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Are You Trip Tracking?

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 2, 2012

One of the keys to launching the Mental Fitness Challenge was to provide significant incentives for the newer LIFE Members to develop proper business habits. When a person is trip tracking, he or she qualifies for a trip at the ridiculously low level of 6,000 points! All the qualification details are described below. People are going to begin the Mental Fitness Challenge program and resolve to go on a dream trip within the first year of starting their business. LIFE has never been better! 🙂 What goals have you set, and which trip are you taking?


Orrin Woodward

Incentive Trips: Where Are You Going?
At the Spring Leadership Convention in Columbus, Ohio, LIFE was thrilled to introduce one of its most prodigious new programs: Incentive Trips! Rewards don’t get much bigger or more sensational than this! Read on to learn more about the fabulous trip options available and the criteria necessary for LIFE Members to qualify for one of these splendid world-class vacations.

Incentive #1: 6,000 for 6 Trip


Trip Tracker – 200 Personal/Customer PV each and every month. For existing LIFE Members, Trip Tracker can start in April or May. For new Members, Trip Tracking begins with the first month in business.  If one month is missed, including even the first month for the new member, then the member is no longer eligible for this trip.

PV – 6,000 Total PV for 6 consecutive months with a minimum of 4,000 PV in Team #1 and an additional 2,000 PV, including personal and customer volume, outside of Team #1.

For example, a new member that was enrolled in May would start trip tracking in the month of May and continue to do 200 PV each month through the six month consecutive PV requirement.

If in the months of January – March 2012 a member has not met the PV requirements, they are eligible to qualify for the 6,000 for 6 trip.

Trip Options

Disney World, Orlando, Florida – 4-day/3-night stay at Disney’s Beach Club Deluxe Resort. Disney’s Beach Club Resort is a New England-style Disney Deluxe Resort, shaded by broad oak trees and lapped by the gentle waters of the 25-acre Crescent Lake. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit, Disney Park Hopper Passes, Disney dining meal plan, transportation to and from the airport, and transportation to all Disney properties and theme parks.

Arenal, Costa Rica – 6-day/5-night stay at the Arenal Kiori Suites and Spa hotel.  Perched one thousand feet above the Arenal Valley, the Arenal Kiori allows for incomparable views of the Arenal volcano, the lush valley, and the surrounding towns that sparkle at night. This trip includes an airfare credit, daily breakfast, canopy tour, volcano hike, and safari boat floating.

Oasis of the Seas, Bahamas Cruise – 8-day/7-night balcony cabin cruise. Experience the ship that revolutionized cruising; its revolutionary and breath-taking design includes seven distinct neighborhoods tailored to create the ultimate experience of enjoyment for all passengers.

Incentive #2: Leader 6 Trip


Trip Tracker – 200 Personal/Customer PV each and every month. For existing LIFE Members, Trip Tracker can start in April or May. For new Members, Trip Tracking begins with the first month in business.
PV – 15,000 PV for 6 consecutive months with a minimum of 9,000 PV in Team #1 and an additional 6,000 PV, including personal and customer volume, outside of Team #1.
If in the months of January – March 2012 a member has not met the PV requirements, they are eligible to qualify for the Leader 6 trip.

Trip Options

Disney World, Orlando, Florida – 6-day/5-night stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Deluxe Hotel. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is a Victorian-style Disney Deluxe Resort distinguished as the flagship hotel of the Walt Disney World Resorts and offering world-class dining, entertainment, and luxurious accommodations in its six striking red-gabled buildings. This magnificent hotel sits along the white-sand shores of Seven Seas Lagoon. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit, Disney Park Hopper Passes, Disney dining meal plan, transportation to and from the airport, and transportation to all Disney properties and theme parks.

Maui, Hawaii – 5-day/4-night stay at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort and Spa, which is located between two beautiful beaches with pristine white sands and endless blue water. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit, transportation from the airport to the hotel, Lei greeting, and a helicopter tour ride.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica – 5-day/4-night stay at the Beaches Boscobel, which takes advantage of its stunning seaside locale to infuse all of its accommodations with the flavor of Jamaica. This trip includes a round-trip airfare credit and access to Pirates Island Water Park. Parent magazine voted Beaches Boscobel among the Top 10 Best Beach Resorts.

Celebrity Cruise – 10-day/9-night trip package, including a 7-night cruise from Seattle on the Seattle Celebrity Solstice, 3 nights at a 4-star hotel, and a Mount Rainer sightseeing trip.

Princess Cruise – 10-day/9-night Alaskan cruise on the Coral Princess. This trip includes a 7-day voyage of the glaciers cruise, 1 night at Mount McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge, 1 night at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, a natural history tour, and a 1-night Fairbanks with Sternwheeler Riverboat Cruise. This cruise is perfect for witnessing all that Alaska has to offer.

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Claude Hamilton’s LIFE Community Explosion

Posted by Orrin Woodward on April 2, 2012

Claude and Lana Hamilton invited their LIFE communities down to Florida the last weekend in March. There were 120 qualifiers over the two days! That’s the best growth Claude and Lana have had in the history of their business. As an interesting aside, the number of qualifiers under twenty-five years of age blew me away. The younger generation is eating up leadership materials and growing into the next generation of leaders needed to move America and Canada forward.

