason that money is more efficient than barter. If we don’t have to balance every exchange instantly, we can get a lot more accomplished. Trustworthiness lubricates life. Frequent interaction among a diverse set of people tends to produce a norm of generalized reciprocity.” Furthermore, Putnam argues, “Does social capital have salutary effects on individuals, communities, or even entire nations? Yes, an impressive and growing body of research suggests that civic connections help make us healthy, wealthy, and wise. Living without social capital is not easy, whether one is a villager in southern Italy or a poor person in the American inner city or a well-heeled entrepreneur in a high-tech district.” Social capital matters, in other words, both personally, professionally, and politically.

Converting Dreams into Realities through Communities

Putnam goes on to list five specific areas where the trust and understanding inured by social capital helps translate aspirations into realities:

1. Social capital allows citizens to resolve collective problems more easily through improved teamwork.
2. Social capital greases the wheels that allow communities to advance smoothly through improved trust.
3. Social capital helps widen the awareness of fellow citizens that their fates are intertwined through improved understanding.
4. Social capital serves as conduits for the flow of helpful information and resources to accomplish community and individual goals.
5. Social capital improves individual lives through psychological and biological processes. In fact, numerous studies suggest lives that are rich in social capital cope with trauma and illnesses significantly more effectively.

Despite social capital’s overwhelming advantages, Putnam acknowledges its decline, writing, “Americans have had a growing sense at some visceral level of disintegrating social bonds.” Furthermore, he writes, “More than 80% of Americans said there should be more emphasis on community, even if it puts more demands on individuals.” In sum, social capital isn’t just the fuel for Social Power – a necessary check on State Power – but it also enhances individual lives through the sense of belonging engendered within communities. Strikingly, then, the decline of social capital, not only attacks society’s freedoms, but also attacks an individual’s well-being. Simply put, America cannot remain free without a revival of Social Power through building social capital in voluntary communities. With so much at stake, why aren’t more people focused on restoring voluntary communities throughout America and the West? That question will be answered in further articles on Social Power and communities. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

73 Responses to “Challenge Groups & Community”

  1. Hey Orrin, I had a chance to get one of our communities together Monday night. As the community started to share their thoughts on the topic, it was amazing to hear everyones take on their time with the LIFE Team so far. For three straight days I have been receiving thank yous and appreciation for putting that night together. That community is a tighter community because of it. Challenge groups are going to take the LIFE team to the next level. I’m so excited to be part of it.

    All the Best in LIFE,

    Alex Nickerson (http://alexnickersonleadership.com)

  2. jmsfehr said

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  3. Phelicia Wyant said

    Last night’s challenge group was awesome. We are now sold out to the MFC. Seven years ago I got sick and lost the economic engine that drove my purpose, thank you for showing me how to find my purpose again.

  4. Challenge groups are definitely the next key to one million! Getting into small groups and having personal discussions rocked! So easy to get people talking and feel like they are having ownership in the group. Looking forward to the next challenge group in two weeks! Thanks to you and all off the founders for everything you are doing, it’s truly amazing!

  5. Good Morning Orrin,

    Last nights Challenge Groups were awesome! The highlight was the discussion after the on line video. Multiple locations with positive results everywhere. New people very excited, and people who’ve been around for awhile getting re-engaged. A fresh approach to personal growth! Challenge groups are a safe environment in which we are all learning and growing as we develop relationships with old and new friends. You can’t argue the facts! The facts are…these Challenge Groups are going viral! Can’t wait for the next one.

    Dave Ober

  6. Orrin the community group we had last night at my house was awesome!! People were here that had never been introduced to Life got involved in the discussion last night. They were impressed by the level of discussion the rest of the people had and were encouraged to see a group of people that has set out to not only change themselves first but also to impact society. Thanks for implementing challenge groups they will impact people in a huge way.

  7. Kyle and Nettie Embry - Team Transformation said

    WOW Is all we can say! What a new, fresh, and exciting way to bring everyone into the discussion of leadership. The challenge groups are going to make it so much easier to get people interested in what we have to offer. Thank you so much Orrin, Laurie, and the rest of the founders of LIFE!

