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Orrin Woodward Loves MonaVie (M)mūn

Posted by Orrin Woodward on May 10, 2012

I wanted to write a letter of commendation to MonaVie for the best product, in my opinion, in their portfolio – (M)mūn. Coming out of the LIFE Leadership Convention where we filled the Ohio State basketball arena, I was running on an emotional high. So high, in fact, that I was having trouble sleeping because of all the excitement! Unfortunately, I have learned over the years that Orrin Woodward and no sleep do not go well together. Indeed, it’s about the only time I ever get sick.

Thankfully, since I sleep well, typically falling asleep with minutes, if not seconds, of my head hitting the pillow, I don’t get sick often. My friends call me digital—either all on or all off, no in between. 🙂  Still, here I was a week out of the major and still not caught up on my sleep when the scratchy throat appeared. Uh oh, that scratchiness always signifies a bigger problem, going from a scratchy throat, to a runny nose, to congestion in my chest, and typically ending up with walking pneumonia and a doctor’s visit. The whole process knocks me out of sorts for a week every year.

However, the story changed after my good friend Dallin Larsen and MonaVie rolled out (M)mūn several years ago. Since then, any time I have that tickle in my throat, I down an entire bottle of (M)mūn over the next 24 hours, and the sore throat goes away! Being an engineer, the first time it happened, I thought it may have been a coincidence, although I have never been able to shake off the sore throats in the past. When it happened the second, third, and fourth times, I knew (M)mūn was doing something amazing! I am writing today because this morning completed the seventh time that (M)mūn has knocked out my sore throat and restored me to health. I feel like a million bucks again. 🙂

I want to personally thank MonaVie for a product that has saved me from my typical one week of sickness. In truth, I have not had walking pneumonia since the release of (M)mūn. According to Edward Deming, the great statistician, seven data points is a trend, and this trend points out that MonaVie (M)mūn helps keep me healthy. I haven’t studied all the science behind (M)mūn, but I do know how to run controlled experiments, having won a National Technical Benchmarking Award as a result of my work in designed experiments in a previous life.

Kudos to all the engineers, marketers, and manufacturing people that provide this wonderful product to the world. I don’t claim to know how (M)mūn will work in your family, but as for me and my family, we are customers for life. What is your favorite MonaVie product?


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