Claude Hamilton’s life changed forever when he began reading works from, listening to, and associating with winners. In truth, anyone can change with the same formula. The only caveat is a person must be hungry enough to want to grow and change. One of the best ways to introduce people to LIFE is to share a CD with them. After listening, people decide for themselves whether they are interested in further growth or happy where they are. The LIFE Business isn’t here to convince people to change against their will, but only to help those who want to change and need the right information. Chris Brady and I wrote our Launching a Leadership Revolution because we realized that everyone is a leader in some capacity and only needs the tools to apply leadership properly.

Congratulations to Claude and Lana Hamilton (and baby Wyatt) for building a massive Kaizen community based upon win-win principles, continuous improvement, and servant leadership! Have you started your leadership revolution yet?


Orrin Woodward

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The Circle of LIFE

Posted by Orrin Woodward on November 17, 2011

Chris Brady and I flew up to Atlanta for a 6 hour mastermind session on Tuesday. Here is one of many concepts that were generated from brainstorming together. Generating ideas with Chris Brady is like drinking water from a firehose – fast and furious! 🙂 I love our 17 year business partnership! LIFE is something special and I have never felt as good about community building as I do today. Laurie and I started a new leg 10 days ago and it is now over 10 levels in depth! The LIFE Business is good because it helps people become good in their Circle of LIFE. Here is Brady’s article explaining what our products do in a person’s life. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

I had a very engaging conversation with my friend and co-author Orrin Woodward today.  As usual, we kicked around a ton of stimulating ideas and pieced together something that, in our estimation, will immediately convey greater understanding as to the purpose of the LIFE business.  (See the inset diagram).


In each of the 8 F categories of Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun, one can imagine a certain grade based upon how one is doing in that category. In the diagram the center represents horrible, as in, you are totally “stinking up the joint” (as my kids say) in a certain category. Working your way out from the center to the outer ring in any of the categories represents a stronger grade.  So someone with a dot near the outer ring is doing well in that category.  By connecting the dots on your subjective personal estimation of your life at this moment in each of the categories you can come up with a shape that roughly represents your life right now in each of the 8Fs.

Quite simply, the LIFE business supplies life-changing information to help you increase your score in each of the 8Fs.  The goal is to take someone from the not-so-good black shape represented toward the center of the diagram to the much improved (and happier, we would think) life represented by the red outline toward the outer ring of the circle.

Who doesn’t have at least a category or two, or three, or eight, in which he or she would like to have a better score? Who wouldn’t want to transform his or her life from the tiny blob (and who among us hasn’t felt like a tiny blob from time to time?) in the center to the big wheel (and who hasn’t wanted to be a big wheel at least once in his or her life?) toward the outer ring?

That’s it.  From little blob to big wheel.

But all kidding aside.  This CIRCLE of LIFE is the snap-shot diagram to which people can easily relate when it comes to understand the goal of LIFE and the life-changing information we offer.  We will help people learn and apply truth in each category and thereby improve their shape.

LIFE: Because leadership is for everyone!

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Convertible Dodge Challenger

Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 25, 2011

Laurie and the children pulled the best surprise gift of my life the other day. In the midst of preparing for the LIFE Business major, Laurie and I went out to eat to prepare our talks. After dinner, instead of the Mercedes Convertible, I walked out to see this bad boy in our parking spot. Being a little slow on the uptake, I stared incredulously at this amazing machine wondering who the lucky owner was. 🙂

In fact, I said to Laurie stoically, “There it is. The exact car I want. It’s even a convertible!” It wasn’t until I saw Captain Bill Howard filming the proceedings and my four kids popped out behind the bushes, and I was handed the keys that I realized the car was a gift from my wife. Laurie added a special chip and many other custom features making this SRT8 have over 520 horsepower!

This was the culmination of three years of dreambuilding on this car, waiting for Dodge to come out with a convertible version. When I heard that they had canceled the plans for a convertible model, I had put this dream on hold. However, Laurie had different plans and while I was in Australia with my son Jordan, she worked out the details to have a one of a kind version built.

I am a blessed man, not because of the material gift, but because of the love and thoughtfulness of the givers. My advice to everyone is to go serve as many people as you can for as long as you can for LIFE. There is not better feeling than giving of yourself unconditionally to lift up others. Thank you Laurie Woodward for being the best wife a man could ask for. Thank you to my four wonderful children for your constant love and encouragement and hank you to all of my business partners who knew about the secret and yet somehow kept it a secret for nearly 60 days! You all are the best. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

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Grand Slam of Shark Fishing – Florida