  8. The challenge group last night was phenomenal!

    The MFC alone has started giving my mind the jolt it needed to take steps in the direction of success, like the way an energy drink wakes you up in the morning. And now the challenge group has given us the area to focus on. We had a blast night, and everything took away something positive from it.

    Can’t wait until the next one!

  9. Orrin, we had many mental fitness challenge groups going last night all around the country!! They were a huge success. This is and awesome way of bonding and helping people personally grow. Thanks for all you do!!

  10. Last nights challenge group meeting has been on my mind all night. I have done personal affirmation statements before, but my thoughts keep changing about what I want to accomplish with my time here on earth. With the recent death of my friends husband, it has pushed me to do more, better, faster. I must leave my children a better legacy than debt and no security, so I’ve done another re-write, and I thought I’d share it with you…….

    I am resolved to detect the habits that will enable me to make my life a force for good. I resolve to continually discover why I believe what I believe. Detecting my God given purpose is constantly at the forefront of my mind. I am resolved to learn daily thru listening and reading to learn about applying the knowledge of how to leave a legacy for those I love. I am resolved to make a difference in my life, so I can better serve my family. By better serving my family, I will be better equipped to serve the community and my country. Encouraging others to do the same is my passion in life. I am resolved to be the change I wish to see in the world.

    Make today a masterpiece,


  11. Great news has been pouring in about the inaugural Challenge Group meetings! Love the leverage this will give to the participants’ efforts as they all seek to achieve their personal best…it’s win-win all the way around!

  12. Mike Tiberi Jr said

    Orrin, the Challenge Groups were absolutely phenomenal yesterday! I am so excited to see where this leads us and cannot wait to see how many lives are changed! By building these communities of people who are pursuing their God given purpose we will certainly change this society one person at a time!! God bless and thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

  13. Laura Darkangelo said

    Orrin, thank you for your vision and encouraging our team to get involved in the Mental Fitness Challenge groups, Our first one was a success and everyone is already excited for the next.

  14. kaizenfreedomchasers said

    I am a part of Alex Nickerson’s group and attended on Monday night. I have received many great comments about the experience. Great idea and I am looking forward to the future!

  15. The Mental Fitness Challenge is taking North America by storm. Can’t wait till be go global!!!

  16. johnklewis said

    The Challenge group I attended last night was incredible! These events bring the learning to a new level because of the personal interaction. So many positive comments and we are looking forward to the next one. Thanks Orrin and the PC for raising awareness once again of the many benefits of association in communities. Great discussion, challenging and every single person left with a take-away to implement in their life. This will accelerate the change in our lives as we personally grow. Thank you Orrin!

  17. What a Great Challenge Group last night!!!! Absolutely amazing. It is wonderful to be able to share your thought process into Finding Your Purpose…and see other’s thoughts on the same. To be able to gain a wider perspective than what you originally thought was it…and the enlightenment that comes along with that wider perspective… It’s an Awesome feeling! Orrin, Chris, and all the other Founders…. I owe you all a life debt! This information has changed my thoughts – and as a result changed my life! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  18. kaizenfreedomchasers said

    I am a part of Alex Nickerson’s group and attended Monday night. I have received many positive comments on the evening as well. I think it is a great idea and I am looking forward to the future!

  19. Patrick Dufficy said

    Challenge group meetings will be a huge tool to bring a strong bond between teams members. We all opened up last night with our vision and it was awesome… And it’s only the beginning! FIRED UP!!!

  20. Ken McVicker said

    Well said! Loved our Challenge Group last night!

  21. Kim Myer said

    I am starting Week 3 today of the Challenge and I have to admit, I was lost on the goal setting and daily scoring (hmm . . . Scoreboard was in the Bottom 3 of my assessment!) but after the group discussion last night, it really helped me see the bigger picture and direct my energies on things I have already resolved to do since joining LIFE and TEAM 4 months ago. I just needed to write those same goals down and reframe my focus and with the help of my Challenge Team, I’m already making progress!!! I want to thank Orrin and his vision of reaching one million homes – that and the idea of getting home to my kids has inspired me more than anything I’ve ever seen to improve my marriage, be a better mom RIGHT NOW and get back to learning, sharing and growing as a person. This is the BEST WORK OF LIFE!

  22. Matt Spencer said

    Our group met last night for the first time and it was amazing, we laughed and cried and bonded like a true community should. Thank you policy council on your leadership.

  23. If I had to sum up in one word ….Needed! We decided to meet as a large group for our first gathering and it was amazing….tears, laughter, trials and celebrations! Thank u to Orrin,and Chris and rest of PC for coming up with another genius idea! Communities all over the world NEED this and its up to us to share our PURPOSE with everyone! If Scott Coons had not contacted Jason Tingley none of us would have had this opportunity….that is a scary thought! Challenge Group is a combo of Book Club, Bible Study and therapy all wrapped in one…if was amazing…thanks!

  24. Mike & Debbie said

    The Challenge group meeting last night helped take our little community to a deeper level of sharing and commitment to personal growth. Thank you for your insight into meeting the needs of a community, “getting people out of rows, and into circles”.

  25. Sharon Hoffman said

    So excited for the future!!! Challenge groups will be the difference maker in going to one million! First of all, thanks to all the ‘pilot testers’ who paved the way to create the format for the challenge groups. Thanks for the instructions, questions, and video by Marc Millitello to ensure the success of each group!
    We had 3 new people attend who had never attended a LIFE/TEAM event before. It was so beautiful to hear each person share so openly! One of the our new attendees was the last person to share at the end of the night (mind you, as we have been told, she had not said a word all night) broke down and cried in front of a group of people that she DID NOT KNOW! The beauty of what she said was that she is NOT where she thought she would be in her LIFE and she is NOT living the life she always wanted! She is a drug/alcohol counselor and pours her time into getting addicts to share openly about their struggles..for the first time, the tables were turned..now, she was the one sharing and the group was her listeners! How many people yearn to be heard, for someone to just listen and offer support, a sense of community, belonging!
    This is what we are the BEST at!!! Building communities! I hope we all share the passion of changing lives (like this counselor), and bringing our BEST potential week after week, and profiting as a community…by wanting to make a difference in the WORLD…! PURPOSE!!!! To God goes all the glory!!!!
    Thanks Orrin and the PC for paving the way….this has me more fired up than ever!

  26. As I grow in knowledge I see more and more why freedom is so important not only freedom of my country but freedom of my mind.

  27. Steve and Farrah Sargent said

    As per usual you have foreseen the future Orrin. I am so thankful for your systems mind and servant, change minded heart. I see the MFC Challenge groups being a key way that we tackle this specific issue. I feel like I can finally expose my passion for your ideas just like Brian Powers does so well. I can take these ideas into the living rooms and lives of everyone I meet and really make a lasting difference not only for them but for our country as well! Pardon my simple phrasing here… and all I need to do is invite them to a community whose sole purpose is to help them overcome whatever it is they want. You have done it, this is WALLY WORLD!

  28. Although our Challenge Group was a small turn out, it was amazing to hear what other’s had to say about finding their purpose and be accountable to each other:

    ‘Jenn, I’ll ask you for your mission statement, in two weeks!’ Jayvee Enriquez

    God bless!

  29. You guys have figured out a way to reach into the hearts of people in a safe environment where their opinions and thoughts matter and I couldn’t have asked for a better response to last night! There were tears and laughter & stories and scripture. The highlight was hearing a guy that came (was only his second ‘association’ with the TEAM) who has not even gotten started yet talk as if he has been in this community for years. With Challenge Groups we are now able to truly do our job of inviting and let the community sponsor them into LIFE! Thank you Orrin for making this possible!

  30. Scott Staley said

    Our first ever Challenge group meetings last night, were a hit! Everyone is already looking forward to the next Challenge group meeting and planning on who they’re going to bring with them!

    Thank you for your foresight and vision and everything that you do in effecting positive change into our culture!

  31. kriscwhite said

    The challenge group setting last night was awesome. The depth of conversation relating to purpose was powerful. We learned, listened and laughed. Great time! MFC to 1 million!!!