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 1, 2010

On Memorial day, Captain Bill, my friend Bill, my two younger boys, and Bill’s two young boys, and I went out for a shark fishing adventure.  Catching some sun, listening to personal development CD’s, chumming the water, and look out!  In less than 3 hours time we caught and released 3 nurse sharks, 1 10′ Bull Shark, 1 9.5′ Hammerhead (A bigger Hammerhead ran out 400 yards of line and broke off!), and one 10′ Tiger Shark! The last 3 types of sharks are like catching a Grand Slam Triple Crown – all in less than 3 hours!  Fishing is like life, sometimes you can do all the right things and not receive the desired results, but with patience and consistency, you are bound to win.  It has been over four years of Plan, Do, Check and Adjust and finally the breakthrough!  Life is the same.  You must Plan, Do, Check and Adjust consistently with an attitude that knows success will eventually surrender.  Never give in, never give up, and never surrender your dream!  The world needs leadership and whatever you do, do it with all your might!  Here is a short video on a 45 minute fight for the Hammerhead. God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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Goliath Grouper Day – Port St. Lucie

Posted by Orrin Woodward on June 9, 2009

Captain Bill and I went out fishing on Bull Shark Barge this morning.  I listened to 4 cds, reviewed 3 chapters of a new book project, and caught 3 Goliath Groupers!  We also caught several 7 to 10 foot sharks.  The Goliath Groupers were 50, 100 and one literally 150 pounds!!  The picture below is from the smallest one that we could lift up to take a picture.  Captain Bill will be sending a picture of the 150 pounder on top of the water.  Goliath Groupers are a protected species and it took over an hour to get them to the boat to release them.  If you are on the MV Team, you can build to Round Table and go fishing with us.  You have to dream big dreams for big dreams to come true. God Bless, Orrin Woodward


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Stuart, Florida – SailFishing

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 23, 2009

Stuart, Florida is the sailfish capital of the world.  Captain Bill and I are headed out this morning on our quest to catch the monster sailfish.  We have fished several times for sailfish, but have been unsuccessful so far.  We applied the Plan-Do-Check and Adjust to our methods and are back at it today.  I will let you know how it goes.  We have the dream to catch the big one and must persist until the dream is accomplished.  That is what life is about – get a big dream, PDCA, surround yourself with other dreamers, celebrate one another’s success.  Life is too short to be a victim, complain about your circumstances, or focus on past failures.  Today is a new day and your sailfish (dream) is waiting for you to sieze the moment!  God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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Radio City Christmas Spectacular – Merry Christmas!

Posted by Orrin Woodward on December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to everyone!  Here are some pictures from our trip to New York City with Dallin and Karee Larsen just a couple of days before Christmas.  What a super day we had together!  On this Christmas day, take some time to reflect on all your blessings.  A baby born in Bethlehem has offered peace to you with God and man.  Jesus died on the cross to atone for our sins.  He payed for our sins by dying on the cross.  Glory to God! 2008 has been an incredible year of learning and growth for so many.  2009 will be a breakout year for the MonaVie Team on their quest for freedom.  In my opinion, true freedom begins with freedom from the bondage of sin.  I am proud to be associated with this phenomenal leadership community.  Here is a portion of the Christmas Spectacular at the Radio City Hall that we saw in New York City.  God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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Multi-Tasking – Outliers and Jack Crevalle

Posted by Orrin Woodward on December 19, 2008

I love what I do for a living and the people I am blessed to work with.  Every once in a while the water is too enticing and I have to go out and catch some fish.  But as all of us know, fishing can be a hit or miss affair.  In case of miss, I always pack a book or two to read and enjoy the sunshine.  It was 80 degrees and sunny in Port St. Lucie.  I wanted to go fishing and the kids wanted a bullet ride.  We did both!  I took the kids out for the bullet ride while Captain Billy cast net and captured the bait fish.  When the kids were worn out, I dropped them off, picked up Captain Billy and went to a new spot in search of tarpon or jack crevalles.  I packed Malcolm Gladwell’s new book Outliers and had a ball.  I am three chapters into the book and it is phenomenal.  Malcolm states that mastery in any area requires 10,000 hours of investment.  For me and all the people that I mentor, I know that Malcolm speaks a true statement! 

What I love about Florida is that I can multi-task by investing time in reading to grow myself and catch three jack crevalles over 15 pounds in the same afternoon.  The biggest jack was 30 inches and approximately 25 pounds!  A stellar day indeed.  Are you investing in yourself and your business and building your 10,000 hours to master your profession?  Laurie and I from 25 through 31 years of age invested over 10,000 hours and mastered the skills of networking.  We were fanatics (what unsuccessful people call a winners commitment) 🙂 for that period of time and built the lifestyle of our dreams.  It has made all the difference in our thinking, lives and leadership.  If you choose to be a Master Network, I have a few words of advice. 

Success is three things.

One, what do you want? 

Two, what does it cost? 

Three, pay it! 

So many people wait for success/mastery to go on sale, but success/mastery will never be discounted.  They put in a 1,000 hours here and a 1,000 hours there.  They get bored and begin to dabble all over losing the focus necessary to finish what they start.  They are always on the lookout for that proverbial success coupon.  Decide now to pay in full and quit haggling over the price!  If you are new, you have 10,000 hours and counting down to mastery.  The picture below does not do justice to the size of this big boy, but if you imagine flipping the fish vertical, it would almost blot me out of the picture! God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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Port St. Lucie Bay Fishing

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 21, 2008

Captain Bill caught and released this big boy snook right underneath our dock.   Who wants to get free and go fishing? God Bless, Orrin Woodward

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