  32. Orrin, Communication and Connection = Community. That is what is missing and what people really want. The challenge groups are the answer. God Bless, George

    • Mary Hermsen said

      Amen, George! Thank you for testing this process in Arizona. Hearing you and Jill speak about the community meetings you had was so inspiring. I’m so happy we have the opportunity to do that now!

  33. The challenge groups are incredible Orrin! It’s so exciting to see someone talk about their purpose, that you know they’ve had buried for years! Their face, their body language, tone of voice, etc… changes! People that were not even involved in were speaking up and explaining how amazing it was what we’re doing! We are going to change the country! Thank you Orrin & Laurie for your courage! + thanks the rest of the PC!

  34. Laura Crawford said

    The challenge group last night was amazing!! It was great to hear the different opinions on purpose and how it means so much to the beginning of changing ourselves. Thank you Orrin and the rest of the PC for helping us all see that we can through change start living the life that we all have always wanted.

  35. Peggi Kern said

    I LOVE the challenge groups! After 2 weeks of the MFC and then attending a challenge group, it was so cool to hear others feedback on the video and have a format to exchange thoughts. The discussion questions were perfect for getting people talking, exchanging ideas and keeping a structure. One of the greatest blessings was seeing how comfortable the visitors were. They offered great nuggets, too. Thanks to Marc for the training on your blog. That was so helpful, too. I walked away with great nuggets and am inspired to build numbers to bring to the next one!

  36. We held our very first challenge groups last night and everyone really enjoyed it! I knew it was going to be a great way to solidify our communities but I wasn’t expecting what I witnesses last night. Finally people had a chance to share what was on their hearts and I must say I learned so much about our community. It was great to start with Purpose as the first subject of discussion, it brought on some very deep conversations.

  37. Ed Daniels said

    Our Challenge Group meeting last nite was awesome! The feedback from our group was uplifting and upbeat! What a great program. Thank you Orrin, & the PC.

    The impact we’re going to have on this country is going to be huge!

    God Bless


  38. Hi Orrin our Challenge groups went amazing last night – loved the discussion about having a purpose. The question that sparked the most conversation and discussion was is it possible to be passionate without having a purpose?

    I’d love to hear what other people think about this – is it possible to be passionate without having a purpose??…. Thoughts????

    • Not Possible Wayne!! I look at you and Raylene and know that you have a purpose in life, by the passion you hold. I think people can have enthusiasm and excitement in short doses as needed. However Passion is a long term willing going through everything needed to win, this can’t happen without a purpose! Chris Brady quoted Lou Holtz last night saying “Decisions are only hard to make when you don’t know your purpose” Having a purpose makes every decision crystal clear, I RESOLVE to define and write down my purpose and mission statement! Thank you Wayne and Raylene for being the bold leaders we need for our spines to stiffen. Thank you Orrin, Laurie, Claude, Lana and the rest of the Founders for making these discussion groups possible!

  39. We’re only getting started and the MFC has led to some fantastic dialog around our team’s God-given purpose!

  40. We had several challenge groups going on last night throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas and the kick-off was a huge success. The thing that is missing in many environments is that people are not being heard and able to contribute. We just added a valuable piece to the 1 million puzzle as now everyone adds value through their own perspective.
    Steve Leurquin

  41. Kevin Hamm said

    What a great addition to the community. It was the missing link. This will close the back door by building connections and fulfilling a need to be heard. And what a great form for leaders to develop, because the art side of leadership will often need to be employed during these groups, which will strengthen the leadership as the following is secured. Ours was just incredible. Thanks.

  42. Barry Quinn said

    It was an awesome night, to hear what the TEAM System and LIFE have done for people is amazing. To listen everyone reference LLR and other sources really proves that people are listening and reading great material ( life changing material). The format was awesome, thanks to all who played a part in making the Challenge Groups happen.

  43. Elizabeth Bondie said

    Just a few weeks into the Mental Fitness Challenge and we are already seeing amazing things happening with our group! The heart-felt sharing and the incredible level of honesty showed by some who shared their thoughts and hopes about finding their purpose to guide them into their future was absolutely awesome to see. The look in peoples’ eyes as they describe their purpose and how it will help them attain their dreams for themselves, their families, and their communities is indescribable. “The best meeting we’ve ever had!” was the sentiment shared by so many in our group. Thank you Orrin & Chris and the many, many amazing leaders of this organization for providing the vehicle for people to discover their purpose in LIFE. I can only imagine what the rest of the 90-day Mental Fitness Challenge will bring!

  44. Jeff Murphy said

    Our Challenge Group last night was fantastic as the group discussed purpose. It’s great to enhance the community piece of the Mental Fitness Challenge. I know of no other groups in America tackling the “big rocks” needed to fix ourselves and ultimately culture!

  45. Tobi Bennett said

    We went into the Challenge Group last night not knowing what to expect and WOW – we were blown away at how amazing it was…everyone connected, shared and took away something valuable to apply. Definitely another huge step forward!

  46. Orrin,

    In our communities there is concern, a concern noted in every country and on every side of the political spectrum of the direction of our world cultures. Europe is financial chaos, the Middle East is in constant armed unrest, and America is facing both financial debt and class division. People destroying the very people and societies they live in and love. There is a cry for truth. We have become a world population of educated children screaming for our rights and for sane direction.

    Never before has there been such a need for leadership, and truth in LIFE principles. Can we come together and harness this Social Capital for the good of all mankind? What could happen if we were to embrace the Social Capital of 7 billion people for the good of all mankind sharing truth and principle based leadership? If there was a plan to go to 1 million people in 5 years could we eventually change the world? ………..why not try?

  47. Natasha Daniels said

    Orrin, most of us go through our lives day by day robotically without much thought (if any) as to what our life means. What does the the dash between our birth date and death date stand for?. If you believe you are on this earth for a reason, then what you do should count for something. The problem is that we are all so busy surviving that not much thought or effort is put into our life’s purpose.

    That’s what the MFC is about. Taking sometime daily to do true self evaluation and improving on purpose to achieve the live we want. I’m proud to be associated with a group of people trying to grow on purpose.

    Thanks for all the PC does!

  48. Paul Brown said

    Thanks, Orrin! Another awesome post. The LIFE products and the challenge groups have changed my life!

    Thank you again, Orrin! Keep up the Good fight and God bless!


  49. I love Rothbard! Great post!

  50. Adam Lucarini said

    The very idea of bring the masses of people together in growth and to also be taught timeless principals that will be with whomever is ready to learn directly from the top leaders in challenge groups. Excites me I loose sleep pondering all of the great things that will be accomplished by Team& Life.
    Through a top personal development product with a scoreboard to track progress and a format of reading, listening, watching, and of course associating with positive people who are moving on in life and changing whoever they meet in the process in an impact-full way. It really is a winning formula in making the changes in our still great country.

  51. Holly Schmitz said

    Last night was great! We had two new gentlemen there at the Challenge Group from Africa. They really enjoyed the discussion group part and even shared quite a bit when asked what they learned. They especially liked Bill Lewis’ plan. They both come from a very rough background, but yet have chosen to be very giving and wanting to help others!

    Great idea on the Challenge Groups PC!

    Holly Schmitz

    • Kevin & Derica Holden said

      That was definitely a fired up meeting, Holly!! We all have the vehicle to win, especially with the MFC! We are so proud to be part of such a wonderful team. Thank you Orrin & all the PC!

  52. rlmiller7 said

    Thanks, Orrin!
    This whole LIFE business & the MFC is really making a difference in my life as well as the lives of so many of my friends. I have been an avid listener & reader of personal development materials for over 40 years but these materials are several steps above anything I have ever seen. There is so much truth in these materials that truly gets me to think, not just jazzed up for the moment. The fact that there is a subscription where I can continue to get feed is totally genius. So many things before even if they had good content, which many did, left me wanting after a short period of time.
    Thanks again. I will be student for the rest of my life.

  53. Danielle Douglass said

    We had a great experience. We had a total of 10 in attendance. Two were guests. Each attendee participated in the discussion questions. We were able to discuss three of the questions. Overall the experience was good, we kept it moving pretty fast – even the board plan went quickly. The challenge groups are definitely a way to develop leaders because the smaller, more intimate group is a good platform for the timid to share. We had a great experience and will likely have 2 new LIFE members as a result. AO

  54. Heston Glenn said

    Orrin, have you read “Our Enemy, the State” by Albert Jay Nock? It’s written around the time of FDR and talks about how when the state exercises muscle that had previously been reserved for individuals and groups that social muscle atrophies. He uses the example of Benjamin Franklin creating a light system in Boston by placing a lamp post in his front yard, thereby demonstrating to the people of Boston the advantage of having night lighting.

    • Heston, Yes I loved it and refer back to it many times. I have written several articles on AJN! His Memoirs of a Superficial Man is fantastic also! Not to mention his Thomas Jefferson biography. 🙂 thanks, Orrin

  55. The MFC is a life changing program. I believe that the Challenge Groups will be a major part of the success of this challenge. Our group had a great time with the discussion questions and have committed to each other to put our life purpose statements into writing and to share them in two weeks. Only two of us had ever written such a statement. Thank you for putting the MFC together! We look forward to the next time we meet.

  56. Hi Orrin,

    I had the opportunity to take the oldest of our 5 children with me to the first challenge group! I was beyond humbled as she shared the following via text with me during the discussion time.

    A 15 year old’s perspective:
    “I think kids my age should hear this type of talk so as we are getting older we can figure the difference between our dreams and purpose so we can do it for all our lives and be happy and put the effort into those rather than stupid stuff so we arent wasting our tme!”

    Thank you and all the Life Leadership for developing MFC and EDGE! Our future depends on it!!

  57. Tuesday night’s Challenge Group meeting was awesome! The discussions were natural and inspiring, as were the “what will I take away from tonight’s discussion” responses at the end. We can’t wait to share this with more people searching for purpose and a community to belong to.

  58. chelseadaleomitchell said

    The challenge group was a hit!!! This new dynamic brings forward things to think about, things to express to one another, and give us pondering thoughts throughout our day to day living!!! We will definitely be looking forward to hosting our net challenge discussion as our numbers are growing and we want to expose this culture to all our new people 🙂 God Bless!!

  59. what an amazing experience, we had a discussion on passion and purpose! I am amazed at what we covered on these subjects and what these topics led us to in our discussion! I am looking forward to our next challenge group!!

  60. The discussion group was fantastic! Our talk on passion and purpose lead our group through so many things to apply in our lives to succeed! I am looking forward to our next challenge group!

  61. kaizenvision said

    Wow, Orrin… you and Laurie mean so much to so many…. YOUR changing lives! So proud and utterly blessed to be a part of this truly amazing legacy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless

  62. Mary Hermsen said

    THANK YOU for the opportunity to be part of a Challenge Group! The first was one was amazing. It feels like our community has come full circle. This is just what we needed.

  63. Larry Stanton said

    Thank you very much for all the support and leadership that you and Laurie have showed by example and by your efforts to pass on to others. It means a lot to all of us at team Vip for the time and effort on your recent trip to share and encourage us.

    Thank you !!

  64. Holly Schmitz said

    Thank you so much Orrin for giving your effort and time and putting out a program like the MFC! Its already been making a difference in my life, and I know that there’s still many more lives yet to be changed forever!
    Keep following the calling that God has placed in your heart!
    God bless,

  65. Emily Sawyer said

    I am VERY excited to start the Mental Fitness Challenge with my husband who is currently deployed overseas. It is wonderful to know that through this Challenge, we can learn and grow together although we are thousands of miles apart. Thank you Orrin for making this possible!!

    • Kevin & Derica Holden said

      God bless you and your husband for your sacrifice & God bless all of the amazing people who are committing their lives to Living Intentionally For Excellence!

  66. Chi Nwoke said

    Thank you so much Orrin for Mental Fitness Challenge! I love to work out physically, now i can work out mentally!

  67. The MFC is going viral!!! What a great tool to start the process of falling in love with learning! Our purpose is waiting for us to discover it so we can live the life we were created to live!!!!!
    Kirk and Nicole

  68. Derek Griswold said

    The MFC is the total package. We’re just loving the synergy between all the parts and incorporating this knowledge into our life. Thank you Orrin and your PC for making this possible!

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